Ease the Ache – For Cramps, Bloating, Mood Swings, and Afterpains

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Unbalanced hormones can lead to pain, bloating, heavy bleeding, mood swings, cravings, night sweats, trouble sleeping, and more — which can make you miserable! Common remedies cover up the pain, but they don’t help balance hormones or solve the underlying issues.  Ease the Ache to the rescue!

Our formula contains cramp bark, red raspberry leaf, motherwort, and nettle in a base of cane alcohol or vegetable glycerin as a highly bio-available liquid extract.  It helps to reduce pain and bloating, slow bleeding, even out mood, and more.  You may just forget you’re on your period!

Expecting a baby?  Ease the Ache is also great for postpartum after pains!  Include it in your postpartum kit (along with Postpartum Balance) for a smooth postpartum experience.

Key Herbs:

  • Nettle Leaf – anti-inflammatory, full of vitamins and minerals
  • Red Raspberry Leaf – tones the uterus without forcing contractions
  • Cramp Bark – supports female hormones, helps with pain relief
  • Motherwort – helps with pain relief, anti-inflammatory properties, supports postpartum recovery

ABSOLUTELY NO acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin, natural or artificial flavors, artificial colors, sodium benzoate, top allergens (corn, soy, dairy, gluten, nuts) or other unnatural or unsafe ingredients.  Period.

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Many women struggle with heavy bleeding, painful cramps, bloating, backaches, and mood swings during their cycle. Ease the Ache is the natural remedy you’ve been looking for!

Four herbs in a base of organic cane-derived alcohol (Original) or vegetable glycerin (Alcohol-Free) unite to provide natural relief for periods and postpartum pains. Ease the Ache was formulated with herbs that are rich in vitamin K to help slow heavy bleeding, ease cramping and pain, balance hormones, and more. For extra hormonal support, try Postpartum Balance!


  • Eases cramping and pain
  • Highly bioavailable liquid extract
  • Nutrient-rich, including vitamin K
  • Tones the uterus
  • Calms bloating
  • Smooths out mood swings
  • Relieves “that heavy feeling”
  • Helps with postpartum afterpains
  • Supports postpartum recovery
  • Supports and balances female hormones

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Complete Ingredients:

  • Nettle leaf*
  • Red raspberry leaf*
  • Cramp bark
  • Motherwort*
  • Filtered Water
  • Cane-derived alcohol OR vegetable glycerin

In a base of cane-derived alcohol* or vegetable glycerin* and filtered water.

*Certified organic ingredients

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 ml

  • 1 oz bottle servings: 30
  • 2 oz bottle servings: 60
  • 4 oz bottle servings: 120

Amount Per Serving:

  • Motherwort: 20 mg
  • Cramp bark: 20 mg
  • Raspberry leaf: 40 mg
  • Nettle leaf: 20 mg


Nettle Leaf:

Red Raspberry Leaf:

Cramp Bark:


Filtered Water


Begin taking Ease the Ache at 1 full dropper per day, 2 – 3 days before your period is supposed to start. Continue taking it once per day until your period ends. You can take it 2 – 3 times per day during the worst cramping. For postpartum use, take 1 dropper full every 3 – 4 hours for the first 2 or 3 days or until afterpains stop.


Original: Safe for ages 8+ and while breastfeeding. Not safe in pregnancy.
Alcohol-Free: Safe for ages 8+ and while breastfeeding. Not safe in pregnancy.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: Do I take this daily, or just during my cycle?

A: We recommend taking it 2 – 3 days before your expected period and through the first few days if you experience a lot of cramps or pain.  If cramps are milder, it can be taken as needed (including for ovulation pain).

Q: What if my cycle is irregular and I don’t know when my period will start? When should I start taking it? Will it still be beneficial if I don’t start until my period does?

A: You can start taking this as soon as you are experiencing PMS symptoms (bloating, cramping, night sweats, cravings), even if your period may not start for several days.  Some of these herbs were historically used to bring on menstruation in women who experienced hormonal imbalances.  If you don’t start it until you begin bleeding, it is still beneficial, but may take longer to reduce cramps.

Q: Can this reduce heavy bleeding, or just cramps?

A: Many women do experience lighter bleeding while taking this.  Vitamin K-rich herbs support blood health and normal clotting, which can reduce excessive bleeding.

