Hair Butter – To Nourish and Style Dry or Curly Hair

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Hair Butter is our all-natural curly hair moisture-locking and curl-defining cream. If you have curly, coily, kinky, or even wavy hair, our hair butter will help you lock in moisture, define your curls, prevent hair breakage, and even help promote hair growth.

Made with an herbal infused oil and butter combination, this luxurious Hair Butte is perfect for curly or dry hair that needs an added boost of moisture and nourishment along with  natural curl definition!

Key Ingredients:

  • Avocado Oil – nourishes hair, moisturizes
  • Shea Butter – locks in moisture
  • Amla Berry – promotes hair growth
  • Hibiscus – promotes hair growth
  • Green Tea – promotes hair growth, stimulates scalp

Hair Butter is an all natural curly-girl method must-have!

ABSOLUTELY NO colors, flavors (natural or artificial), preservatives, added sugar, sodium benzoate, citric acid, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, top allergens (corn, soy, nuts, gluten, dairy, fish) or other junk!

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Finally, an all-natural hair butter to help nourish and style your beautiful curls. Made with avocado oil, shea butter, amla berry, hibiscus, and green tea, our Hair Butter is rich in protein to help retain moisture retention, resist breakage, and promote hair growth.

Usage may vary based on hair type. Apply as much as is needed throughout the ends of hair, or all throughout! Spray a little water and rub it between your hands for a less dense product application.


  • Rich in vitamins
  • Rich in minerals
  • Rich in protein (important for moisture retention)
  • Resists breakage
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Aid in hair regrowth
  • May help with hair loss

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Usage may vary based on hair type. Apply as much as is needed throughout the ends of hair, or all throughout! Spray a little water and rub it between your hands for a less dense product application. Style hair as desired.


Safe for all ages.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: Can this be used as a hair gel alternative?

A: This does not act as a setting gel or spray. It is purely for defining curls and providing moisture.

Q: Can I use this as a hair mask?

A: If you have fine hair that needs some love, this can definitely be used as a hair mask. If you have curly hair, we recommend leaving it in to provide you with the most benefit.

16 reviews for Hair Butter – To Nourish and Style Dry or Curly Hair

  1. Ginger (verified owner)

    I have curly hair that gets dry sometimes and this is great! It took a little getting used to. A little goes a long way and I have to warm it up in my hands before I apply it to my wet hair.

  2. Rachel S (verified owner)

    Really like this hair mask except that it’s almost too thick for my hair type. It makes my hair a little greasy if I use too much. I’ve recently used it more as a “shower lotion” on my dry skin areas. Really love it for that. Also love the smell. Will buy again!

  3. Audrey Caeton (verified owner)

    My husband uses this and likes it. It took him awhile to figure out the correct amount to use but once that was figured out he said it has definitely helped with dryness.

  4. Kris PE (verified owner)

    Took a bit of tweaking, but now I love this stuff! Makes my hair feel so soft and silky. I love that it doesn’t take much to get the desired effect. Love this stuff. Can’t be without it!

  5. Rebecca Feltmann (verified owner)

    It took a bit of finetuning, but I love this stuff for my naturally wavy/curly/frizzy hair. I take barely the size of a pea amount and put it in my palm, add water to my palm and rub both hands together until there is just a slight coating to the water and then gently run my fingers through all of my hair. If I don’t use the water or if I don’t distribute well it will make my hair appear greasy. I am not a fan of the smell as has been mentioned, but I usually follow the hair butter with the detangler and it smells delightful.

  6. B (verified owner)

    I love most of Earthley’s products, but this one is not great for me. The smell is repulsive. I tried it first as a leave in and it made my hair straw like and greasy. Not good. It worked better as a deep conditioner pre-poo. It added moisture and helped detangle my curls easily, but I still did not love it.

  7. Amanda (verified owner)

    I truly love this stuff and am coming back for more so I thought I’d write a review. I see why most don’t enjoy this mask, for me, I use it as a deep treatment. I work from home and I am able to apply it for several hours (makes my hair extremely greasy so it’s perfect at home use only). I use it once a week and my hair soaks it up! Works very well after I dye my hair with henna, as the henna dye tends to make my hair more coarse. This stuff makes it smooth and amazing!

