By Tim Boston, Contributing Writer

If you are familiar with herbs, you are probably aware that symptoms can be divided into hot, cold, wet, or dry. Herbs will either heat or cool the body, and they will also either add or take moisture from the body. Unsurprisingly, many of the illnesses that go around during the winter are considered “cold” symptoms. It should be easy to remember that the common cold is a “cold” symptom. It is also a wet symptom. You can tell this from all the mucus the body produces as a response.

For these cold and wet symptoms, you would want warming and drying herbs. There are few things that are hotter or more drying than this fire cider recipe. As the name implies, this packs a major blast of heat. This can be used daily to support the body’s immune system during the cold time of the year, and it can also be used during illness to support the body’s recovery. Even if you are so congested that you can barely taste, you probably will be able to feel the heat from this!