Winter Remedies Giveaway

On 01/20 through 01/26, enter our Winter Remedies Giveaway! 3 winners will receive one bundle each of our Cough-B-Gone of choice,  Immune-Biotic, Feel Better FastHerbal Throat SprayCod Liver Oil, and Breathe Well Salve.



Cough-B-Gone — Cough-B-Gone is an herbal tincture created to help relieve colds, coughs, and congestion.  Choose from our original version with an alcohol base, or our kids version (safe for ages 6 months+) that is alcohol-free and tastes great with no added sugar or sweeteners!




Immune-Biotic — Immune-Biotic is the perfect go-to herbal remedy for when you are feeling under the weather and need something fast. This tincture uses the natural power of immune-supporting herbs to give your body a jump start to fight off a cold. Take for three to seven days and kick sickness to the curb.



Feel Better Fast — Feel Better Fast is an herbal tincture created to knock out coughs, sniffles, and upset tummies in no time. Rather than cover up your symptoms with OTC meds that have side-effects, nourish yourself with vitamins and minerals to help your body actually heal itself quicker! Safe for ages 6 months +, it’s alcohol-free and tastes great with no added sugar or sweeteners!


Herbal Throat Spray — Herbal Throat Spray provides relief from sore throats without compromising ingredients. This spray is infused with anti-viral herbs and has a pleasant, sweet flavor. Banish sore throats naturally with cooling peppermint, while your immune system gets the support it needs.


Cod Liver Oil — Pure, virgin cod liver oil, straight from the Arctic Circle (Alaska)!  No contaminants, no additives.  A rich source of vitamin A, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Breathe Well Salve — Breathe Well Salve helps provide relief from chest congestion, coughs, and stuffy noses. This natural vapor rub is a healthy alternative to traditional OTC medications.


To win, fill out the form below. Winners will be announced on 01/27!