The Green Family Creativity Contest!

Calling all parents with children between the ages of 2 – 10!

If you haven’t heard, the Green Family is a children’s book series created to be adventurous and fun while also relatable to natural living families. The Green Family: Mama, Papa, Axel (10), Violet (8), River (6), and Soleil (3) are a mid-western, homesteading family living their best life – as naturally as they can.

The Green Family goes on many adventures, such as The Green Family Gets the Sniffles and The Green Family Goes Wildcrafting.

Soon, The Green Family Goes to Homeschool Co-Op will be released, and we are having a creativity contest to celebrate! If you have a child who loves to color or draw, we welcome them to participate in our Green Family Creativity Contest.

Contest Details 03/17 – 03/28

We will have three age groups (2-4, 5-6, and 7-10). In each age group, there will be a coloring sheet appropriate for the age group. For the older group, there is also an option to submit a drawing of their favorite Green family member. Download your coloring sheets here:

Creativity Contest Coloring Sheets.

You have from March 17 until March 28, 2023 to submit your child’s artwork by sharing it on social media with #GreenContest and emailing [email protected] with the subject Green Contest.’

When sending in your child’s artwork, be sure to include the picture, age group, and an email address to contact the winner.

There will be three winners (one from each age group). Each winner will receive all three books in the series. Winners will be announced and emailed on March 31, 2023.

We cannot wait to see what you kiddos create!