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You can’t care for oily skin like you would dry or combination skin. You can’t use what everyone else uses because you are prone to acne breakouts, and you may deal with deep scarring more than others, and you may be tempted to not moisturize because your skin is so oily. We designed this bundle to help with the complexities that come with having oily skin.

Our Charcoal Facial Bar gently exfoliates away dead skin, allowing the skin underneath to absorb moisture and not clog up. Rejuvenate Me Facial Serum penetrates deep into your skin to promote skin repair and reduce scarring. Moisturize Me Oily provides you with a non-comedogenic moisturizer that helps control oil production without drying out your skin. Our Clear Skin Essential Oil Roller works as a spot corrector, penetrating the skin with essential oils that help repair acne spots.

Grab this bundle if you have acne prone skin and see those acne spots disappear!

ABSOLUTELY NO fragrance, color, parabens, pthlates, hexane-extracted oils, or compromises anywhere!

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Charcoal Facial Bar - For Oily Skin

4 oz.

Rejuvenate Me! Facial Serum - For Dry, Tired Skin

15 ml

Moisturize Me! - For Nourished, Smooth Skin

1/2 oz.

Clear Skin Essential Oil Roller - For Acne and Redness

10 ml

Earthley's Skin Care Guide [PDF Digital Download]



4 oz Charcoal Facial Bar (Unscented) – We have created this all-natural Charcoal Facial Bar to help cleanse and detox your skin. Charcoal is all the rage and for good reason! We added plant-based butter to balance out any potential drying effect to create the perfect cleansing bar, even for sensitive skin. This bar can also be used for the whole body.

15 ml Rejuvenate Me Facial Serum – Rejuvenate Me was created to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, unclog pores, clear acne, promote skin repair, and more. This luxury serum is plant-based and made with nourishing, high-quality oils to improve your skin’s appearance. Rejuvenate Me is your all-natural solution to help with a variety of skin concerns!

0.5 oz Moisturize Me Oily – Moisturize Me is an all-natural and botanical moisturizer designed specifically for the face. Formulated with non-comedogenic oils and essential oils, this product hydrates and replenishes the skin. Moisturize Me is food for the face that will nourish skin to relieve concerns like acne and dry, flaky skin.

10 ml Clear Skin Essential Oil Roller – Clear Skin Essential Oil Roller helps to promote skin repair during breakouts, relieve pain from deep-down acne, and nourish your skin! We’ve combined soothing essential oils that help get rid of acne and improve the appearance of blemishes. No more drying out your skin with spot treatments that are full of acids and oxides! Instead, rosehip seed oil and essential oils combine to fight acne-causing bacteria and soothe inflamed skin.


Varies. See individual product listing for more information.

Charcoal Facial Bar

Rejuvenate Me Facial Serum

Moisturize Me Oily

Clear Skin Essential Oil Roller


Varies. See individual product listing for more information.

Charcoal Facial Bar

Rejuvenate Me Facial Serum

Moisturize Me Oily

Clear Skin Essential Oil Roller


Varies. See individual product listing for more information.

Charcoal Facial Bar

Rejuvenate Me Facial Serum

Moisturize Me Oily

Clear Skin Essential Oil Roller


Q: Is this the only thing I should use for my skin care routine if I have oily skin?

A: These are the top four products we suggest using if you have oily skin, however, you can use some of our other skin care products. We suggest reading our Skin Care Guide for more in depth information.

Q: Can the Charcoal Facial Bar be used daily?

A: Yes, it is very gentle.

Q: When do I use the serum? Before or after my moisturizer?

A: We recommend using serums after your moisturizer.

Q: Does this help with inflammatory skin conditions?

A: The ingredients were all chosen for their anti-inflammatory properties, so more than likely it can help!

Q: How long will these last?

A: Rejuvenate Me Facial Serum is in a 15-ml bottle which is 300 drops. If you use 3 drops a night, it’s 100 nights of use! Moisturize Me will last a long time unless you are using a lot of product. You should only need a little bit of it. The Charcoal Facial Bar will last a long time as long as you keep it out of wet conditions. We recommend using our Wooden Soap Dish to keep it out of water. You can even cut it into smaller cubes to use less over time.

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  1. Melanie (verified owner)

    I have been using the oily skin care bundle for 3 weeks now and I am delighted with how my skin looks and feels! I have super oily skin and by noon my face usually feels like an oil slick. These products have helped tremendously with that. I also think my pores looks smaller. The charcoal facial bar leaves my skin feeling clean but not dried out. It does take some getting used to the moisturizer….it’s not your typical cream…but I don’t mind it. It moisturizes without leaving your skin feeling or looking oily. Thank you, Earthly! Love your products!

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