Here at Earthley, we couldn’t do anything without our team.

Unlike many other companies, we manufacture everything ourselves (no third-party contract manufacturing) in our Columbus, OH facility.  We also ship it ourselves, market it ourselves, and have a real live customer service team (no AI robots).  That takes a lot of people!

This is (most of) the company at our summer 2023 all-hands meeting:

We have a lot of team members…and we’re growing more all the time!

Learn more about each team and what they do below.

The Leadership Team

Our leadership team oversees every part of Earthley: production, shipping, marketing, customer service, operations, finances, HR, quality control, and more.  They work hard to support the team and ensure everything is running smoothly!

The Production Team

Our production team makes all of our products — mixing, melting, pouring, and labeling them to get them just right!  They ensure that we have the best, cleanest products out there.

The Shipping Team

Our shipping team makes sure that you get your orders correctly and in a timely manner!  They pick and pack your orders daily so that you get the products you need to stay healthy.

The Quality Control Team

Our quality control team sets the standards for our products and checks on them throughout the production process and once they’re finished.  They ensure that every product is made correctly and is safe for you!

The Support Staff

Our support staff consists of procurement, receiving, HR, reception, janitorial, and facilities.  They order the raw materials needed, check them in, sample them for testing, and put them away.  They greet you at the front door, support the other teams, and take care of our employees.  They also clean the offices and warehouse, fix things, and ensure that everyone has what they need to do their jobs well!

The Customer Service Team

Our customer service team is available to help you!  They handle live chats, emails, and phone calls to answer your questions and solve problems.


The Marketing Team

Our marketing teams work remotely (and unfortunately, aren’t pictured because many aren’t local to the facility).  They create our great health guides, write emails, create social posts, and interact with all of you across social media.  They make sure our customers are educated and have a great experience!  They also manage our affiliate and wholesale teams.

The IT Team

Our IT team is also off-site and unfortunately not pictured.  They keep the website running, fix tech issues, create internal software, and work on labels and graphic design.  They keep the “bones” of the company running!