A Guide to Pertussis

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Pertussis, or whooping cough, used to be a common childhood illness — and it’s becoming one again.  The media engages in scare tactics about how “deadly” it is and how the vaccine is the only solution.  But what does the science actually say?  Learn the facts about pertussis, including symptoms, complications, the vaccine, and natural remedies in this guide!


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It used to be that pertussis — also known as whooping cough — was a common childhood illness.  And now, it is again.  There are thousands of cases every year, despite high vaccine coverage rates.

This leads parents to a lot of questions.  They may wonder:

  • What is pertussis really like?  How dangerous is it?
  • Can my child get pertussis if they’re vaccinated?
  • Is the vaccine the best way to protect against pertussis?
  • What remedies do I use if my child gets pertussis?
  • …and more!

The mainstream isn’t answering these questions.  All they have to offer is “Vaccinate.”  (Repeatedly.)  But more and more parents are becoming hesitant, and wondering if there’s information they’re not being told.

We put together this guide to help answer those questions in a no-nonsense, unbiased-based way.  The guide comes with over 35 studies (clickable links, to read more) and aims to inform, not judge or push families in one direction or another.

Find out what the doctors and the media won’t tell you, then make a decision feeling confident.


A sprinkle of truth, with a heap of science.


To inform yourself with the truth about pertussis, and let knowledge set you free from fear.


Safe, and recommended, for all ages!

1 review for A Guide to Pertussis

  1. Karen (verified owner)

    This is so helpful! Thank you for putting this together. It’s something many people fear but being informed about it can reduce that fear.

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