Untoxic Summer

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Enjoy summertime the natural way!

Untoxic Summer is a digital guide that covers the risks of mainstream products for summertime and shares natural alternatives. From sun care and self-tanner to bug spray, we have the evidence and studies to back up which options are safe and healthy for your family.


This guide covers the details on:

  • Toxins in Sunscreens
  • Toxins in After-Sun Products/Self-tanners
  • Natural Sun Care Alternatives
  • The Vitamin D Controversy
  • Do-It-Yourself Sun Protectant Salve
  • Toxins in Common Bug Sprays
  • How to Treat Tick Bites Naturally
  • Natural Bug Repellent Alternatives
  • Do-It-Yourself Bug Spray
  • Do-It-Yourself Summer Essential Oil Roller Recipes
  • Earthley’s Summer Line


How to enjoy summertime… naturally!


Use to learn the risks of mainstream products for summertime and discover healthy, natural alternatives!


Safe for all ages!


1 review for Untoxic Summer

  1. harpgirl88 (verified owner)

    Wow, this was a huge eye opener. I knew sunscreens had some toxic things in them, but I had no idea just how awful the ingredients were. I love that alternatives are offered at the end so you have an idea what to use instead.

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