Learn to Homestead: Spring is in the Air [Printable Digital Download]

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Kids need life skills that matter – how to take care of themselves no matter what happens in the world. That’s why we’ve put together this resource – Learn to Homestead: Spring is in the Air. This unit study is the 4th in our new Learn to Homestead Unit Study Series. Every book has its own theme and within that theme, we teach 5 projects:

Growing or foraging: Plaintain, Dandelion, Violet, Cleavers, and Chickweed

Cooking: Violet Lemonade

Preserving: Dandelion Jelly

Sewing: Foraging Bag

Medicine-making: Herbal Salves

Plus, we include writing prompts, discussion questions, art ideas, poetry prompts, and more to make learning a multi-disciplinary approach!

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*Please note that this is a printable digital download and not a physical book.


When we were thinking about how we, as natural health and herbal enthusiasts, could be a better resource to the homeschooling community (because many of us are also homeschoolers), we decided to stick with what we know. Homesteading – and all the projects that go with it, like growing and foraging for food, sewing, cooking, preserving, and medicine-making – was nearly a lost art. After the chaos of the last few years, interest is re-surging, but…many adults are learning these skills themselves for the first time. We don’t have generations of knowledge to hand down the way we once did.

That’s why we created this resource. We wanted to share hands-on, real-world projects that will teach kids skills they really need to know, no matter what else they do with their lives. Everyone can benefit from knowing how to take care of themselves in such basic ways!

Most ages can use this information to improve and develop homesteading skills, whether used as part of your home education program or for your personal life journey. We anticipate that this whole unit study can be completed in as little as two weeks (if you focus entirely on this), or as long as 6 weeks (if you choose a project a week plus bonus materials). Incorporate it into your homeschool however works for you.

Not a homeschooler? These projects make a great enrichment activity for any student, or even adults who want to learn some new skills in a practical way! Look for future unit studies in this series, coming soon!

Projects in Spring is in the Air:

  • Forage for plantain, dandelion, violet, cleavers, and chickweed
  • Sew a medicine making, foraging belt bag
  • Make delicious dandelion jelly and violet lemonade
  • Preserve your spring forage
  • Make DIY herbal salve

This guide is detailed, hands-on, and multi-disciplinary. In addition to step-by-step tutorials (see images for example pages), there are writing prompts, reading suggestions, art prompts, discussion questions, and more. This is a complete unit study that you can use as-is, or add on to (with our suggestions) depending on your family’s needs! You don’t have to gather a bunch of library books or extra materials if you don’t want to, and needed materials are clearly laid out on a per-project basis. Pick and choose what you want to do and when! (No major prep work necessary — major bonus for busy homeschooling moms.)

*Please note that this is a printable digital download and not a physical book.


*Please note that this is a printable digital download and not a physical book.


*Please note that this is a printable digital download and not a physical book.




Q: Is this a printed book or a printable digital download?

A: Printable digital download

Q: How will I receive it?

A: You will receive it via email as a downloadable file. You can also download it from your order confirmation page after purchase.

2 reviews for Learn to Homestead: Spring is in the Air [Printable Digital Download]

  1. Emily Brickner

    Our family really enjoyed this unit study. The lessons contain valuable and easy to understand information. I used this with my 11, 8, 7 and 4 year olds and they were all able to easily participate in the different projects. They especially enjoyed foraging in our back yard and are looking forward to making an herbal salve with our dandelions and plantains. We will continue to refer back to this unit study and will be looking into the other curriculum that Earthley has to offer.

  2. Erica M.

    I used this curriculum with my son for homeschooling. He loves everything that has anything to do with outdoors and is always interested when I’m whipping up something “crunchy” like in life, so this was right up his alley!

    As a mom, I loved the writing prompts to help facilitate deeper discussion about the activities. I loved the soft and beautiful illustrations in the lessons, and also enjoyed having poetry infused within the lessons as well!

    My son LOVED foraging and learning to ID plants we have in our backyard. He loved it so much that he wants to learn how to ID additional plants in our yard and beyond.

    I’m definitely looking forward to adding additional lessons to our collection in the future!

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