Kids’ Fun-Shaped Gentle Body Soap – For Gently Cleansing and Fun in the Tub

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Keep your kids clean with our gentle coconut milk body soap, in fun shapes! We’ve taken our Gentle Coconut Milk Soap and poured it into cute molds your children will love! Make bath time fun with frogs, dinosaurs, butterflies, trucks, squirrels, and more!

Our Kids Soaps make bath time fun, but they also nourish and moisturize young skin without stripping it of its natural oils! Keep your babies clean without compromising!

Key Ingredients:

  • Olive Oil – soothes and moisturizes dry skin
  • Coconut Oil – antifungal, antimicrobial
  • Avocado Oil – anti-inflammatory, promotes skin repair
  • Coconut Milk – hydrates skin
  • Mango Butter – nourishes dry skin
  • Castor Oil – anti-inflammatory

Kids Soaps are the perfect soap to get your kids clean with a touch of fun!

ABSOLUTELY NO colors, flavors (natural or artificial), preservatives, added sugar, sodium benzoate, citric acid, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, top allergens (corn, soy, nuts, gluten, dairy, fish) or other junk!

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We just couldn’t resist.  (Our body soap is too awesome.)

Our Gentle Coconut Milk Soap is popular because, well, it’s super gentle and nourishing for people of all ages.  It’s a great general body soap that won’t dry your skin. It’s one of the best choices for babies and little kids, because it cleans them gently, with the power of coconut milk which is rich in medium-chain fatty acids that are important to your body inside and out!

Of course, kids really like fun stuff.  So we turned our popular coconut milk soap into fun shapes!  Now your babies and kids can get clean with a variety of adorable shapes of pure, clean soap!

Our soap is real, handmade soap.  We don’t use detergents that can strip skin of its natural oils; we make it the old-fashioned way.  That means it’s gentler on your little ones.

No more worrying about what you’re putting on your baby’s skin.  Only pure, healthy ingredients.  And your kids will love bathing with our fun shapes!


  • Low-waste
  • Doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils
  • Multi-purpose
  • Silky enough to shave with
  • Gently cleanses
  • Soothes sensitive skin
  • Safe for the whole family

Don’t love your product? Contact us within 30 days and we’ll refund your money. The best way to reach us is through email at [email protected].


Lather the bar in your hands, or in a wash cloth, and gently wash your child’s skin.  Rinse clean.


Shelf Life: 1 year. Safe for all ages.


Q: Is there a difference between the Kids Soap and the Gentle Coconut Milk Soap?

A: The only difference is size and shape. The kids soap comes in molded forms. The Gentle Coconut Milk Soap comes in bars.

Q: Is this safe for people with tree nut allergies?

A: We advise using caution because some people with tree nut allergies cannot handle coconut. We’d suggest using our Spa Soap instead!

Q: Is this tear free?

A: No.

54 reviews for Kids’ Fun-Shaped Gentle Body Soap – For Gently Cleansing and Fun in the Tub

  1. Ty (verified owner)

    2 stars because smaller then it says! Ordered 2 large bars. Received a car and butterfly. The one looked small. Weighed it. Only 3.5 oz. In wrapper. Double checked. Yep. Only 3.5 oz. Not the 4 oz I paid for. As for the soap… it is the best soap I’ve ever used on my kids. We have crazy soft water… comes from the underground springs famous here in north florida. I don’t know if the soap would work as well if I had used it in Amish country ohio where we used to live. Very hard water in ohio. I would’ve given 5 stars for soap quality…. but, honest weights are too important. Therefor the 2 star rating.

  2. Elizabeth S (verified owner)

    Love this!! Makes my kiddos smell amazing and love the nontoxic.

  3. Natalie Bolognino (verified owner)

    5 Stars!!
    Super gentle and moisturizing! I wash my kids hair with it too and it leaves it looking so healthy! One of my favs!

  4. Kirstin (verified owner)

    My daughter loves the fun shapes that this soap comes in! It is a great alternative to soaps with toxic ingredients. The only thing I would change is I wish it would lather into bubbles.

  5. Heidi

    I love having a safe, fun alternative for my son’s body. He is very sensitive to anything that comes into contact with his skin! It has taken me lots of trial and error plus excess cost and time trying to find any soap that will work for him. I found it with Earthly. He loves the shapes and I love that he can get clean and have healthy skin while using the fun- shaped kids soap bar!

  6. Maria Gumz (verified owner)

    My girls love this soap so much ! Our older daughter has very sensitive skin and we tried so many different things but she didn’t tolerate any other product but this soap . The kids are happy and so are we 🙂 It smells very nice and not overwhelming and they also love the surprise effect which shape we get next . I repurchase this soap almost every time I order something else from earthley and that is a lot

  7. Trisha Gilbert (verified owner)

    These soaps are so cute! I was looking for a soap for my youngest as the soaps the rest of the family uses gives her a rash on her chest. Very strange. She’s a bit beyond the age for cute shaped soaps, but I knew it had gentle ingredients so we tried it. Thankfully it did not break her out! I also got the honey and oatmeal soap so we are trying that one too. Thankful for those gentle soaps.

  8. Abbie (verified owner)

    I originally bought this for my daughter but loved it so much, I now use it for myself! I love the way it smells, and it feels really good on my psoriasis.

  9. Audrey Caeton (verified owner)

    Our foster boys LOVED getting these soaps. They waited in anticipation each order to see what fun shape they would get.

  10. Carey (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE these soap bars! I’ve been using these for about a year with my two toddlers and they are so nice. I had a hard time finding a natural soap that would actually make suds, and this is it! My kids also love seeing the different shapes that arrive each time we order. I loved this soap so much, I started using Earthley soap for myself, too!

  11. Faith Chappelear (verified owner)

    My kids love these soap bars! I generally have to buy 2 because they will fight over them! They enjoy the animal shapes and give them names!

  12. Katie Jones (verified owner)

    My kids love the fun shapes of this soap! And I love that it is all natural & makes their skin soft!

  13. tnsaxe (verified owner)

    My kids love seeing what shape they’ll get next, and honestly they make a great stocking stuffer too. Cute, exciting, and all natural ingredients don’t usually all happen at the same time, but these really hit the mark!

  14. Dom B (verified owner)

    These soap bars are so stinkin cute and they last FOREVER! I love that I can fully trust this product with my toddler’s sensitive skin, and know that the ingredients are clean. I wish that the scent was a little nicer, and that you could choose the soap mold!

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