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Jobs at Earthley


At Earthley, we strive to hire a diverse team of talented, hard-working, motivated individuals.  Most of our jobs are in-house roles, but we do occasionally have virtual roles available.  If any positions are open, there will be links below with the full job description and hiring info.

On this page, we’re sharing a summary of some of the roles we frequently hire for.  We are an equal opportunity employer.


Current Available Positions


Production Associate

Our production associates actually make our products!  All training is provided.  Production associates learning to measure, mix, melt, and combine ingredients to create salves, lotions, soaps, tinctures, and lots more.  An interest in herbalism or DIY experience is a plus, but not necessary.  A passion for natural health is a must!

**5 positions AVAILABLE (second shift).** Please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected], or apply HERE.


Compliance Officer

We are seeking someone to help us create and maintain our FDA standards and work towards several different certifications.  This position will include reading and understanding FDA requirements, auditing other departments for compliance, filling out paperwork for certifications, coordinating with certifying agencies for meetings and site visits, and more.  No experience in compliance is required (we will train), but solid writing skills are important.

**1 position currently AVAILABLE.**  Please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]


Procurement and Receiving

Our procurement team ensures that we have everything we need to make products!  They do monthly inventory of all raw materials, order raw materials, check-in and organize materials, talk to suppliers about better pricing on bulk orders, find new suppliers, and anything else we need to ensure a steady supply of all the items we use on a daily basis.

**1 position currently AVAILABLE.**  Please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]


Social Media Video Assistant

Our social media team is looking for someone to join this hybrid role.  Some will be performed on site and some remotely.  Experience with YouTube and TikTok is a plus.  This person will post videos with appropriate titles, descriptions, and hashtags.  They will also assist in planning videos.

**1 position AVAILABLE.**  Please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]


Other Positions at Earthley

Shipping Associate

Our shipping team ensures that customer orders are picked, packed, and sent out in a timely manner.  They’re responsible for maintaining finished good inventory, and knowing that each customer gets just what they ordered.

**No current open positions.**    Please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected], or apply HERE.


Customer Service

Our customer service team handles our customers’ questions and needs via live online chat, phone, and email.  They help customer figure out what products they can benefit from, ensure their orders are correct, and replace any lost/missing/broken products.  Being friendly and personable is important.  Organization is a must.  Knowing how to use WordPress, ShippingEasy, and Google docs is a plus.

**No current open positions.**


Customer Relations Specialist

This job requires an enthusiastic, high-energy person with the ability to remain calm and engage with customers in a positive manner, and who is committed to working full time hours.  The role is to respond to comments and questions on Earthley’s Facebook and Instagram, following our marketing goals.

**No current open positions.**


Receptionist/Executive Assistant

Our executive assistant team members help out with a lot of different projects!  They answer phones, scan in BPRs, send emails, coordinate with leadership team, help building visitors, and more.  They need strong writing skills and good background knowledge of the business and basic WordPress and graphic skills. This is an in-person position.

**No current open positions.** Please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]



Our facilities role takes care of issues around the building.  Minor plumbing and electrical (a background in either is a bonus).  Fixing machines, salting sidewalks, operating forklift, operating power tools, and more.

**No current open positions.**  Please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]


Human Resources Associate

This person works with everyone else in the organization.  They will post jobs and organize interviews, print and collect onboarding paperwork for new hires, handle occasional employee concerns, order in-office supplies, and otherwise assist the HR manager.  Basically, they make sure people feel taken care of and things are running smoothly!

**No current open positions.** Please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]




Marketing Assistant (Writer)

Our marketing assistants help to create written content for Earthley’s marketing efforts — emails, PDF downloads, and other marketing materials.  Strong writing skills and a passion for natural health is a must!  Being able to work independently and meet deadlines is also important.  Training provided.

**No current open positions**


Production Supervisor

Our production supervisors oversee our production associates.  They create lists of what needs to be made and ensure that someone on the team gets it done.  They check finished batches to ensure they are made to specification and pass quality control inspections.  They train new associates on processes and procedures.  They learn to use new equipment properly, train associates on how to use it, and help to maintain the equipment (and communicate with tech support or assistance where needed).  Basically, they make sure our production staff stays on target, producing consistent, high-quality products!

**No current open positions**


Shipping Supervisor

Our shipping supervisor oversees the shipping process.  They ensure that daily goals are met so that orders get out in a timely manner.  They train new shipping associates on picking, packing, and labeling packages.  They work to increase efficiency and reduce mistakes in the shipping process.  Basically, they make sure that products arrive to customers as quickly as possible and in good shape!

**No current positions open** Please send resume and cover letter to [email protected]


Social Media Manager

The social media manager oversees our creative team.  They set goals for our social content, create graphics and posts, work with the CMO on marketing strategies, and basically handles our social strategy.  A passion for medical freedom is important.  Creativity is a must!  Prior knowledge of natural health and herbalism, strong writing skills, and graphic design are helpful.

**No current open positions**


Human Resources Manager

This person works with everyone else in the organization.  They do employee-onboarding — sharing the handbook, getting personnel paperwork completed, orientation.  They participate in quarterly reviews and maintain employee files.  They handle any employee concerns or complaints about the work environment.  Basically, they make sure people feel taken care of and things are running smoothly!

**No current open positions**


Affiliate Program Manager

This person oversees our affiliate program, which we call our Earthologists!  They onboard new affiliates, provide sales training, create content, and answer questions.  Basically, they support affiliates and ensure they are successful with sharing and selling.

**No current open positions**


Wholesale Program Manager

This person oversees our wholesale program.  They talk to new and existing retailers, answering questions, ensuring orders are fulfilled in a timely manner, handling any special requests, and more.  They ensure a successful, mutually beneficial relationship with our retail partners.

**No current open positions**


Social Media Associate

Our social media team interacts with our followers on a variety of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Colleqtiv).  They encourage fans, answer their questions, and provide a positive and helpful experience.  Some also help to create graphics or posts for our social channels.  They need to be friendly, and good at handling sometimes-challenging commenters with grace and professionalism.  Strong writing skills are a bonus.  Prior experience with herbalism or graphic design is helpful.

**No current open positions.**


IT Developers

Our IT developers work with our CEO and tech managers to code our website and new website features, and work on other coding projects.

Our website tech stack is:

  • AWS
  • PHP using Laravel
  • JS
  • Mysql
Our app tech stack is:
  • AWS
  • PHP using Laravel
  • JS
  • Mysql
  • React Native
  • Expo for app development

Pay will be based on experience, but will be competitive for an IT developer job. This is full time, long term position, and remote is ok for the right person. Being local to Ohio is a plus.

Being naturally minded and supportive of our mission is a must.  Send resume and salary preference to [email protected] to apply.

**No positions open**