Q: Can this help with PMS?

A: Yes!  Many women experience a more even mood, fewer cravings, and better sleep while using it.

Q: Can teenagers or tweens use this?

A: Yes!  Girls and young women who are cycling — or are in puberty and may be close — can use this.

Q: Can I take this for headaches or other types of pain?

A: You can!  It may or may not be the right remedy, depending on the underlying reason for the headache.  Check out “A Guide to Headaches” to help you find the right remedy.

Q: Can I take this during labor?

A: Yes!  We don’t recommend it earlier in pregnancy due to the potential of bringing on contractions — but that’s not a concern during labor!  It may help to ease labor pains and make contractions more efficient.

Q: Can this help with pain after a miscarriage?

A: Yes, it can help ease heavy bleeding and physical pain.  We are sorry for your loss!

188 reviews for Ease the Ache – For Cramps, Bloating, Mood Swings, and Afterpains

  1. jacqui.livingston (verified owner)

    I used this for postpartum cramping after giving birth to my fourth baby and it was a miracle worker! I hardly experienced any pain. I still have a ton left of the 1oz bottle I purchased so I’ll definitely be using it for period cramps.

  2. Celine Martin-Diaz (verified owner)

    I dont get heavy period cramps but I do get really bad ovulation cramps on some months. I used this and it helped me, I will say that sometimes my cramps are just crippling and it doesn’t work then. I rather use this and OTC pain pills. For my period I get milder cramps and this works. Helps my mood too since when youre in pain your usually moody

  3. Kylie Slipsager (verified owner)

    My favorite Earthley product! I’m 31 with terrible periods. I have fibroids and heavy, painful periods. This lessens the bleeding and takes the edge off the pain. I will not let myself run out of this product.

  4. Summer D (verified owner)

    I am not joking when I say “Thank you Lord!” everytime I’ve taken this product. I’m 31 years old and have had bad periods since the 5th grade. Not one Dr has ever diagnosed me with anything, most of them just say I’ve got to live with the pain. It’s really pathetic that it’s 2020 and women are STILL being told to suck it up and deal with menstrual pain. The only thing that remotely works for my pain has been ibuprofen and a heating pad. I have tried cramp bark on its own, but it was a miss. This stuff is liquid gold in my opinion and it tastes just fine. I got the alcohol free version. The shipping was fast and the price is right. You now have a customer for life Earthley!

  5. Meghan (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! I have severe cramps every month, usually peaking a few days in, making it very difficult to function. Ease the Ache made my cramps much more manageable.

  6. Lizzie (verified owner)

    Bought this for postpartum after-pains! The after-pains were much worse with baby#2 than baby#1 (as I had been warned) so I’m so glad I had it! I also get my cycles back really quickly postpartum, so I’m 4 months postpartum and already on my second period. The first one surprised me a little, so I didn’t take Ease the Ache 3 days in advance like I wanted. It certainly helped some with that first cycle, but it helped SO much more for this second period, since I was able to take it 3 days in advance too! It definitely helped lessen the volume of flow as well. I am used to the taste of herbal tinctures, so I just squirt it straight into my mouth with no water. I don’t think it tastes that bad at all! Definitely will continue taking it!

  7. Noah Christiansen (verified owner)

    I may revise my review if things are different next time, but my experience with this product was that it didn’t help. I had no negative effects, it just didn’t seem to help with any of my menstrual symptoms. I am hoping next time it will help. I love Earthley and the products. I will try again and if nothing else, I’ll save it for someone else who may have better luck.

  8. Jennifer Deane (verified owner)

    I have been either pregnant or nursing for the better part of the last 14 years, so I’ve barely had a period. Previous to children I had PCOS & horrible periods: PMS, terrible cramps & they lasted forever (9 days was not abnormal). I’m 45, so I may be premenopausal, but since starting this tincture, my periods are still irregular, but I’ve gone from 7 days of heavy bleeding & several days of light bleeding to 1 1/2 days of heavy bleeding & several days of light bleeding with NO CRAMPING WHATSOEVER! And my period is virtually over in 36 hours, which is AMAZING! Thank you, Earthley!

  9. browneyedgirlrl

    While I think the taste of this is horrible, it eased my cramping for sure! I squirted the drops in just a bit of water to make the taste more tolerable. I did take it several times in the day, but I’d rather take something natural over Midol!

