DIY Lymphatic Massage

By Rustina

Swollen ankles, calves, and even wrists were causing me a lot of discomfort. I knew I needed to do something, but every time I asked, the advice was the same – just wear compression stockings. With my fingers so swollen too, pulling on a stocking was a feat in itself! That puffy, stiff feeling needed to be dealt with somehow.

We talked about how important the lymphatic system is in this earlier blog. It mentions how the lymphatic system carries away tissue waste and toxins while distributing healthy and much- needed hydration and nutrition throughout the body. We even talked about herbs that can help support it.

Disclaimer here, that I am not a healthcare professional, nor am I diagnosing, treating, or curing anything whatsoever.

If you want to see a healthcare professional concerning lymphatic drainage massage, then reach out to your trusted chiropractor or physical/occupational therapist for more information. Many of them are amazing and can be a great asset, especially if it is in your budget to go that route. There are also massage therapists who have been trained to perform lymphatic drainage.

Now, let’s dive into a DIY lymphatic drainage self-massage!