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Gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea are all signs of digestive troubles. Digestive troubles indicate that your gut has difficulty processing food and eliminating waste. Whether you struggle with digestive issues often or only once in a while, Digest Support may be the missing piece to your digestive puzzle.

Four herbs in an organic cane alcohol and filtered water base create the perfect herbal digestive bitters. Promote better nutrient absorption while alleviating symptoms like gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea with Digest-Support {Digestive Bitters}.

Key Herbs:

  • Dandelion Root – supports liver health
  • Orange Peel – anti-inflammatory, protects gut health
  • Cinnamon – reduces the risk of and mediates symptoms of metabolic syndrome
  • Fennel Seed – soothes stomach upset

ABSOLUTELY NO synthetic ingredients, preservatives, fillers, artificial colors, added sugars, common allergens, emulsifiers, GMOs, or other unsafe ingredients!

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NOTE: 4 oz CLEARANCE option is discounted due to being extra strength due to too many herbs and an undetermined overage amount of one of the herbs.


Some believe digestion begins when you start chewing your food, while others believe it starts before it even hits the mouth. Whenever you think digestion begins, you can ensure your digestive tract is ready to go with Digest-Support {Digestive Bitters}.

Bitter herbs have been used for decades as digestive support tonics. Bitter and sour flavors promote the secretion of digestive juices that improve the digestive process. Modern diets typically avoid these flavors, so we don’t get what our digestive system needs. When food isn’t digesting properly, it can lead to gas, bloating, indigestion, elimination issues, and poor nutrient absorption. Our bitters can help! Don’t pop an antacid; address the underlying cause with Digest-Support!


  • Alleviates indigestion
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • May reduce the risk of and mediate symptoms of metabolic syndrome
  • Promotes and supports liver health
  • Promotes and protects gut health
  • Promotes and supports digestive health
  • Promotes nutritional absorption
  • Soothes a stomach upset

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Complete Ingredients:

  • Organic Dandelion Root*
  • Organic Orange Peel*
  • Organic Cinnamon*
  • Organic Fennel Seed*
  • Filtered Water
  • Cane Alcohol*

*Certified Organic Ingredients


Dandelion Root

Orange Peel


Fennel Seed

Cane alcohol

Filtered water (see how Earthley filters their water)



  • Children 1 – 6 years: 2 – 5 drops in a small amount of water before each meal
  • Children 7 – 12 years: 5 – 10 drops in a small amount of water before each meal
  • Adults 13+ years: 10 – 20 drops in a small amount of water before each meal


Safe for ages 1+. No known contraindications in pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: I already have extra acid; why should I take something that increases acid?

A: In most cases, indigestion is caused by too little acid, bile, or enzymes, not too much. Using herbal bitters can help support the body’s natural production of acid to minimize the chance of indigestion.

Q: Who can safely use Digest-Support?

A: Digest-Support can be used by anyone over one-year-old, including while pregnant and breastfeeding.

Q: What is the best way to take Digest-Support?

A: Digest-Support should be taken 30 minutes before meals. We recommend 2 – 5 drops (for ages 1 – 6), 5 – 10 drops (for ages 6 – 12), and 10 – 20 drops (for ages 13+). Digest-Support is taken orally and can be mixed into a small amount of water for easier consumption.

Q: Can I take Digest-Support with other beverages besides water?

A: No. Digestive bitters work best by themselves. We recommend no food or beverages (aside from water) for 30 minutes after taking Digest-Support.

Q: I forget to take Digest-Support before eating; can I take it afterward?

A: Taking it afterward will probably have little effect since it’s designed to jumpstart the digestive process. If you forgot to take Digest-Support before eating, we recommend taking Digest-Ease to ease digestive troubles that may occur.

Q: What is the difference between Digest-Support and Digest-Ease?

A: Digest Support is best taken before meals to help promote easier digestion, while Digest-Ease should be taken for digestion support and to ease digestive discomfort.

