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You’ve found our skin care line, and now you aren’t sure how or when to use our skin care products.

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Here are the steps we recommend for each person:

One reason why we love our skin care is that it is so simple, no matter your skin type!

If you want a more personalized skin care routine for your skin type, we recommend the following!

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Why did we make an oil-based skin care line?

We created an oil-based skin care line because it provides the best benefits for your skin – no matter your skin type – and it doesn’t require preservatives to keep it from degrading like water-based skin care products! You can read more about our decision to create an oil-based skin care line below.

Skin Care Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which products should I use?

A: This will depend on your skin type. If you are unsure of what your skin type is, we suggest reading our guide to natural skin care. The Ultimate Guide to Skin Care

Q: Are your skin care products safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding?

A: Yes! All of our skin care products are breastfeeding and pregnancy safe. If you are super sensitive to the mint family, we do recommend that you do not use the Spearmint Charcoal Facial Bar.

Q: Do your products contain fragrance?

A: No! We will NEVER use fragrance in our products.

Q: Do your products help with acne?

A: Yes! For acne prone skin we recommend reading our skin care guide for more in-depth information about helping acne prone skin. A good starting place is our Oily Skin Bundle.

Q: Where are your products made?

A: We make everything in house in our warehouse in Ohio!

Still have questions about our skin care? You can read more in our skin care guide!

We have formulated truly natural skin care and wrote this guide to help you determine which products you need and why! At the end of your reading you’ll have figured out what you need for your skin and how to best support a clear and dewy complexion – naturally!

In this guide we discuss:

  • What causes breakouts
  • The best oils for your skin type
  • The best skin care routine for your skin type
  • And more!