Black Liver Oil – For Liver, Immune, and Gut Health

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Our NEW Black Liver Oil is designed to support your whole body, with a focus on liver health and natural detox. If you have signs of liver congestion including bloat and discomfort in the upper right side, stomach aches after eating, pain radiating to the mid-back, you need Liver Oil!

Our livers are our body’s detox organs – they help to filter, break down, and eliminate toxins on their own.  But sometimes they can use a little bit of support!  We combine hemp seed oil, black seed oil, and key herbs to give your liver what it needs to do its job well — and make your whole body healthier!

Key Ingredients

  • Black Seed Oil – Anti-microbial, promotes gut health, supports liver health, balances blood sugar, promotes heart health
  • Hemp Seed Oil – Supports gut health, anti-inflammatory, supports heart health, rich source of omega-3s, rich source of GLA
  • Anise Seed – Supports healthy blood sugar levels, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, promotes gut health, supports mental health
  • Rosemary – Antioxidant-rich, anti-microbial, supports gut health, supports metabolic health
  • Hyssop – Supports respiratory health, anti-parasitic, supports heart health, supports respiratory health, supports gut health

Black Liver Oil supports so many body systems — it is great for overall wellness!

ABSOLUTELY NO flavors, colors, added sugars, allergens (corn, soy, gluten, dairy, nuts), or any junk!

*Tested for heavy metals by third-party labs to ensure compliance with strict safety standards.*

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Our NEW Black Liver Oil is excellent liver support — but it doesn’t stop there.  This blend supports immune health, gut health, mental health, and more.  It’s total body wellness, starting with liver.

Your liver helps your body to naturally detox itself by filtering out toxins and eliminating them.  But sometimes, in our modern toxic world, your liver gets overburdened and needs some help.  That’s where our Black Liver Oil comes in!  It helps to support total body wellness, while eliminating parasites, viruses, bacteria, and re-balancing your gut health.

You may need Black Liver Oil if you have…

  • bloat and discomfort in the upper right side of your liver
  • stomachaches after eating
  • pain radiating to the mid back

If that sounds like you, give our Black Liver Oil a try and see how your liver, and your health, transform!

Don’t love your product? Contact us within 30 days and we’ll refund your money. The best way to reach us is through email at [email protected].


  • Ages 2 – 6: 1 – 2 drops
  • Ages 7 – 12: 3 – 5 drops
  • Ages 13+ 5 – 10 drops


Safe for ages 2+. Not safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding, for those with blood clotting disorders, or those taking blood thinners.


*Hyssop and black seed stimulate menstruation. Black seed can relax the uterus so it cannot contract as well. For these reasons it is not safe for pregnant women.

*Hyssop also lowers milk supply in many women which is why we don’t recommend it for breastfeeding women.


What's the difference between Black Liver Oil and Liver Love?

This is an oil-based formula, while Liver Love is glycerin or alcohol-based.  Liver Love is great at directly supporting the liver, while Black Liver Oil supports overall gut health, gallbladder, and other body systems at the same time.  Which one you will benefit more from is up to the individual — some people need oil-based remedies, while others do not absorb oils well and need alcohol or glycerin-based remedies.

Can I take both Black Liver Oil and Liver Love?

Yes, you can take both together.  You may not need both, but it can be beneficial for some individuals.

Q: Should I take Liver Oil or Liver Love? Is there a difference?

A: The difference between Liver Love and Liver Oil is that Liver Love is specifically designed to focus only on the liver. Liver Oil has ingredients that are beneficial to more than just the liver. If you feel like you are not having success with one, give the other tincture a try!

Q: Is this tincture beneficial for someone with Fatty Liver Disease?

A: If you have Fatty Liver Disease, we recommend asking your provider about taking Black Liver Oil. Here are some studies to bring to their attention about the benefits of black seed for liver health:

Q: Why does this product not have an added binder to pull out toxins?

A: Some of the included herbs function as binders, so there is no need to add additional binders.

62 reviews for Black Liver Oil – For Liver, Immune, and Gut Health

  1. hannahfiore38 (verified owner)

    Before taking this, I had no problem going to the bathroom or any digestive issues. I just love all their products I wanted to try something new. So I bought this with the gut oil. I also bought the green powder. I take these every morning. It’s been 2 weeks now and I am a different person. I used to crave sweets, when I would get home from work, I would just keep eating. Now, I look at junk food and don’t care for it. I have been eating so healthy. Nothing is tempting anymore. I am sometimes not even hungry but I will still eat my meals. This changed me! I don’t know if it’s the combination of all three or just one haha but I am never going to stop taking them! Once again Earthly.. thank you!!

  2. Billie Brown (verified owner)

    I ordered Black Liver Oil after receiving an email from Earthley explaining it can help with digestion when your gallbladder has been removed. They suggested using it along with Digest Support and Nourish Her Naturally. I actually ordered Calm & Clarity instead of NHR because it had a similar herbal profile with the added advantage of mental clarity:) I used the three together for about a week and was having some good results with regularity. Got busy and forgot for a couple weeks…ended up with a stomach bug and decided to get back to using it again. It’s been another three days of using the three together and I’m seeing improvements in energy levels already and my digestion getting back to normal. The taste of the three together is ok…. Not something I’d want to drink all day, but tolerable. I put it all in a “shot” of water to quickly drink it down. My goal is to use it for a month straight and see how I’m feeling after that. We love Earthley products. They have become a major staple in my “medicine” toolbox in the past couple years! I will try to update my review after a month is up.

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