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Adaptogenic Immunity

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In the fall and winter months (and sometimes year around!), most people want to support and protect their immune systems from all the germs they encounter everyday.  We can’t control the world around us…but we can keep ourselves healthy!

Adaptogenic Immunity is a combination of 5 (certified organic) herbs that can support the immune system, improve the body’s ability to cope with stress, and nourish you for total body wellness!  This is an alcohol-free, botanical liquid that’s highly bioavailable and easy to assimilate.  These herbs are generally safe even for people who have been told not to use “immune boosters.”

Key herbs:

  • Astragalus root — Supports the immune system, and works better with daily use. 
  • Amla berry — Rich in vitamin C. 
  • Dandelion leaf — Rich in vitamins and minerals; supports liver health and kidney health.  
  • Holy basil — Balances stress hormones, balances blood sugar, and fights oxidative damage.
  • Eleuthero — Adaptogenic, supports adrenal and immune health, improves stress response.

For best results, use this tincture daily to support your immune system, and experience vibrant health!

  • ABSOLUTELY NO flavors, colors, added sugars, allergens (corn, soy, gluten, dairy, nuts), or any junk!

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How to Use:

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Are you ready to support your immune system?  Adaptogenic Immunity is the perfect addition to your daily health routine!

Many places talk about “boosting” your immune system.  We don’t, because that’s not how it works.  We’re not trying to ‘rev up’ an immune system into overdrive, or create some kind of ‘super immunity’ because that doesn’t exist.  Instead, we use whole organic plants to support the body’s normal functions to optimize the immune system.

What the immune system needs to be healthy is nutrition — and support for body systems that can tax it (like your adrenals or liver).

Adaptogenic Immunity is the perfect combination to support all the most important parts of your body so that your immune system can do its job effectively!


  • Supports liver health
  • Supports adrenal health
  • Reduces overactive stress response
  • Balances blood sugar
  • Adaptogenic
  • Supports kidney health
  • …and more!

Adaptogenic Immunity works best with daily use, and you’ll notice more benefits over time.  Add it to your routine in the fall and winter months to protect your health everyday!


Complete ingredients:

  • Vegetable glycerin* — Extracts and naturally preserves herbal formulas.
  • Filtered water — Free of fluoride, chlorine, and other toxins.
  • Astragalus root* — Supports the immune system, and works better with daily use. 
  • Amla berry* — Rich in vitamin C. 
  • Dandelion leaf* — Rich in vitamins and minerals; supports liver health and kidney health.  
  • Holy basil* — Balances stress hormones, balances blood sugar, and fights oxidative damage.
  • Eleuthero* — Adaptogenic, supports adrenal and immune health, improves stress response.

*Certified organic ingredients


Ages 2 – 6: 5 drops daily
Ages 7 – 12: 10 drops daily
Ages 13+: 20 drops daily


Safe for ages 2+.

Safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Q: How is this different from Elderberry Elixir?

A: This tincture does not contain elderberry, elder flower, or echinacea (which can all stimulate the immune system in some individuals).  It’s adaptogenic, meaning it promotes balance in your body.  This approach is nourishing, reduces stress, and helps your immune system function optimally in a gentle way.


Q: When should I use vs. Feel Better Fast?

A: Adaptogenic Immunity is meant to be used daily to keep you healthy.  Feel Better Fast is what to reach for if you aren’t feeling well.  Both are must-haves!


Q: Can I use this and elderberry?

A: Yes, you can!  Especially if you are around people who have respiratory illnesses, using both is a good idea.


Q: Can someone with autoimmune issues use this?

A: Yes.  Because it doesn’t have herbs with stimulating properties, it is safe for most people and situations.


Q: How often should I use this?

A: Daily!  The benefits build up over time, so regular use will best support your health.

6 reviews for Adaptogenic Immunity

  1. Jessica k

    I noticed a huge difference in my family’s overall health and wellness. We actually got sick right before this product arrived and noticed how much quicker we got over our funk vs all the times we were sick last winter that seemed never ending.

  2. Lindsey

    I used this product for 4 weeks as a product tester and My kids were sick for 10 days of that with a terrible cold that ended with pink eye. I got sick for three days. The first day I had a mild sore throat and felt run down, the second day I had a mild stuffy nose, and by the third day I was symptom free. I did not get pink eye. So compared to my two kids my sickness was nothing. I didn’t miss any work or activities and besides the mild symptoms felt just fine! The tincture also has a nice taste that makes it easy to take. I’ll definitely be sticking to this during the winter months!

  3. Amanda Haisler

    I was excited to try this new product because I catch every sickness that enters our house. Soon after starting this a cold went thru our house and while I did catch it my cold was mild compared to everyone else. I’m excited to continue using it thru this Winter and see how it helps my immune system.

  4. Jessica V

    I noticed a big difference in my family’s health after we struggled with months of sickness before taking this. Nothing in our routine changed, in fact our bodies may have been under more stress and more likely to get sick because we were buying a home and selling our old one at the time and exhausted from that. When I get worn out too long, I get sick – but this time I didn’t. The fact that my kids didn’t even get a snotty nose during the time we were taking this product was the seal on the deal for me that made me a believer.

  5. Anna

    My family has loved using this and it has kept illness at bay in our household. Highly recommend!

  6. Madisen Fraser

    Great for sickness and easy to take. Love that I can give it to everyone in my family!

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