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You may need Hormone support.

Hormonal imbalances can feel so overwhelming, and this is because your hormones are a delicate system that influences and opposes each other. When they’re not in balance, it’s hard to feel like ourselves.

What causes hormones to become out of whack? Stress, gut infections, lack of proper nutrition (usually insufficient protein), and toxins. But, by giving our bodies the nutrients it needs, it knows how to return to balance. 

You aren’t alone in this struggle, which is why we’ve created these products for ourselves and other women in our lives. For holistic hormone balance, try Lunamore, Natural Balance, and OysterMin.

Have hormones been on your radar lately?

Are you finding mixed information, or just unsure if you can actually do anything to help them?

So many women struggle with hormone balance at some point in their lives — as many as 80%.  It can lead to low energy levels, low or absent sex drive, inability to lose weight, painful and irregular periods, infertility, and so much more.

Whether you are ready to dive deep into hormones or start a quick journey, we have the information to meet your needs!

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Lunamore – For Balancing Estrogen and Metabolic Health


Lunamore promotes healthy blood sugar levels, promotes hormone balance, and helps to reduce cramps and cysts. If you suffer from painful and irregular periods, you may find this tincture to be helpful! Lunamore is a tincture that helps women love their “moon cycle” again! A woman’s menstrual cycle is the #1 indicator of her health.…

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Natural Balance – For Hormone and Energy Support


When women experience stress, it often leads to weight gain, acne, insomnia, and overtired adrenals. No one wants to experience these things on top of stress, so we created a tincture to help your body find balance and handle stress better! Formulated for daily use to help your body build up resistance to stress and…

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Oyster-Min – For Minerals and Hormone Balance


This is one of our most popular products — and for good reason!  Oyster-Min benefits almost every body system. First, oysters themselves are a rich source of many key nutrients, including zinc and selenium, which support healthy immune function.  We pair them with mustard seed powder and celery seed powder for a powerful, mineral-rich supplement. …

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