Elderberry Elixir – For Respiratory Symptoms and Immunity

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Elderberry Elixir is a liquid botanical remedy that combines elderberries with lung- and immune-supporting herbs.  It’s shelf-stable, super-concentrated, and easy to use!  Elderberry has a long history of use for both daily immune support and as a respiratory remedy.  Our formula is more powerful than elderberry alone because of its complementary herbs!  Made with certified organic ingredients.  Available in Original (made with alcohol) and Kids (alcohol-free).

Key Herbs:

  • Elderberry — Immune modulator, rich in vitamin C, rich in quercetin, potent respiratory remedy.
  • Mullein — Excellent lung support, anti-inflammatory, calms coughs and sore throats.
  • Clove — Antibacterial, immune support. (Original)
  • Ginger — Anti-inflammatory, immune support, calms sore throats. (Original)
  • Astragalus root — Immune supporting, adaptogenic. (Original)
  • Orange peel — Rich in vitamin C, supports digestive health. (Kids)
  • Calendula — Anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-parasitic. (Kids)

**Third-party lab tested FREE of heavy metals**

  • ABSOLUTELY NO flavors, colors, added sugars, allergens (corn, soy, gluten, dairy, nuts, egg), or any junk!

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You may have heard about Elderberry. Many people take it for common winter illnesses and immune support during the school year. Elderberry is a powerhouse herb that supports the body’s immune system. You have probably seen elderberry syrups at the drugstore. We are here to provide you with a better option than sugary drugstore elderberry syrups!

Our Elderberry Elixir is formulated with four other herbs to promote a healthy immune system. It’s a potent cold and respiratory illness fighter, but safe enough to take daily!

Our Elderberry Elixir is also safe to take daily because it doesn’t put your immune system into overdrive. It is an immune modulator (balancer) and supports your body by giving it what is needed to help keep you healthy! Our concentrate is shelf-stable for two years and doses are mere drops per day so it will last a long time and won’t go to waste like syrups. It’s the ultimate herbal remedy for any natural-minded family and it’s safe for ages 6 months and up.

*1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz bottles come with a dropper top already secured on the bottle. To prevent leaking, 8 oz bottles are shipped with a cap on and the dropper top will be included and packed separately in your order.*






Complete Ingredients:


  • Elderberries*
  • Astragalus root*
  • Cloves*
  • Ginger root*
  • Mullein leaf*
  • Cane alcohol*
  • Filtered water


  • Elderberries*
  • Orange peel*
  • Mullein*
  • Calendula*
  • Vegetable glycerin*
  • Filtered water

*Certified organic ingredients

Ingredient Studies:



Ginger Root*

Astragalus Root*


Orange Peel*





  • Ages 1 – 6: 2 – 4 drops daily or 5 drops 2 – 3x per day at the first sign of illness
  • Ages 6 – 12: 5 – 10 drops daily or 10 drops 2 – 3x per day at the first sign of illness
  • Ages 13+: 20 – 40 drops daily or 30 – 40 drops 2 – 3x per day at the first sign of illness


  • Ages 6 mo – 6: 5 – 10 drops daily or 1 dropper 2 – 3x per day at the first sign of illness 
  • Ages 7 – 12: 10 – 20 drops daily or 2 droppers 2 – 3x per day at the first sign of illness 
  • Ages 13+: 20 – 30 drops daily or 2 droppers 2 – 3x per day at the first sign of illness 

*The 8 oz droppers pull up more volume than the smaller droppers. Approximately half of the 8 oz dropper is equal to a full dropper in the smaller sizes. Dose accordingly.

Both the Original and Kids are just as strong; they just have slightly different ways of accomplishing the same goal. Both have immune-supporting, respiratory-supporting, and anti-viral herbs in them.


Shelf Life: 2 years. Safe for ages: Original: 1 year+. Kids: 6 mo+. Safe while pregnant and nursing. Use with caution if you are blood thinners or have an auto-immune disease. (Ginger may increase the action of blood thinners and elderberry may worsen autoimmune symptoms for some, especially during illness.)

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: Can I take Elderberry Elixir everyday?

A: Elderberry Elixir is safe to take daily.


Q: Is Elderberry Elixir safe for infants?

A: The Kids version can be taken as early as 6 months old. The Original version is safe for 1 years old and up.


Q: Will taking Elderberry Elixir cause me to have a “cytokine storm?”

A: Elderberry can increase the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which may be associated with a cytokine reaction and severe complications.  But, elderberry has never explicitly been associated with a cytokine storm nor causing any problems with immune function.

You can read more in depth information here.


Q: Is it safe to take Elderberry Elixir if you have an autoimmune disease?

A: Elderberry is safe for most people, but we recommend caution for individuals with autoimmune diseases and those on blood thinners. We recommend trying elderberry for immune support when not sick to see how you’ll react to it (it works well for some, but may contribute to a flare in others).  Don’t try it for the first time when sick. If you find you respond negatively to elderberry, astragalus root may be a better option.


Q: Can I take Elderberry Elixir for all viral illnesses, or just cold and flu?

