Vaccine Detox Event

Vaccines are such a contentious topic right now. Parents are often ridiculed for not vaccinating or even questioning whether or not they should. They say that injuries are only “one in a million” and yet…many of us know someone who was injured.

Vaccine injury is real, not rare. We believe mothers when they speak up about their child’s experience. We believe there is help for some vaccine injuries, and we have to speak up and tell the truth even if some people don’t like it!

We all want healthy children, whether or not we vaccinate. We believe in giving parents informed consent and respecting their choices. Watch our video, Pro-Vaxxers and Anti-Vaxxers Can Be Friends. In a world full of chaos, this is the message we need.

Vaccine Injury Can Get Better

For those who are dealing with vaccine injury, it doesn’t have to be something you just deal with for the rest of your life.  There are ways to help!

Why Do We Need to Detox?

Vaccines contain more toxins than the majority of the population realizes. If you’ve ever received a vaccine or taken a harmful pharmaceutical, you can detox. The good news is that detoxes can be gentle and produce few side effects during the detox, and improved health once the detox is complete.  It’s important to detox from vaccines if at all possible, especially if you are experiencing symptoms or new health challenges after receiving one or more.

Who Should Detox?

Healthy adults and children over age 4 (the immune system is fully developed around the ages of 3-4) are the ideal candidates for a detox, but children as young as 1 can also detox if need be. If young children have developed a chronic or acute illness after vaccines, then it’s best to start the detox as soon as you can! If you are pregnant or nursing, taking prescriptions, under a doctor’s supervision, or being treated for an illness, do not detox (other than general nutritional and liver support).


On the final days of Vaccine Injury Awareness Month, we will be having our Vaccine Detox Sale.

It’s our goal to offer support where there often isn’t much, and help you achieve your best health.  We shouldn’t have to suffer or deal with long-term issues because of what was done to us by the mainstream medical complex.

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