Q: Digest-Support is helping, but I need more support; what should I do?

A: We recommend adding Digest-Ease for additional digestion support and to ease digestive discomfort. You may also find Gut Health Oil beneficial for gut support.

Q: There is sediment at the bottom of my tincture bottle or discoloration of the dropper; what is it?

A: Since our products are made from herbs, sometimes herbal sediment isn’t completely strained. Chances are, if you notice any sediment at the bottom of the bottle or discoloration at the tip of the dropper, it’s from the herbs. As long as the product hasn’t passed the two-year shelf-life and doesn’t smell rancid, it’s still safe to use.

91 reviews for Digest-Support – Herbal Bitters for Healthy Digestion

  1. Michelle (verified owner)

    My husband and I both used win this product before eating meals. It helps each of us be less gassy and have less bloating.

  2. Sarah Werremeyer (verified owner)

    The Digest Support has been very helpful in our family. We take a dose before most meals and it helps our digestion and bloating a lot!

  3. Connie Hall (verified owner)

    I have been using Digest Support for about three months now. It didn’t seem to help much at first probably because I would forget to take it 30 minutes before meals. Now I regularly take it 30 minutes before meals and it has helped so much. I was having very bad acid reflux and my prescription med wasn’t helping at all. Now I am using the Digest Support before meals and Digest Ease afterward if needed. I am totally off my prescription med now. They both have helped so much. I wholeheartedly give this a 5-star rating.

  4. Elizabeth

    This is the only tincture my child will take to help her tummy feel better after eating. The taste is mild and doesn’t linger long after taking like some other tinctures do. It quickly provides relief of bloating and pressure and discomfort after eating. I don’t want to run out of this tincture; It’s a must-have for my family!

  5. Michele (verified owner)

    I have been taking this for about a year now. When I first started taking it, I noticed a stomach ache. I took a small break and started it again, and now I love it. I’m off of mainstream antacids that have side effects now!

  6. Oaklee (verified owner)

    I like this tincture! I do feel like it works. It has a very strong taste, but I’m still giving it 5 stars because I think it’s unreasonable to expect a tincture with the necessary ingredients to taste like candy. I take it whenever my stomach isn’t feeling ideal, or whenever I feel I need the support before a meal. I know the directions say to take before you eat, but sometimes I just take it whenever I feel I need it! I discovered it tastes much better diluted in some water. The bottle has lasted me a very long time. I bought it over a year ago and have not had to reorder yet. But, I also don’t take it super religiously. Will definitely reorder once it’s out.

  7. Emily (verified owner)

    Great size to carry in a small bag. I take some before meals if I’m stressed or feeling any sort of indigestion. I have used this so much and see great results!

  8. Anita Barnes (verified owner)

    Earthley’s digestive bitters tincture has been so helpful for me. I love that I can adjust the amount as needed, for small or larger meals. I even use it before my morning cup of mushroom coffee! My digestive woes have been much less since using this wonderful tincture. Highly recommend!

  9. Teresa Marbut (verified owner)

    For years I used another product for digest support. The company stopped making the product. I tried this and I have repurchased it many times. It’s even better than the other product. I take it before each meal. My digestion is so much better.

  10. Naomi Dimambro (verified owner)

    This has dramatically helped my bloating and inflammation with meal times. I dropped 25lbs after cutting dairy and adding these drops (along with castor oil packs, lymphatic drainage cream, liver love, and gut health oil) over a course of 2-4 weeks. Now I take this tincture if I know I’m having heavy meal or digesting red meat.

  11. Kimberly Reinert (verified owner)

    I’m on my first bottle of Digestive Support and can only speak to the taste so far. It is a bitters option so does have that bitter taste. I dilute it with some water when I remember to take it. I haven’t noticed any large differences either way between taking it or not but can only fault myself for that. My one star off is that I wish there was more accessible instructions on the bottle for when/how to take it. I get confused on what to take and when!

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