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Curated with a man’s specific needs in mind!  Nourish Him Naturally is a liquid botanical multivitamin made with certified organic herbs to support heart health, prostate health, and energy levels to make this vitamin powerhouse. Our formula is bioavailable and completely natural, with nature-balanced vitamins and minerals.

Key Herbs:

This herbal tincture is alcohol-free and easy to use, promoting total body wellness with daily use.

ABSOLUTELY NO artificial colors, added sugars, natural or artificial flavors, synthetic vitamins, preservatives, or allergens (corn, soy, gluten, dairy, nuts, tree nuts, eggs).

*Tested for heavy metals by third-party labs to ensure compliance with strict safety standards.*

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Men need specific nourishment from their vitamins that women and children do not. We formulated an herbal multivitamin with the everyday needs of men in mind. Nourish Him Naturally was formulated specifically for men to encourage heart and prostate health along with healthy energy levels.

This tincture includes herbs that are packed with vitamins and minerals to help balance hormones, boost energy levels, and promote overall wellness. Herbal multivitamins use the power of nature rather than isolated mega-doses (which can create imbalances in the body).

Men require specific support to keep them going throughout their day. Nourish Him Naturally is formulated with nettle leaf, saw palmetto berry, hawthorn berry, ashwagandha root, and turmeric root – herbs that help balance hormones, promote prostate health, and provide your body with the essential vitamins and minerals you need to take charge of your day.

Most “multivitamins” are purified, extracted, and synthetic (often with additives). They also have megadoses of vitamins and minerals that cannot be adequately absorbed by the body, which throws off nutrient balance. Nourish Him Naturally is different because it is made simply with whole herbs extracted in sustainable, vegetable glycerin. This herbal multivitamin provides nutrients in the proper amounts that your body can actually absorb.

Nourish Him Naturally is a must have for male health.


  • Supports hormone balance
  • Supports metabolic health
  • Supports healthy energy levels
  • Supports the immune system
  • Liquid herbal vitamins (easily digestible)

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Complete Ingredients:

  • Nettle Leaf*
  • Saw Palmetto Berry*
  • Hawthorn Berry*
  • Ashwagandha Root*
  • Turmeric Root*
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Filtered Water

*Certified Organic Ingredients


Nutritional Analysis (per ml):

6.25 mcg iron (0.1% RDA)

5 mcg zinc (0.1% RDA)

5810 mcg potassium (0.1% RDA)

2500 mcg calcium (0.1% RDA)

1.25 mcg manganese (0.069% RDA)

7.5 mcg selenium (13.6% RDA)

2075 mcg phosphorus (0.16% RDA)

0.132 mg B6 (9% RDA)

0.003 mg B3 (0.002% RDA)



Nettle Leaf*

Saw Palmetto Berry*

Hawthorn Berry*

Ashwagandha Root*

Turmeric Root*

Vegetable glycerin*

Filtered water (see how Earthley filters their water)


Dosage: Take 2 – 3 droppers (or 1/2 tsp) per day.  Can mix into juice or tea to make it easier to take. A 4-oz. bottle will last 1 – 2 months.  An 8-oz. bottle will last approximately 3 – 4 months for one person.

*The 8 oz droppers pull up more volume than the smaller droppers. Approximately half of the 8 oz dropper is equal to a full dropper in the smaller sizes. Dose accordingly.


Safe for men and boys ages 8+. Do not use if you have lupus or a clotting disorder without talking to your doctor.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

This product and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: Can kids take Nourish Him Naturally?

A: We do not recommend children, especially girls take this multivitamin. Nourish Her Naturally or Nourish Me Naturally is recommended for children.

Q: Can boys take Nourish Him Naturally?

A: Around 8 years of age boys can begin taking Nourish Him Naturally to support them as they grow.

Q: Can I mix this with juice or a smoothie?

A: Nourish Him Naturally can be taken straight orally or mixed with water, juice, smoothies, etc. Adding to juice or smoothies does not harm its effectiveness.

Q: How does an herbal multivitamin work?

A: Conventional vitamins in pill form are full of binders and fillers to make them keep their shape and hold all of the ingredients together. Liquid herbal vitamins are made without binders and fillers making them easier to digest. Plus, the vitamins you get are from real food sources and not synthetic making them more biologically friendly to your body!

Q: The amount of vitamins in the tinctures are low, especially compared to what you buy in the store. Why?

A: Because these are wholefood sources. Being natural and real food sourced, the amount of each vitamin will be lower. But being natural and real food sourced, it’ll be recognized by your body so that most of it is used. Compared to synthetic options, where your body doesn’t know how to and ( just can’t ) use it all. You can read more here.

100 reviews for Nourish Him Naturally – Liquid Herbal Support for Him

  1. Tina Woodcock (verified owner)

    My son takes it daily and likes it. I believe it helps his overall health.