A: Elderberry Elixir can be taken for all viral illnesses due to the nature of the herbs we use! All of the herbs can be used to aid your immune response to all viral illnesses, not just the cold and flu viruses.

Q: What is the difference between the Original and Kids formulas?

A: The Kids formula is made with glycerin and is formulated with herbs that don’t have as strong flavors, making it easy for children to take! The glycerin makes it taste sweet. The Original formula is formulated with alcohol and has pungent herb flavors in it. Both are highly concentrated to provide you with immune support, and both can be taken by adults and children.

457 reviews for Elderberry Elixir – For Respiratory Symptoms and Immunity

  1. Melissa Chando (verified owner)

    Love the Kids version for our family of 6! The added herbs make it the best elderberry on the market. My kids take it every morning and love the taste. Whenever we feel a touch of sickness, we dose it higher and add Feel Better Fast. I absolutely love this elderberry and the cost of the 8 oz is affordable for our large family. This is the one product that sold me on Earthley!

  2. Debe

    My daughter loves the taste of this. When we feel a cold coming on this is our go to.. we also like taking vitamin C for easier absorption of iron.

  3. Cynthia Bearden (verified owner)

    The elderberry elixir with alcohol is hard to take at first the cloves are strong. After a few days though it wasn’t as bad. Me and my husband take it daily and it’s helped alot with allergies and colds. Bought my mom some and she said it’s kept her from from getting any of the virus her co workers have had. She has told every one who will listen. She said it’s nasty but works.

  4. Erica (verified owner)

    I will never go without this in my house! It truly keeps our immune systems strong around here. I use it if we’ve been around sick people or if we feel something coming on. I swear by it and tell all my friends about it. Great for kids too. The convenience of the tincture keeps me coming back.

  5. Teri Moore

    We recently all got Covid after an international trip and started taking this, immune biotic and cough b gone. It really helped get through the virus without needing prescribed medication. So grateful to have them all on hand when the need arose.

  6. Lindsey Schoenfeld (verified owner)

    We use this regularly for immune boosting especially in the fall and winter months. Get the alcohol free version for the kids. Accidentally got the alcohol version for them this time and it burns the mouth. We mix in a little water so no big deal but will make sure I order without alcohol next time! This is definitely a product we keep in the cabinet and I highly recommend!

  7. Brittany (verified owner)

    Started using elderberry kids for my 2 year old during flu season just to keep her immune system nice and strong! She drinks it with no problem in a little juice cup!

  8. Herbalmama714 (verified owner)

    Going on a year and a half using this stuff! HOUSEHOLD MUST HAVE! We prefer the kids one because we have kids and I’m not a fan of the alcohol based one.. taste like fireball! So if you like the taste of fireball the alcohol base one it for you! We take this daily and double when sickness rolls around!

  9. Sherie Halanski (verified owner)

    I take this tincture every time I know I have been near someone that didn’t feel well. I feel it works great because so far I have not gotten sick from anyone that was close to me. If I feel a bit run down, I also take it then.

  10. Nicole (verified owner)

    I take this and have had my kids take it when we notice that an illness is going around or when one of use has a bug. Easy to use, seems to work well.

  11. Kaitlin Bailey (verified owner)

    We have the Kids version. My toddler has no issue with taking it & love it & the taste. I also take it with her. We were able to avoid any sickness this winter season by taking it. My husband wasn’t consistent with taking it & he got sick a couple of times, so I believe it did its job for my toddler & myself!

  12. Juli (verified owner)

    Another winner for my family!!! My kids love this stuff. I love that it masks and covers other things. I can add oil if oregano and other things and they only taste the elderberry! They love it which makes it easier to keep them healthy. I’ve thought about making my own but as long as earthley keeps their good prices and pure ingredients there is no need for me to make it. It saves me time and I can trust that it’s good for my kids. Make sure you have this on hand and the minute you or a loved one feels under the weather give it to them.

  13. Luz Santiago (verified owner)

    As soon as my boys show any sign of any cold/flu i give them some Elderberry and within a day or two those symptoms are GONE!. I don’t have to fight my boys to take this, they enjoy it. This stuff is truly the best out there! Thank you Katie

  14. alexlynnphipps (verified owner)

    I got sick shortly after receiving this product. I started taking 30 drops 3x a day to fight it and I was amazed at how quickly I started feeling better. My 1 year old got sick around the same time and he had been taking 10 drops daily and loves the taste of it!

  15. Ashley Christmas (verified owner)

    Like Superman in a bottle! Picks you up and flies you away, protects you from all the ick that goes around, especially in winter months. Won’t go without it and neither will my family.

  16. Shelby (verified owner)

    Taste is great, my kids ask for it. Love that it helps our immunity to fight off sickness. With 2 older kids in school and 2 babies at home, its definitely a staple in our home.

  17. Melissa Furio (verified owner)

    This elderberry has been by far the best elderberry we have ever tasted, and tried. We love the taste and quality of this product. It helps my entire family stay strong, and healthy throughout the year. It’s become a staple in our home.

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