Vaccine Detox Protocol 2022

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Ready to detox and experience better health?  Find out what you *really* need to know before you get started!  This guide offers insight into the most important part of a detox, including:

  • Do you need a detox?
  • How to support your major detox pathways
  • Detoxing myths (and truths)
  • Key foods and herbs to help you heal
  • The best supplements to use (and how)
  • Supportive therapies (and when/if they’re worth it)
  • Printables to track your plan and progress
  • …and more!

This guide has 170+ studies to ensure the info is accurate and science-based.  We break down complex topics, address your key questions, and help you through your detox process naturally!


Our NEW and updated Vaccine Detox Protocol is here!

We took the best parts of our original version, and greatly expanded upon them.  This guide will walk you through:

  • The most important part of any detox
  • How to make detox safe for little ones and pregnant/nursing women
  • Important detox pathways and how to support them
  • Fighting heavy metals, parasites, and more
  • Sample meal ideas while detoxing
  • Healthy recipes
  • Supplement routines and guide to choosing the right ones

There are 170+ studies cited that show how specific foods and herbs support your body and aid detox, so that you can read further about how to help yourself or your family.  Be assured that this guide is based on years of experience and background knowledge on functional foods and herbs, and will get you started on the path towards better health!


170+ peer-reviewed studies.

1 herbalist with 10+ years of experience.

95+ pages packed full of knowledge.


Read, study, detox, and experience better health!


For all ages, but only open minds!

3 reviews for Vaccine Detox Protocol 2022

  1. Me Jeanette Meffen

    Great idea to detoxify, is it good on chemo on for children

  2. Naomi Nollmeyer (verified owner)

    I found this to be helpful.

  3. Jennifer (verified owner)

    An introductory informational brochure that is helpful in discussing the main areas of the body that are designed for detox and the foods/herbs that can aid in the process. Well done!

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