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You may need Hormone, Stress, and Gut support.

Hormonal imbalances can feel so overwhelming. When they’re not in balance, it’s hard to feel like ourselves. Stress, gut infections, lack of proper nutrition (usually insufficient protein), and toxins can cause some of these imbalances. But, by giving our bodies the nutrients it needs, it knows how to return to balance.

Speaking of stress, when that stress becomes chronic, repeated, and experienced many times a day, this feedback loop becomes imbalanced. Too much cortisol output eventually leads to insufficient cortisol, which can leave you feeling wired and tired. With adrenal fatigue, you may feel lethargic, apathetic, and unmotivated.

And then, there is gut health. Your gut microbiome sets the stage for your health. Stress, poor nutrition, and even rushed eating can inhibit our digestive processes. When this happens, opportunistic pathogens, like candida, can overgrow. This can lead to acne, imbalanced cycles, itchy skin, and a weakened immune system.

For holistic hormone balance, try Lunamore, Natural Balance, and OysterMin.

For stress, check out Cocoa Calm, Anxiety Relief, and Good Night Lotion.

And with our Gut Health Oil, Candida Cleanse, and Liver Love, cleansing, rebalancing, and aiding your gut microbiome is easy.

Have hormones been on your radar lately? Are you finding mixed information, or just unsure if you can actually do anything to help them?

So many women struggle with hormone balance at some point in their lives — as many as 80%.  It can lead to low energy levels, low or absent sex drive, inability to lose weight, painful and irregular periods, infertility, and so much more.

Whether you are ready to dive deep into hormones or start a quick journey, we have the information to meet your needs!

Stress and anxiety can crash in on us from every direction. Home, life, strangers, loved ones, work.

But when does it stop? How do we make it stop? And what about natural alternatives? Did you know an estimated 31% of American adults have experienced major stress and anxiety?

Did you know that some adults have found ways to better cope and reduce their stress? And yes, naturally! Find all of our research and tips on how to support the body naturally during stress in this guide.

Gut Health is a huge topic in the health world.

With near-constant taxation on the gut microbiome, you’ve probably experienced intestinal distress at some point or another. You’ve probably also heard the term “leaky gut.” Chances are you’ve even been told that you should be taking probiotics or completely eliminating entire food groups to save your gut health.

There is so much helpful information out there, but there is also a ton of unhelpful info. It can be overwhelming. Whether you are ready for a quick start or a deep dive, we have all of the research for you!

Want to learn more about our recommended products? Keep scrolling.

Lunamore – For Balancing Estrogen and Metabolic Health


Lunamore promotes healthy blood sugar levels, promotes hormone balance, and helps to reduce cramps and cysts. If you suffer from painful and irregular periods, you may find this tincture to be helpful! Lunamore is a tincture that helps women love their “moon cycle” again! A woman’s menstrual cycle is the #1 indicator of her health.…

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Natural Balance – For Hormone and Energy Support


When women experience stress, it often leads to weight gain, acne, insomnia, and overtired adrenals. No one wants to experience these things on top of stress, so we created a tincture to help your body find balance and handle stress better! Formulated for daily use to help your body build up resistance to stress and…

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Oyster-Min – For Minerals and Hormone Balance


This is one of our most popular products — and for good reason!  Oyster-Min benefits almost every body system. First, oysters themselves are a rich source of many key nutrients, including zinc and selenium, which support healthy immune function.  We pair them with mustard seed powder and celery seed powder for a powerful, mineral-rich supplement. …

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Cocoa Calm – For Gut and Adrenal Health


NEW FORMULA! **Available 4/29**: Due to rhodiola being labeled as an endangered plant, we have decided to replace it with schisandra berry in our new formula for Cocoa Calm. Schisandra Berry is a nutrient dense herb that supports your brain, liver, hormones, and adrenals! We are very excited to bring you our new formula soon!…

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Anxiety Relief – For Nervousness and Anxious Feelings


Anxiety Relief is formulated to calm the body and improve mood without unwanted side effects. Naturally, support hormones, like cortisol (the stress hormone) while reducing feelings of stress and anxiety! Anxiety Relief can help relieve stress, improve mental clarity, decrease mild insomnia, and more! Anxiety comes in so many ways. At some point, we all…

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Good Night Lotion – For Healthy Sleep and Magnesium


Did you know that magnesium performs over 300 essential functions in your body – including promoting healthy sleep, natural detox, healthy blood sugar levels, and gut health?  Many forms of magnesium supplements either cause cramping/stomach upset (oral options) or are itchy (sprays).  But not ours! We’ve blended pure magnesium chloride with nourishing oils and butters…

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Gut Health Oil – For a Healthy Gut


Gut Health Oil is an herbal tincture created to help detox your gut for improved health. This product can help with candida, parasites, and other stomach issues like bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, and more. It’s also a prebiotic, which encourages the growth of good bacteria in your gut to support better wellness.  Key Ingredients: Pumpkin…

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Candida Cleanse – For Fighting Yeast and Parasites


Candida and yeast overgrowth impact 1 in 3 Americans and can harm the gut flora. If you’re struggling with fatigue, digestive problems, oral thrush, UTIs, or yeast infections, you may have candida overgrowth. Unresolved gut flora damage can lead to parasitic infections, leaky gut, and other gut health concerns. Candida Cleanse combines eight simple and…

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