Respiratory and Immune Health 101

What’s the deal with Respiratory and Immune Health? 

Respiratory health is so important. We know this. Especially during seasons where every illness is spreading and a cough is in between every breath. Of course, the dry mouth, muscle aches, and congestion that typically accompany a cough are not fun. But instead of giving medicines that suppress the body’s natural response, support it with herbs to help strengthen the body’s response.

Can herbs really be effective?

Yes! Research and history points to the effective benefits of herbs in endless instances.

Elderberries might be small, but they are packed full of essential nutrients and antioxidants that benefit a person’s immune system. They are now a popular choice that helps many with common respiratory issues.

Mullein leaves, flowers, and roots have been used for centuries to help just about every respiratory issue under the sun. The flowers and leaves contain saponins that help rid the body of phlegm and mucilage, which soothes irritated membranes. Mullein is a popular choice for overall lung health.

Fennel and Cinnamon are packed with nutrition, including benefits of being anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Cinnamon shines even more with anti-fungal and anti-viral benefits!

To simplify this for you, we have sifted through all of the research, and created the products you need to make your respiratory and immune health journey simplified and effective.

Minor illnesses are a part of life.  We all experience headaches, fevers, upset stomachs, sniffles, and more at some point!  But when you — or your little one — don’t feel well, who has time to search for the “best” natural remedy for each symptom?

Now you don’t have to!  Feel Better Fast is designed to gently help you feel better no matter what’s going on.  It’s a catch-all starting place to simplify using a natural remedy without endless research.  Unlike conventional remedies that suppress and “hide” symptoms (which can prolong illness), Feel Better Fast supports your body’s natural immune system so that it works more efficiently, and you return to normal…fast!

Cough-B-Gone is an herbal tincture created to help relieve colds, coughs, and congestion. Rather than use synthetic, chemical-tasting cough syrups, nourish your body and support the respiratory system with the natural power of herbs. Our kids (safe for ages 6 months+) is alcohol-free and tastes great with no added sugar or sweeteners!

Elderberry Elixir is a liquid botanical remedy that combines elderberries with lung- and immune-supporting herbs.  It’s shelf-stable, super-concentrated, and easy to use!  Elderberry has a long history of use for both daily immune support and as a respiratory remedy.  Our formula is more powerful than elderberry alone because of its complementary herbs!  Made with certified organic ingredients.  Available in Original (made with alcohol) and Kids (alcohol-free).

Need more Respiratory and Immune Health options?

Here are some more items that you may like.

ABSOLUTELY NO added sugars, colors, flavors, preservatives, allergens (gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs, fish) or other junk!


Q. Can Elderberry be used daily? What about if you have auto-immune issues?

A. Elderberry can, in fact, be used daily. It is a wonderful support during illnesses, but also a great support in general immune health. Every individual is different. Many with auto-immune issues are able to take Elderberry daily with great results. However, some cannot. If you are not pleased with your results, we offer a 30 day Money-Back Guarantee. Adaptogenic Immunity is a fantastic option for daily immune support as well.

Q. Can any of these be taken together? How often?

A. Yes! All of these items can be taken together in any combination. As far as general immune support, once daily of your choice should suffice. When illness strikes, we recommend taking as needed, or every 3 to 4 hours. Doses can be adjusted to your needs based on severity.

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