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Our Vaccine Detox extract will help to support health and restore wellness post-vaccination.  Vaccine Detox helps to support gut health and heal leaky gut; detox heavy metals; support liver health; support immune health; and more.  Our formula is vegan, gluten-free, and absolutely no added colors, flavors, sugars, or allergens.


Also, grab our Vaccine Detox Protocol to teach you what to do and when!


Finally, get our Black Drawing Salve in case of forced vaccination.  Apply immediately after shots.

Vaccine Detox Herbal Extract

Vaccine Detox is an herbal tincture that helps to restore wellness post-vaccination by supporting gut health. Six herbs combine to help heal leaky gut, support liver health, and boost the immune system, while chlorella powder removes heavy metals from the body. Whether you have taken a vaccine recently or in the past, had a vaccine injury, or are simply looking to detox from the toxins around you, this tincture is for you!



• Supports the liver and elimination pathways

• Supports the immune system

• Helps bind to and remove heavy metals


Free of:

  • • Artificial flavors
  • • Allergens (soy, corn, dairy, tree nuts, gluten, peanuts, sesame, fish)
  • • Preservatives


Learn More:

How to Take a Tincture


**Third-party lab tested FREE of heavy metals**

Black Drawing Salve Stick

Bug bites, stings, rashes, poison ivy, acne, splinters, and more are just part of life.  Luckily, we don't have to suffer!  We formulated our Black Drawing Salve as a solution. It's made with activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and lavender essential oil to soothe irritated skin and "draw out" toxins.  

The charcoal and clay serve to 'trap' the toxins that are being drawn out of skin, including oil from poison ivy or toxins from stings.  This reduces pain and irritation naturally and helps it heal faster!

  • ABSOLUTELY NO fragrance, color, parabens, pthlates, hexane-extracted oils, or compromises anywhere!

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Not sure if it’s the right fit for you?  Keep scrolling for an FAQ, or ask on our LIVE chat from 8 AM – 10 PM EST (yes, they are real people here to help, not AI!).

Learn More:

Vaccine Detox Protocol 2022

Ready to detox and experience better health?  Find out what you *really* need to know before you get started!  This guide offers insight into the most important part of a detox, including:

  • Do you need a detox?
  • How to support your major detox pathways
  • Detoxing myths (and truths)
  • Key foods and herbs to help you heal
  • The best supplements to use (and how)
  • Supportive therapies (and when/if they're worth it)
  • Printables to track your plan and progress
  • ...and more!

This guide has 170+ studies to ensure the info is accurate and science-based.  We break down complex topics, address your key questions, and help you through your detox process naturally!


Vaccines are a hot topic these days… and too many people have found their health compromised after receiving one.  The people who are in this situation need support, and a life line when others tell them that they’re just imagining things and there’s nothing they can do.

Signs of vaccine injury can include:

  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Fatigue/low energy
  • Poor digestion
  • Food intolerances and allergies
  • Attention issues
  • Brain fog
  • Poor immunity
  • …and more

If you are dealing with a vaccine injury, or another form of gut/immune system damage, our Vaccine Detox Herbal Extract can help.

Our formula helps to support a healthy gut, and heal leaky gut.  It also supports healthy immune function, healthy liver function, and detox of heavy metals.

Use this to restore the body, improve energy, and fix the gut!

Here’s what you’ll learn in the protocol:

  • Three steps to detox
  • How to support the liver and lymphatic systems
  • How to open and support elimination pathways
  • How to remove heavy metals, bacteria, and yeasts from the body
  • Sample daily food and supplement plan
  • List of supplements and how to use them



Our ingredients are simple:

  • Oregon grape root*
  • Yellow dock root*
  • Astragalus root*
  • Marshmallow root*
  • Dandelion root*
  • Chlorella+
  • Peppermint*
  • Vegetable glycerin*
  • Cane-derived alcohol*

*certified organic ingredient

+grown without chemicals

We do not use any preservatives, colors, flavors, or added sugars.  Our product is vegan and gluten-free.  We do not use common allergens (nuts, seeds, corn, soy, dairy).


Start with 5 drops per day, until symptoms improve.  Dosage can be increased over time, with no max dose.  (Suggested dose after build up: 20 drops/1 dropper)


Shelf life: 2 years.  Safe for ages 1+.  May be used in pregnancy, but start slowly.  Caution if breastfeeding (could potentially lower milk supply in women very sensitive to mint).

2 reviews for Vaccine Detox Set

  1. Coastie Jana

    One thing we have learned, for my family with heavy toxins and genetic mutations, we do not detox well at all. I bought this as it has successfully worked for many friends, but toxins cannot move out of our bodies well. They sort of get trapped so trying this exasperated things. Totally our genetic fault and not the herbs. My youngest took some at age two and didn’t seem to have too much of any issues and we did notice a difference in speech improvement.

  2. Michele Oglesby

    I’m so very excited about the vaccine detox. I have a child with many diagnosis caused from vaccines. We’ve done years of detox but nothing with herbs. We have all been taking it for about a week now. I put it in a medicine cup with grape juice and she loves it. Finally something herbal that is all natural that I can feel good about giving my family!

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