  10. Katie J (verified owner)

    I have endometriosis and the pain that I’ve always suffered during my period is so much better! This is a really great product!

  11. Tammy (verified owner)

    I love, love, love Ease the Ache! My period had been so difficult for most of my life. From vomiting & writhing in pain when I was in high school to backaches and just suffering through awful cramps after having kids, it was a very dreaded time of every month. I was pretty skeptical that ETA would work for me since I have had such a difficult time. BUT I could not believe the difference it has made!! I have not needed to take ANY ibuprofen for several months now. Ease the Ache is my go-to! Like me, my oldest daughter has also had very difficult periods and she is starting to notice the benefits of Ease the Ache as well and is taking fewer and fewer ibuprofen. I will be starting my youngest daughter on Ease the Ache right from the start when she gets her period. So thankful to have this amazing, healthy alternative to ibuprofen!

  12. Brittany

    I just had my first postpartum period and didn’t have to take any ibuprofen just the ease the ache at the first sign and then for a day or two. Before I would have to take 4-6 ibuprofen the first day. This stuff is so great and love that I don’t have to take anything else!

  13. Jadegetzcena (verified owner)

    This stuff is magic! Takes my cramps away AND cuts my period from 10 days to only 2-3 days!!!

  14. Chellie Anne

    I have to admit I was skeptical about whether or not this product would actually work and the whole “your periods aren’t supposed to be painful” information was new to me… but I was pleasantly surprised when right after buying this Aunt Flow visited and low and behold, ETA did actually knock the pain right out. So much so that after three doses, the rest of my period was pain free.

  15. Megan (verified owner)

    Another one of your products I can’t live without! I was very skeptical so I only bought the smallest bottle. Now I wish I bought the biggest one! I will definitely be purchasing this on a regular basis. I have always had really terrible cramps and heavy bleeding. So I was shocked that as someone else mentioned in their review – my period actually snuck up on me. Bleeding is lighter, moodiness is gone and cramping is much less severe. I am in awe of how well this product works!!! I have already recommended it to my sister and my friend.

  16. Sarena

    Ever since I started getting my period it has been hell. I used to have to call out of work, miss school and just live in misery for that dreadful week. I’ve had doctors try to put me on birth control but it just made things worse and caused complex ovarian cysts that would rupture and put me in the hospital!

    I started using Ease The Ache for the very first time during this cycle (I’m on it now). Usually before it starts I’m in unbearable pain, hunched over, digging through the medicine cabinet, taking every possible pill with absolutely no relief.

    With Ease The Ache you start using it 2-3 days before it starts which I did and thankfully, because I know when it starts I was already prepared because I had NO PAIN! There was none of the crazy pain I am used to getting as a warning of “hey yeah, your period is about to start.”

    So usually my first two days are my absolute worst. Today is only day one but when I say my pain is minimal I’m saying that on a scale of 1-10 it’s barely a 1. I’ve never been so comfortable during my period AND I’ve never bled so little!

    I honestly wasn’t expecting to have such amazing results considering how bad is has always been! I truly wish I would have found this product sooner!

  17. Laura Schleier (verified owner)

    I used Ease the Ache for the first time when my period returned after baby #3. This stuff works quickly and I only ended up taking twice a day for the first 2 days, then once a day until my period ended. In the past, I’ve taken ibuprofen during the first couple days, but this tincture worked like a charm, without taking any ibuprofen or anything extra. Thanks, Earthley!

  18. Allisonshilts (verified owner)

    I suffer from Endometriosis which causes excruciating ovulation and menstruation. I’ve been taking this for 2 months and the difference is night and day. Not only is the pain significantly less, also the bloating is much better. Highly recommend!

  19. Cristin (verified owner)

    I take this for menstrual and ovulation cramping and it works great without any side effects. I o ly need to take the full amount for a few days when before I’d be taking ibuprofen like candy for a full week each. It seems like it helps with the pain but is also calming it down overall. Highly recommend!!!!

  20. Erika (verified owner)

    I love this product! My teen daughters and I started using it and it has been a lot easier to deal with monthly cramps. I am always amazed at how quickly it starts working. I started having stronger symptoms after the birth of my fourth child and since turning 40; my hormones are changing a bit. This product has made my time of the month easier to deal with. I tell all my girlfriends now. It’s so great!

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