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Pertussis, or whooping cough, used to be a common childhood illness — and it’s becoming one again.  The media engages in scare tactics about how “deadly” it is and how the vaccine is the only solution.  But what does the science actually say?  Learn the facts about pertussis, including:

  • Symptoms
  • Complications
  • The vaccine
  • And natural remedies that support your respiratory system while sick

Our Guide to Pertussis provides evidence-backed research and information to help you make the best decisions for your family.

*Please note that this guide is a PDF digital download and not a printed book.


It used to be that pertussis — also known as whooping cough — was a common childhood illness.  And now, it is again.  There are thousands of cases every year, despite high vaccine coverage rates.

This leads parents to a lot of questions.  They may wonder:

  • What is pertussis really like?  How dangerous is it?
  • Can my child get pertussis if they’re vaccinated?
  • Is the vaccine the best way to protect against pertussis?
  • What remedies do I use if my child gets pertussis?
  • …and more!

The mainstream isn’t answering these questions.  All they have to offer is “Vaccinate.”  (Repeatedly.)  But more and more parents are becoming hesitant, and wondering if there’s information they’re not being told.

We put together this guide to help answer those questions in a no-nonsense, unbiased-based way.  The guide comes with over 35 studies (clickable links, to read more) and aims to inform, not judge or push families in one direction or another.

Find out what the doctors and the media won’t tell you, then make a decision feeling confident.

*Please note that this guide is a PDF digital download and not a printed book.


A sprinkle of truth, with a heap of science.

*Please note that this guide is a PDF digital download and not a printed book.


To inform yourself with the truth about pertussis, and let knowledge set you free from fear.

*Please note that this guide is a PDF digital download and not a printed book.


Safe, and recommended, for all ages!


Q: Is this a printed book or PDF digital download?

A: PDF digital download

Q: How will I receive it?

A: You will receive it via email as a downloadable file. You can also download it from your order confirmation page after purchase.

7 reviews for A Guide to Pertussis [PDF Digital Download]

  1. Lauren Piccinini

    Earthley has found a way to take the stress and anxiety out of so many things that were meant to frighten and worry us! While pregnant with my son, my doctor warned me about the seriousness and dangers of pertussis. She told me that I need to take the vaccine along with everyone in my family who may come around the baby. It’s hard to stand firm on your beliefs when a doctor is constantly pressing the issue! Having a guide like this to support you during such a highly emotional time is EVERYTHING! Like always Earthley does the research and gives us everything we need to make informed and confident decisions! I have Earthleys Cough B Gone on hand along with all the other amazing tinctures to support my babies!

  2. Jamie

    I was shamed SO much for not vaccinating with my first child because I’d heard of the risks of getting the vaccine. This book just proves all of my gut instincts! So thankful to have all of this information in ONE spot!

  3. Rachael (verified owner)

    Such good information. As a medical professional we were taught to be “scared” of this illness and not empowered on how to truly airport the body and treat holistically. A must read especially for parents!

  4. Nicole Langston

    I was so scared of this when my girl was an infant, but after reading this guide, I actually feel more at peace. The fact that we can use natural remedies to help treat pertussis instead of other things is so refreshing to this mama! Thank you for all your hard work in putting this together!

  5. Alexis (verified owner)

    I was so scared of the words “whooping cough”. After reading this I realized that it’s not so scary and there are ways to treat it. You don’t have to be scared into making a decision you aren’t sure about,

  6. Danielle Butler (verified owner)

    Such great information! I was pregnant with my third boy when I came across this guide- it was part of my vaccination rabbit hole! And something I got to share with all of my mom friends who thought like me, but also moms who wanted to know more but were scared/didn’t know where to find reliable resources! Thank you, Earthley!

  7. Karen (verified owner)

    This is so helpful! Thank you for putting this together. It’s something many people fear but being informed about it can reduce that fear.

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