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Every few months, it seems like there’s a new threat in the media — some new illness that’s killing us.  It wreaks havoc on our peace and raises our stress levels!  Many parents wonder what specific steps they should take to avoid this one.

But the truth is, if we take matters into our own hands and learn to support our immune systems everyday, we don’t have to be afraid of everything that comes.  We know we’re already doing our best, and our families can stay healthy.

This guide walks you through exactly how to do that, and how to use research and smart decisions to erase the fear that is so pervasive in the mainstream.

In here, you’ll find:

  • Why you don’t need to be terrified of monkeypox, COVID, polio, or other illnesses in the news
  • Germ theory VS terrain theory
  • What hurts your immune system
  • How to support your immune system properly
  • How and why detox plays a role in health

The Immunity Tool Guide has 125 pages and 300+ citations — giving you a place to start, options to do your own research, and peace of mind that you can take care of your family no matter what comes along.

*Please note that this guide is a PDF digital download and not a printed book.


Everytime a “new” illness is discovered, it seems like most people begin to panic. Ironically, panic or fear weaken your immune system, making you more likely to become ill. In this way, many people make their fears a reality.

There seems to be a never-ending stream of outbreaks – West Nile virus, SARS, mumps, e. coli, H1N1, whooping cough, MERS, ebola, zika virus, COVID-19, and many others.  With the media and culture obsessed with outbreaks of different illnesses, it is virtually impossible to protect yourself from the bombardment of the fears that other people have about illness.

However, there is another way. You can take matters into your own hands and get prepared for anything!  Instead of constantly being afraid of what new outbreak there may be, you can constantly be supporting and strengthening your immune system. The best way to quell fear is to research and understand how to stay healthy so that you can make an informed decision about how to conduct your life — no matter what may come.

This guide talks about the following:

  • Current illness news
  • Basic approaches to health
  • The immune system – what hurts it and what helps it
  • How we detox – what hinders it and how we can help
  • Recommendations, DIY, and recipes

If you’re tired of being stressed out by the latest what’s-killing-us news, get prepared once and for all to keep your family healthy!

*Please note that this guide is a PDF digital download and not a printed book.


*Please note that this guide is a PDF digital download and not a printed book.


*Please note that this guide is a PDF digital download and not a printed book.




Q: Is this a printed book or PDF digital download?

A: PDF digital download

Q: How will I receive it?

A: You will receive it via email as a downloadable file. You can also download it from your order confirmation page after purchase.

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  1. jennifer brainard (verified owner)

    This is so much good information! I know I will be able to go back and read it again and again and continue to learn. The whole body wellness approach to immunity is spot on! It works!

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