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Kids’ Fun-Shaped Gentle Body Soap

(35 customer reviews)


Keep your kids clean with our gentle coconut milk body soap, in fun shapes!  Real soap, no detergents.  Choose from small (about 2 oz.) or large (about 4 oz.).


Our kids soaps come in a variety of fun shapes! Please be aware that not all shapes will be available at your time of purchase.


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How to Use Kids’ Soap


We just couldn’t resist.  (Our body soap is too awesome.)

Our Gentle Coconut Milk Soap is popular because, well, it’s super gentle and nourishing for people of all ages.  It’s a great general body soap that won’t dry your skin.  It’s one of the best choices for babies and little kids, because it cleans them gently, with the power of coconut milk!

Of course, kids really like fun stuff.  So we turned our popular coconut milk soap into fun shapes!  Now your babies and kids can get clean with a variety of adorable shapes of pure, clean soap!

Our soap is real, handmade soap.  We don’t use detergents that can strip skin of its natural oils; we make it the old-fashioned way.  That means it’s gentler on your little ones.

No more worrying about what you’re putting on your baby’s skin.  Only pure, healthy ingredients.  And your kids will love bathing with our fun shapes!



Organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, avocado oil, organic coconut milk, sodium hydroxide*, organic mango butter, and organic castor oil.

*No lye remains in the finished soap


Lather the bar in your hands, or in a wash cloth, and gently wash your child’s skin.  Rinse clean.


Shelf Life: 1 year. Safe for all ages.


35 reviews for Kids’ Fun-Shaped Gentle Body Soap

  1. Stephanie Heal (verified owner)

    My 6 year old finally got to try out the fun llama shape soap. He got out of his bath and proudly came downstairs proclaiming rubbing his belly, “Mama feel at how hydrated my tummy is! I didn’t even use lotion.” Definitely will be buying again!

  2. Savannah Sanders (verified owner)

    What an amazing and chemical free soap to be able to give to my kids! They love the fun shapes and gentleness of this soap. It doesn’t dry out the skin or burn their eyes when they wash their faces.

  3. Paulina Jankowska (verified owner)

    These soaps are adorable! I purchased 4 smaller size soaps for my toddlers to encourage frequent hand washing and it worked! Maybe even a bit too well, because now they won’t use any other soap. The smaller size is perfect for their little hands and I love that it’s all natural. Definitely mom approved!

  4. Anna (verified owner)

    Perfect soap for sensitive skin! We love the fun shapes and that it’s natural and safe! My 3 year old loves it!

  5. f.miller68 (verified owner)

    A great soap for kids with great ingredients.

  6. Alexa R. (verified owner)

    I love this soap. Simple ingredients and smells so nice.

  7. kufalkr (verified owner)

    The best!! We got a dinosaur

  8. Savannah Sanders (verified owner)

    My youngest loves this soap and the fun shapes! I do wish we could pick the shape though. My oldest isn’t crazy about the smell. I can’t smell anything with it.

  9. ErinG (verified owner)

    My daughter LOVES this soap! We got a dinosaur shape and the thrill at bath time for her was getting to use her dinosaur soap! She has sensitive skin and this soap is so gentle. The only thing that saddens me about it is that it dissolves so quickly she uses it up really fast.

  10. emma.e.stafford90 (verified owner)

    This kid’s soap bar is my favorite. I love that I can trust that I’m using safe and quality ingredients on his skin. He loves opening the package to find out which character or shape he will get each time.

  11. Brenda Ruiz (verified owner)

    Great soap! My kid loves the shapes. We got a butterfly and previously a frog. The shapes are fun and the smell is amazing! Has help his skin be even smoother.

  12. Amanda k (verified owner)

    This is the best soap I’ve found for my kiddos. We had an incident where my 8 month old ate a chunk out of it and thankfully I was able to get it out of his mouth but it was a relief knowing nothing in it was toxic like products off the shelves in stores. I love the smell and it’s been super good for my kids sensitive skin.

  13. Renee Shoaf (verified owner)

    Great soap, kids love the fun shapes!

  14. Lauren Flatter (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my friend’s daughter for her birthday and she loved it!She is very particular about what her daughter uses.Thanks Earthley!

  15. Allison Garman (verified owner)

    Love it! Gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. I love being surprised by the fun shapes too! So fun!

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