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Get three of our most popular salves — Black Drawing, All-Purpose, and Arnica — in one convenient set.  All come in travel tubes for ease of carrying and application!

All-Purpose Salve - For Cuts, Rashes, Burns, and More

Arnica Salve - For Sore Muscles and Bruises

Black Drawing Salve - For Bug Bites, Splinters, and More



Our travel salve stick set combines our three most popular salves into one perfect set!

This travel salve set includes a 0.5-oz. tube of Black Drawing Salve.  Drawing salve is used for minor skin rashes, bug bites, poison ivy, and other issues where you want to ‘draw’ the toxins out of the skin.  Charcoal has strong drawing powers, and castor oil does too.  Lavender essential oil is soothing to the skin.  It’s our most popular salve!

Our set also includes All-Purpose Salve.  This salve is used for diaper rash, eczema, minor cuts and scrapes, and more.  Use it in place of a general ointment. One of our favorite uses is mosquito bites, because it stops the itch so quickly.  It also helps to clear up diaper rash quickly, because of its skin-soothing properties.  We use ours all the time!

The last salve in our travel salve set includes is arnica salve.  Arnica is excellent for bumps, bruises, sore muscles, and headaches. We use arnica after exercise, or if kids bump their knees. Arnica is not safe to use internally, so please don’t use it on broken skin.  It is a must-have in homes with active children, because it helps with all those minor injuries children tend to get!


Drawing Salve: Organic olive oil, organic castor oil, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, candelilla wax, lavender essential oil.

All-Purpose Salve: Organic calendula flowers, organic chamomile flowers, organic lavender buds, organic olive oil, candelilla wax.

Arnica Salve: Organic arnica flowers, organic olive oil, candelilla wax.

Learn more about Our Ingredients and why they’re so pure!


Rub a small amount of the product onto the area as needed.  Arnica Salve and All-Purpose Salve will absorb; wipe Drawing Salve off after 15 – 20 minutes and reapply as needed.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


7 reviews for Travel Salve Stick Set

  1. maryymadisonn (verified owner)

    Must have! I almost always have these within arms reach. Definitely a bonus that they’re small enough to travel with. We use all three fairly regularly. The all purpose salve was perfect for diaper rashes and the black drawing salve saved us from some nasty bug bites and poison ivy this summer!

  2. Crystal O’Neal (verified owner)

    So glad I got this! I was particularly interested in the Arnica stick and have already needed it. My new foster puppy cooked me in the head resulting in bleeding followed by a a black eye! I’ve been putting the Arna stick on daily or 2xday and it’s healed so nice. The Bruising has been minimal too.
    I got a cut on my finger and used the All Purpose stick on that. It healed so fast I forgot about it until I was writing this review!
    I haven’t used the charcoal one yet but can’t wait to try it when there’s a need. All the Earthley products I have used so far have been excellent.

  3. Erica (verified owner)

    Gosh, this is PERFECT for my kids! We use the All Purpose the most, and I call it the “boo boo” stick when my 2 year old falls and gets scrapes. My 5 year old also got a splinter the day before yesterday and asked for the drawing salve stick. 15 minutes after putting it on he was super impressed with my “skills” of making the splinter disappear. Ha! We love it. Definitely will keep these around all the time!

  4. Rachel Nixon

    This set is so nice to have in the diaper bag, pool bag, or whatever bag I’m taking with me! Easy application and having all three equips for most anything we may need while out.

  5. Keri Isenberg (verified owner)

    Love this set! The Arnica stick is like magic! I used it after having blood taken. The spot was so sore. This worked almost immediately. I had a sore spot on my foot for a long time and this helped so much. My husband loves it too! The day I got my order I got several bug bites. The black stick works great! I have not used the other one yet but have no doubt that it will work great!

  6. Marla (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this! It’s so nice to have something natural and harmless to rub on my little one’s boo-boos when they need something to help them feel better. I used the all-purpose when my son got some scrapes on his back and I was really surprised how quickly it healed!

  7. Jessica (verified owner)

    All 3 of these salves are wonderful to have on hand, and they all work great. This set is like a mini 1st aid kit, and I’m ready to tackle a myriad of health problems with these in my cupboard!

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