  2. Michelle Rivera-Barker (verified owner)

    I got this for my husband in lieu of traditional multivitamins. He doesn’t take it consistently enough to notice any change, but I’m sure it’s a great multivitamin nonetheless! I love that it has Ashwaganda. Unfortunately he does say that it tastes really bad which is why he doesn’t take it daily.

  3. Cynthia Bearden (verified owner)

    Bought this for my husband who has always taken supplements daily . I wanted us to get away from synthetic vitamins and was so happy to find this. It’s helped keep him from catching any bugs from work and bringing them home. Definitely recommend

  4. Ashley Burkel (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband he said that it is super easy and likes that it doesn’t have synthetic minerals in it which makes it easier for his body to absorb. He doesn’t mind the taste either!

  5. Michaela (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband and he has increased energy! I love how natural and affordable this product is!

  6. Anna (verified owner)

    Got this for my husband. Finally a supplement for him that he doesn’t mind taking! Finding a clean vitamin without synthetic ingredients or additives was a win. He feels better on days he takes it!

  7. Kylie (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband several months ago in attempt to replace his plethora of “vitamins” that he was taking. I watch him get up and take it every single day, and he says he actually likes the taste! His job is very labor-intensive and he works out 4-5 days a week on top of that. My husband says he has really enjoyed this tincture, and he feels it’s helps with his energy levels and recovery.

  8. Margaret Abell (verified owner)

    I bought Nourish Him Naturally for my husband and he takes the tincture every day. He said it was so much easier to remember to take this tincture than the other vitamins he previously forgot to take. I feel better knowing he is actually taking vitamins that are naturally good for him.

  9. Audrey Yockey (verified owner)

    Bought this for my husband who doesn’t say much about what he takes- meaning no telling me if he notices a differencr. This is one of the supplements that he will tell me he’s running low on and to please order it again soon! I take that as a win and that he notices the difference when he takes it.

  10. Leah Cooke (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband to naturally aid his minerals and overal heath. His libido has increased dramatically within two weeks of using it. After two months of using it his libido is off the charts. I used to complain he would never have a libido but now he’s back to normal mens libido lol. He doesn’t mind the taste either.

  11. Justice (verified owner)

    My husband has only taken this for 10 days and he started “hallucinating” visions and noises. This is the only thing different he has done/taken. After researching the herbs in this tincture, 3 are related to detoxing + opening the third eye. He doesnt mind it though. He just ignores the things he is seeing and hearing and enjoys taking the tincture daily. He said it tastes good like maple syrup.

  12. Calli Plott (verified owner)

    Bought this for my husband and all I can so is WOW!! He has had so many benefits from it! He has more energy, feels great, and his libido is through the roof!! He always has been horrible at remembering to take any vitamins I have ever bought him, but he does not forget to take this one!!

  13. Lexxie Campbell (verified owner)

    This has done such good things for my husband. Increased libido, and more energy. He has also had tummy issues for years that drs could never figure out. This has minimized them and makes his life much more enjoyable.

  14. Klaeborne Warren (verified owner)

    Bought this for my husband to take in his nightly tincture juice lol! We’re both getting ready for conception and this is the perfect way to fill in the nutritional gaps. Little to no taste, cost effective, comes in a large bottle that has lasted 2+ months.

  15. Klaeborne Warren (verified owner)

    Bought this for my husband to take in his nightly tincture juice lol! We’re both getting ready for conception and this is the perfect way to fill in the nutritional gaps. Little to no taste, cost effective, comes in a large bottle that has lasted 2+ months.

  16. Katie Jones (verified owner)

    Bought this for my husband but I have to remind him to take it or he won’t! He likes the taste, but he hasn’t mentioned any benefits from it but I know he’s at least getting some healthy vitamins in him!!!

  17. Cara (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband thinking that he would reject it right away, but I was pleasantly surprised! He actually really enjoyed the taste and wants to keep up with it. I am so excited I found something natural to help us. Love love love!

  18. Brooke (verified owner)

    Bought this for my husband to replace the gummy multivitamin he was taking. He said it tastes good. Not much more feedback then that from him haha. I feel better about him taking this then the gummies though!

  19. Kellie Peck (verified owner)

    My husband hates taking any medicine or pills but said he would be willing to try this. He works long hours running his own business and is always exhausted. Two months later he still takes it and says his energy is a little better. For him to be willing to keep taking it says a lot, he wouldn’t if he didn’t notice improvements.

  20. Adela (verified owner)

    Bought this for my husband and no complaints about taste. Been looking for something natural for energy and immune boosting instead of big brand supplements in stores that are easy for him to purchase anytime. Was very excited to see this specifically for men and without synthetics. Husband works very long hours and we’ve noticed after taking this, he still has energy left. Helps him get up to workout in the mornings too. A huge win to see your husband happy and energized!

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