Black Liver Oil

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Our NEW Black Liver Oil is designed to support your whole body, with a focus on liver health and natural detox.  Our livers are our body’s detox organs — they help to filter, break down, and eliminate toxins on their own.  But sometimes they can use a little bit of support!  We combine hemp seed oil, black seed oil, and key herbs to give your liver what it needs to do its job well — and make your whole body healthier!

Key Ingredients

  • Black Seed Oil — Anti-microbial, promotes gut health, supports liver health, balances blood sugar, promotes heart health
  • Hemp Seed Oil — Supports gut health, anti-inflammatory, supports heart health, rich source of omega-3s, rich source of GLA
  • Anise Seed — Supports healthy blood sugar levels, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, promotes gut health, supports mental health
  • Rosemary — Antioxidant-rich, anti-microbial, supports gut health, supports metabolic health
  • Hyssop — Supports respiratory health, anti-parasitic, supports heart health, supports respiratory health, supports gut health

Black Liver Oil supports so many body systems — it is great for overall wellness!

  • ABSOLUTELY NO flavors, colors, added sugars, allergens (corn, soy, gluten, dairy, nuts), or any junk!

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Our NEW Black Liver Oil is excellent liver support — but it doesn’t stop there.  This blend supports immune health, gut health, mental health, and more.  It’s total body wellness, starting with liver.

Your liver helps your body to naturally detox itself by filtering out toxins and eliminating them.  But sometimes, in our modern toxic world, you liver get overburdened and needs some help.  That’s where our Black Liver Oil comes in!  It helps to support total body wellness, while eliminating parasites, viruses, bacteria, and rebalancing your gut health.


Black seed oil*, hemp seed oil*, anise*, rosemary*, and hyssop*

*certified organic ingredients


  • Ages 2 – 6: 1 – 2 drops
  • Ages 7 – 12: 3 – 5 drops
  • Ages 13+ 5 – 10 drops


Safe for ages 2+ Not safe for pregnant women, those with blood clotting disorders, or those taking blood thinners.


What's the difference between Black Liver Oil and Liver Love?

This is an oil-based formula, while Liver Love is glycerin or alcohol-based.  Liver Love is great at directly supporting the liver, while Black Liver Oil supports overall gut health, gallbladder, and other body systems at the same time.  Which one you will benefit more from is up to the individual — some people need oil-based remedies, while others do not absorb oils well and need alcohol or glycerin-based remedies.

Can I take both Black Liver Oil and Liver Love?

Yes, you can take both together.  You may not need both, but it can be beneficial for some individuals.

4 reviews for Black Liver Oil

  1. Jana

    Earthley has done it again! I absolutely love this oil and never want to be without it! I do not have a gallbladder anymore which leads to a congested liver often. This oil makes a night and day difference. I can feel it working (I get pain in my liver if it’s congested) and no more pain. The liver also affects hormones which I feel detoxing my liver certainly helps with that as well! I have better mental clarity and more energy thanks to this gem of an oil!

  2. Gabs V

    I absolutely love this product. One of the biggest changes that I noticed within a month that it had improved my menstrual cycle immensely. I noticed that it provided more energy and had absolutely zero period cramps. It was unbelievable! I know this product is very versatile, this is just one of the many ways I loved it. Highly recommend!

  3. Amanda Kuklisin

    I was chosen to be a product tester. My reasons for wanting to use this product were because of my digestive issues, and hypothyroidism. I was battling brain fog, low energy, and stomach pains after eating on a daily basis. I kept hearing that helping my liver or detoxing my liver would help my thyroid, so I was wanting to give it a shot.
    I was hoping for results that would put me in a better mood, with more energy, take that brain fog away, and hopefully even help those stomach pains.
    This product was amazing! As soon as I received it I took 10 drops with every meal. Usually before, but during or after if I remembered later. After a few days I realized that I definitely did have more energy and less brain fog. It was harder to fall asleep at night, so I stopped taking them with dinner. So just 10 drops with breakfast and lunch helped my mood, energy, and stomach pains too!!
    I’m not sure if something in it helps to curb your appetite, but that’s something else I noticed. I’m not eating as much as I used to. I’m making healthier portions, and feeling full. With no want/need to snack in between. I don’t know if I’m just being more mindful of what I eat and how much, or if the liver oil also played a part in this as well.
    I’m so excited for this to become a regular product, and will definitely recommend it to all my friends and family!!

  4. Jenna D

    This is an oil I don’t want to be without. I didn’t totally realize the difference it made until I ran out. I have PCOS so any help with supporting the liver and detoxing out toxins is needed. The taste wasn’t bad, though you could add to a drink if needed. I also noticed less digestion discomfort, though I eat fairly clean- mainly locally raised meat and low/no gluten.

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