Spring Allergy Bundle GIVEAWAY 2021

Spring Allergy Bundle GIVEAWAY


Who’s Ready to WIN?

*Hint: We’ve got a BIG sale coming soon!* In celebration of that, we are doing a huge giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive our Spring Allergy Bundle, which includes our top products for seasonal allergies. Scroll down to take a look at what you could win and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to enter!

One Winner Will Receive:

Sinus Saver (1 oz)

Does the pollen count have you cowering indoors? No more! We formulated a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory powerhouse to provide you relief no matter what time of year it is. Combine that with liver-supporting herbs to help your liver clear out excess histamines and you have the perfect allergy remedy. It doesn’t matter if it’s your cat or your roses causing you grief, Sinus Saver can help. Allergies can strike at any time, so get your relief today!

Lymphatic Cream (4 oz)

Lymphatic soreness is more common than many people realize. That deep, mild ache in your arms and legs that just won’t seem to go away… shoulder and neck pain that lingers and doesn’t quit…. As our body’s natural “vacuum”, the lymphatic system gathers up dead cells, bacteria, and more! It eliminates all the junk – when it’s working! Our lymphatic system doesn’t have a natural pump, so sometimes fluid just gets stuck. This causes swelling, uncomfortable aches and pains, and can even lead to headaches, low immunity, and gut health issues. Thankfully, supporting your lymphatic system has never been easer with Earthley’s Lymphatic Cream. Our ingredients gently but effectively encourage fluid to get moving! Removing this built up junk promotes overall health and wellness. Enjoy ache-free days and better health – naturally!

Breathe Well (0.5 oz)

Sometimes it comes along with a cold, sometimes it’s on its own. However it shows up, chest congestion isn’t fun. This mess-free tube of Breathe Well is your answer! Many natural vapor rubs contain eucalyptus or rosemary, both of which aren’t recommended for children under ten years old. Our formula was created with the youngest of kiddos in mind, so it’s safe for ages six months and older! Have this on hand and the next time someone in your family gets a cold you’ll be ready.

Immune-Aid Vitamin C Powder (2 oz)

A single teaspoon of our organic vitamin C powder contains approximately 560 mg of vitamin C–that’s 930% of the daily value! Take alone or add to a smoothie for a powerful nutritional boost. Immune Aid is made with organic, 100% pure food that your body can actually absorb and use. We don’t compromise when it comes to your health!

For a BONUS Entry, Download our FREE Guide to Seasonal Allergies!

In this digital guide, we’ll walk you through the true cause of seasonal allergies and how natural remedies can help improve your symptoms – and maybe more! We’ve done the research (and linked it in the guide) so you can feel clearer-headed and not so miserable in the beautiful spring months!

Giveaway Details

You may only fill out the form to enter 1 time. This giveaway will be open from March 24th – 25th and the winner will be announced LIVE on our Facebook page this Friday, March 26th at 4:30 PM EST.