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Women’s Health Digital Guides

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What No One Tells You About Hormone Balance (2022)

So many women struggle with hormone balance at some point in their lives -- as many as 80%.  It can lead to low energy levels, low or absent sex drive, inability to lose weight, painful and irregular periods, infertility, and so much more.

The mainstream often has no answers for women, telling them they're actually normal (no), it's all in their heads (no), or they just need anxiety meds (no).

Hormone imbalance is real, and there is help.  In this 100+ page guide, we share over 250 peer-reviewed sources, explaining what hormones are supposed to do in your body, how to tell when they're off, how to sort out what's really going on, and most important -- what to do about it.

If you're ready to take matters into your own hands and experience better health, download the guide now!

Birth Prep Guide {Digital Guide}

Wondering if you have everything you need for your upcoming birth?


Whether you are planning out your first natural birth or maybe a new natural birth plan for baby number 2, 3, 4, 5, or beyond, every parent wants more insight and knowledge on how to prep for their dream birth and delivery.


Some of the best ways to ensure the outcome you want is to learn and prepare for all possible outcomes. We are here to support you with the resources you need to plan the natural birth that you have always dreamt of. We want to share these tips and research with you:


• The benefits and drawbacks of where to birth
• Herbal preparation for prepping your body
• How to set the stage with your birth plan
• Decide if a doula is right for you
• Choose your birthing environment
• Recommended birth kits and items
• Stages and comfort methods during labor
• When things gets complicated

A Mother's Guide to Breastfeeding Nutrition

You’ve decided to breastfeed your baby. That’s a big step to ensure your baby receives optimal nutrition. If you’re a first-time mama, know that deciding to breastfeed requires patience, trial and error, and a support system. You can do this!


In this guide, we’ll focus on the importance of maternal nutrition, the truth about what diet does (and doesn’t) impact, herbal supplements, and breastfeeding support. 

Postpartum Recovery Guide

Download this 70-page digital guide today!


Let's talk postpartum: the fourth trimester. Mamas need a ton of support to truly get the rest and recuperation needed to maintain their physical, emotional, and mental health. This guide will help you prepare yourself and know how to ask loved ones for help. Whether it’s your first or fifth baby on the way, learn how to avoid the pitfalls that can happen during the postpartum period by allowing yourself to truly recover as we explore important topics for new mamas. 


In this guide:

  • • Physical recovery (bleeding, tears, pelvic floor, rest, and more)
  • • Why you should consider a postpartum doula
  • • Hormonal changes and re-balancing
  • • What to eat (and what to avoid)
  • • Nourishing recipes
  • ...and more!

Mama and Baby Herbal Wisdom eBook

In this 30+ page eBook, Mama and Baby Herbal Wisdom, you’ll learn all about how to take care of you and your baby, 100% naturally.


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