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Natural Balance for the Body

Welcome, UB guests! We are so excited you are here, and we can’t wait to share Natural Balance with you.

Take a deep breath… Natural Balance is here.

Promote natural balance of the body alleviating hormone imbalances, weight gain, and acne. It is made specifically as an herbal supplement for women, but can be beneficial for the whole family.

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Why Natural Balance?

Many women are stressed out, busy, and struggling with hormone imbalances, weight gain, acne, and all kinds of other things. All these issues seem to pop up or get worse after pregnancy and breastfeeding, but it can happen at any time in life. As you know — sleep deprivation and heavily scheduled lives don’t help either!

Then enters Natural Balance — an herbal supplement for women.

For Stress Management

Natural Balance is a combination of herbs that supports the adrenals and help to better manage stress.

A Calm Energy

It also promotes energy, a calm mood, and an overall feeling of balance.

General Wellness

The ingredients are “adaptogenic,” meaning they work to promote general wellness and balance.


Revitalize your body, find hormone balance, and improve your overall quality of life with Earthley’s Natural Balance!

Benefits include:

  • More energy
  • Lower stress
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Increased libido
  • Higher milk supply
  • Calmer mood
  • Better mental focus

Natural Balance is Amazing…

…but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at these reviews!

Natural Balance has literally changed my life. PMS is no longer a thing. I feel HAPPY, sleep amazing, and my sex drive has returned! I’m pretty sure this saved my marriage!!!” — Brittany

“Thanks for making such a simple, cost effective product for helping support stressed adrenals. It has helped me avoid PPA and PPD with my 4th baby. He’s almost 1, and I still feel great!” — Faith

“This product is amazing. I suffer from awful anxiety with PMS and was having panic attacks almost daily when I began using this. I notice the balancing effect within minutes of taking this each morning. I haven’t had a panic attack (or really even measurable anxiety) since starting this. I also noticed I haven’t been getting my usual PMS headaches. LOVE it.” — Kamie

“I was thrown into menopause due to having an emergent complete hysterectomy 2 years ago. Since starting NB, I have had a significant reduction in hot flashes, my meno-pot belly is decreasing & I feel better! This product is a winner!” — Ashley

“I have been struggling with hormone imbalance since I gave birth to my third baby, and it became worse after I weaned him almost one year ago. Since taking NB (and I have been taking it for almost two months),

I have my old self back, more energy, I don’t feel sad and depressed like before, and my PMS symptoms are not as bad.” — Sarah
“I was ready to come to grips that depression would be a part of my life forever. I have been taking this tincture EVERY night before bed for the past 28 days and my entire outlook on life is more positive. I still have a stressful day here and there, nothing can fix that, but my mood, thoughts and overall outlook are so much happier and positive. I WILL be reordering until the end of time. Thanks for giving me my life back! I’ve been severely depressed for over 12 years and now that burden is gone.” — Sierra

FAQ on Natural Balance

Can Natural Balance be used by all ages?

Yes! It is even safe for children, if needed. Do not use while pregnant, unless directed by a healthcare professional. Caution while breastfeeding — normal doses are fine but high doses may be an issue.

Is Natural Balance organic?

Yes! All of the herbs we use are organic and they are steeped in organic cane-derived alcohol.

Are there any additives?

Absolutely not! All of our products are 100% natural with recognizable ingredients. We never use colors, flavors, sugars, preservatives, or artificial anything!

Can I mix this product in a drink?

Yes! Add to water, juice, applesauce, smoothie, or whatever you prefer.

Does this product contain gluten, dairy, nuts, corn, or other allergens?

No. We don’t use gluten, dairy, nuts, corn, peanuts, or soy in any of our products.

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Master Tonic

The perfect addition to Natural Balance! Master Tonic is for those go-go-go, type A, never quite calm down type people, who experience low-level anxiety almost as a matter of course. If you feel jittery and on edge, and like you need some help dealing with your day, this is that help.

Anxiety Calm Oil

Introducing Earthley’s new Anxiety Calm! We’ve taken three key adaptogens (lavender, lemon balm, and holy basil) and steeped them in organic hemp seed oil to create a keep-you-calm-and-balanced formula that really works. Formula “A” is for Adaptogen, and contains the oils and herbs. Formula “C” is for CBD, and contains 600 mg full-spectrum CBD per ounce for extra support.

Good Night Lotion

One of our TOP sellers! Good Night Lotion is infused with magnesium. Most people are deficient in magnesium, which can lead to headaches, anxiety, insomnia, restless leg, growing pains, and more. Use before bed and say goodbye to those yucky symptoms! Good Night Lotion also promotes regular sleep cycles, which helps you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Say hello to good nights!

Nourish HER Naturally

Our 100% natural, herbal multivitamin! Made simply, with whole, organic herbs extracted in sustainable palm-derived glycerin. Nourish Her Naturally is far beyond *just* a multivitamin. It’s a nutrient-dense herbal liquid that deeply and naturally nourishes your body.