  8. Rosa Barboza (verified owner)

    It has its pros & cons. I have type 3b curls. It was hard to distribute the product throughout all my hair, so I ended up doing it in sections. After product was added I noticed it weighed down the roots of my hair. 2nd time I tried it, I only added it to my middle section and ends, after that I scrunched my hair to my roots multiple times to get the product on my roots just a bit, once dried I noticed the big difference, my roots weren’t weighed down. After trying different techniques I will definitely purchase again. It actually gave my curls a tighter coil & volume.

  9. Alaina (verified owner)

    I am sorry. I tried to love this stuff. I normally love all of Eathleys products but this just isn’t it. First, it smells SO bad! It’s like motor oil. I can’t believe no one else in the reviews mentioned anything about how bad it smells. I used it as a mask like some suggested and that was days ago and I cannot get this nasty smell out of my hair. I tried apple cider vinegar, different shampoos and my hair still stinks.
    Second, I can’t leave it in my hair after showering. It’s so thick and it’s hard to distribute throughout my hair and it doesn’t leave it feeling very nice. If it smelled better I could deal with this product as more of a mask but that smell is unforgiving.

  10. Kaylah (verified owner)

    I was hoping for better results when I used this as a hair mask for deep conditioning. However, it didn’t do much for my sole dry hair. I also almost threw up when I smelled it– it smells like bacon grease that’s a few days old– and the smell does not leave porous hair even after a wash. I appreciate that it is a hair product with truly clean ingredients, but I might be more willing to try it again if there is essential oils (like lavender) added to it to mask the smell of the oils.

  11. Kelli Mickey (verified owner)

    I love the hair butter. I have coarse, dry, wavy hair. My hair is always thirsty no matter what conditioner I use. I used the butter as a styling product on my ends and loved it the first day. I washed my hair with the rosemary bar shampoo and did a deep conditioning treatment with the butter washing it out with the rosemary shampoo bar. It was ok but my hair was still thirsty. The next wash I used it as a regular conditioner after I washed with the rosemary bar. My hair was NOT thirsty. First time ever! I did not need oil, smoothing product, or a defrizzing product to style! It worked great!! I would be heavy for someone who doesn’t have dry, coarse hair!

  12. MacKenzie Zulkoski (verified owner)

    I think this would’ve definitely been better as just a deep conditioner. My curls were extremely weighed down and made my hair straw-like and gross feeling as a styler. I have type 3 very long, fine curly hair for reference. I do like that it has clean ingredients, though.

  13. Kiki

    This worked well as moisturizer for 4c dry curly African hair. We used to twist as well but it doesn’t have much hold so best for daily or deep moisturizing depending on how much you use. Does not leave the hair greasy. For fine hair this would work as a mask that you let soak in and wash out. Leaves hair very soft! I’m super sensitive to caffeine though and it did make me shaky and weak having it on for a long time. Probably not an issue for most people. It got harder when we kept our apt cold which made it a little harder to work with but softens quickly to touch.

  14. Kaylee

    It was a little too heavy for my hair although mine is curly but I used it as a leave in conditioner in my sister’s hair which is straight and her hair loved it, then I blow dried her hair after and it turned out so silky smooth and shiny. Wish it worked for my hair because I love the clean ingredients, maybe ill try the actual leave in conditioner next for mine.

  15. Victoria

    I have thin, porous, 3A curls. The butter was a little too heavy for my thin hair, so as a daily styling agent, it wasn’t for me. I used it as a moisturizing mask and WOW amazing! Left my hair so moisturized after I washed it out. This is definitely a try and see how it works for you product since all curly hair is so different from the next. Definitely recommend adding this to your routine however it works for you.

  16. Céline Martin Diaz

    The hair butter made my hair nice and shiny. It was very thick though so I had to use alittle at a time and distribute into my hair. I added a gel for casting on top. I felt the product could be lighter or whipped more but all in all I give it a 3 out of 5. I am happy about the clean ingredients as well.

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