The Green Family Gets the Sniffles Bundle (Book 1)

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The Green Family is starting to feel under the weather. That’s okay because Mama Green has herbal remedies like elderberry syrup and a delicious homemade chicken soup to help the family start feeling better naturally! Come join Mama and Papa Green, Axel, Violet, River, and little Soleil as they navigate handling illness naturally!

Children whose families make alternative/natural choices deserve to see themselves represented in children’s literature!  With this idea in mind, we created The Green Family. The Greens are a family who live on a small homestead in the Midwest, where they grow some of their own food, homeschool, use natural remedies, and home birth!

We also include a complementary activity book to extend the fun with over 20 pages of word games, coloring sheets, and more.

Beautifully illustrated and fun to read, this book will quickly become a family favorite!

**This is a physical book with an accompanying digital activity book.**

You can also grab the entire series with The Green Family Complete Series!

The Green Family Gets the Sniffles


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The Green Family Gets the Sniffles Activity Book {Digital Download}

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Meet The Green Family: Mama, Papa, Axel (10), Violet (8), River (6), and Soleil (3). They’re a mid-western, homesteading family living their best life — as naturally as they can.

In their first adventure, The Green Family Gets the Sniffles, Violet wakes up with a cold on a day they’re supposed to head to the town’s ice festival. Papa takes the healthy kids off for an adventure, while Mama stays behind to take care of poor Violet.

But Mama knows just what to do! She gives Violet her homemade elderberry syrup, makes a pot of chicken soup, and prepares hot ginger tea. Soon, Violet is feeling better — and Mama’s prepared when Axel wakes up later with a sniffle, too!

Sneak peek of the story:

Mama Green smiled at Violet and headed into the kitchen. She got out the ingredients for soup: onions, carrots, celery, garlic, bone broth, bay leaves, parsley, sage, chicken, and turmeric. She chopped and mixed and simmered until the soup was golden and smelled delicious.

Violet came wandering out of her room. “I smelled the soup and I want to have some!”

“Of course,” Mama Green said, as she reached for a bowl and a spoon. She ladled some steaming soup into Violet’s bowl, then carried it across their bright, rustic kitchen and set it down in front of her at the table.

*This is a physical book with an accompanying digital activity book.**


Get the whole series with The Green Family Complete Series!


Get the whole series with The Green Family Complete Series!


Get the whole series with The Green Family Complete Series!


Q: Are these both digital or is part of this deal a physical copy?

A: The Green Family Gets the Sniffles book is a physical copy that will be mailed to you upon ordering. The accompanying activity book is a downloadable and printable activity book that you will receive via email as part of your purchase confirmation receipt.


  1. Jami (verified owner)

    Loved to find a book that shows a different side of treating illness. My children loved the story and gleaned the information about treating with natural remedies. They also loved seeing that we do some of the same things and pointed that out. Will read many more times!

  2. Tara (verified owner)

    We purchased all 3 books and I do really appreciate children’s books promoting the lifestyle we lead. My daughter asks for at least one of them every night, and she’s so excited to use the recipes at the back of each book. My issue is with the editing/QC… in each book there are problems (some more blatant than others) that seem like they could have been addressed with just a little bit of attention… in this book, “The Green family gets the sniffles”, they include a recipe for elderberry syrup in the back, which my daughter is insisting we use on our next batch, and I’m happy to. But what I’ve noticed is in the ingredient list, they’ve included a 1” piece of fresh ginger. But in the instructions, there is no mention of the ginger. This sort of thing gives me the impression that production and publishing were rushed. Which is not what I would expect from a small natural wellness company. If this was the only error, I would let it slide, no problem. But there’s something like this in every book. If you’re just reading the stories at night with your kids, and not really paying attention, you won’t notice them. But I do have an eye for detail, and patterns like this bother me. I don’t know very much about this company, it was recommended from a friend, but based on this experience with the books I probably won’t be purchasing any more of their products.

  3. Jenilee Spaniol (verified owner)

    The cutest story to share with children to promote a natural route of getting better. So many kids these days think they have to see a Doctor and have medicines to help them feel better. Love the recipes included at the end!

  4. Serena Warren

    Adorable book! A little longer than I expected (certainly not a negative haha!). My two year old enjoys the story, and we use the illustrations as an opportunity to learn what things are called. Also makes for a great find and seek game too! Can’t wait to read the other books in the series.

  5. Niya (verified owner)

    I found the art to be charming, but what I and my daughter really enjoyed was learning ways to support and fuel our bodies naturally. (A few of these things were even new to me! ) My daughter was especially surprised that they use elderberry as a remedy like we do.

    I love that there are recipes included in the back of the book as well as discussion questions.

  6. Jennifer L (verified owner)

    We are so happy to have a family portrayed that my family can relate to! The text held my children’s interest and the illustrations are colorful and engaging. I would say for read alouds it would be best for ages 3+. Children ages 7+ could probably read this book on their own.

  7. Sonja

    The sweetest, most adorable kids book! It is a fun way to teach your kids about natural living and how herbs and fun recipes can help them feel better. Going to order more as gifts! Every mama needs one!!! There’s even a recipe included.

  8. Melissa W (verified owner)

    What an amazing story book for kids. It’s so refreshing to have a book normalize alternative lifestyles. My kids found it so relatable. They kept saying that the characters in the book were just like them. I can’t wait for more books like this!

  9. Michelle (verified owner)

    The Green Family Gets the Sniffles is such a great book! It’s wonderfully written and it’s so nice to see a holistic approach represented for the sniffles, as that’s what is done in our family. This will be a go to tradition for us to read when our kids get sick! Looking forward to the rest of the series!

  10. Crystal K

    I love that you guys came out with this book that I can read to my son to teach him all about holistic medicine which is super important to me. Having a book that shows them how herbs can truly heal the body is just amazing! Thank you for this!

  11. Amber G (verified owner)

    My 7 yr old loves this story! I really appreciate having a story our family can relate to with our lifestyle of using natural remedies. It’s helpful for kids to see others doing the same thing they are… using herbs, rest, and homemade soups to feel better instead of reaching for medicine from the doctor as the first option. I love a story that shows that ‘Mommy can help you feel better’. We don’t have to run to the doctor like most children books show.

  12. Mackenzie (verified owner)

    This is such a sweet story! When we got to the parts about the mother treating her family with herbs, it so resonated with my kids! They loved seeing the characters care for one another in the same ways we do! So well done!

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