May 2024 Featured Products

As summer approaches and you begin spending more time outside, you may start to notice the stink a little bit more. Gardening, playing with your kids, swimming – body odor can show up at any time. Body odor is a signal from your body that something is out of balance and you need a detox! That’s why we are discounting our Mineral Deodorant, Mineral Deodorant Plus, and Detoxifying Pit Mask 25% off for the month of May!

Use code: HEALTHYPITS25 for 25% off at checkout!

But that’s not all!

We are also discounting our Learn to Homestead Guides 35% off for the month of May as well! We are passionate about teaching the next generation about herbalism, homesteading, and instilling in them a learn-it-yourself attitude. We have written these guides with homeschool families in mind, but they are also perfect activity guides for families to use over the summer to fight off summer boredom or to pass a rainy day!

Use code: HOMESTEAD35 for 35% off at checkout!

To make our Mineral Deodorant, we use the simplest, cleanest ingredients to make our all-natural Mineral Deodorant. Mango butter and apricot oil combine to gently nourish the skin, while arrowroot powder helps to keep skin dry. Magnesium detoxes, reduces odor, and has tons of health benefits too! Pure essential oils are added for a pleasant scent.

For Mineral Deodorant Plus, we simply took our regular Mineral Deodorant and combined it with our Detoxifying Pit Mask to give you an extra detoxifying and deodorizing powerhouse deodorant! If you struggle with body odor more than most, this deodorant is the one for you!

You’ll want to add in our Detoxifying Pit Mask if you have never used a natural deodorant before to help you transition to from chemical antiperspirant to natural deodorant. Detox your armpits to rid your body of toxic chemicals from conventional antiperspirants and deodorants. You can also use this to promote detox generally! If you really struggle with body odor, adding the Detoxifying Pit Mask to your routine 1-2 times per week can help to greatly reduce the stink!

Conventional deodorants and antiperspirants are full of aluminum, chemicals, fragrances, and other toxic ingredients that contribute to illness, slugglishness, and unhealthy lymph nodes.

Our Mineral Deodorants and Detoxifying Pit Mask:

  • NEVER contain aluminum
  • NEVER use irritating baking soda
  • Support detox
  • Fight odor
  • Nourish skin
  • Rich in magnesium

Start your journey to healthy pits with our Mineral Deodorant, Mineral Deodorant Plus, and Detoxifying Pit Mask!

Kids need life skills that matter – how to take care of themselves no matter what happens in the world. That’s why we’ve put together these resources – the Learn to Homestead Series! In this series we include five projects that cover growing/foraging, cooking, preserving, sewing, and medicine-making. They are perfect for homeschool unit studies or just having something on hand to keep little hands busy.

Plus, we include writing prompts, discussion questions, art ideas, poetry prompts, and more to make learning a multi-disciplinary approach!

Get all five units:

Give your children the gift of knowledge, self-sufficiency, and confidence in their ability to care for themselves and nature with our Learn to Homestead Series!

Mineral Deodorant, Mineral Deodorant Plus, Detoxifying Pit Mask, and Learn to Homestead series promo runs only from May 1 to May 31 2024 while supplies last. These coupon codes cannot be combined with each other or with other promotions or deals.

And don’t forget about our FREE guides for the month of May!

Apricot Oil is our featured ingredient of the month. We use Apricot Oil in many of our body care products due to its nourishing and moisturizing benefits for skin. We created this Mini Family Guide for you so you can teach your children about Apricot Oil – the benefits of apricots and apricot oil, how it is made, and some fun DIY recipes and learning games!

Newly updated and expanded – get our Clean Home Project and Activity Guide for FREE in the month of May! In this digital guide, you’ll learn how easy and affordable it is to ditch toxic cleaning products and make the switch to natural cleaning. Chemicals used in cleaning products are full of carcinogens and are linked to lung health issues, especially in people who clean for a living. We can’t force companies to start making products that don’t contain harmful chemicals, but we can provide you with education to help you find products that don’t cause harm!

Untoxic Summer is a digital guide that covers the risks of mainstream products for summertime and shares natural alternatives. From sun care and self-tanner to bug spray, we have the evidence and studies to back up which options are safe and healthy for your family. You shouldn’t have to fear being in the sun or the products you put on your skin in the summertime. We’ve taken a look at common ingredients in summertime products, researched how they affect your body and compiled it in this guide, as well as giving you alternatives to conventional summertime products.

Grab these guides for FREE for a limited time!