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The Ultimate Natural Hair Care Guide

The Ultimate Natural Hair Care Guide

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Need to know how to take care of your hair — naturally?  Learn all about:

  • Curl patterns
  • Porosity
  • Ingredients to avoid
  • How to care for all types of hair using natural products


Do you want to care for your hair naturally? We have researched, tried the recipes, and walked the walk.  Now we want to help you on your hair care journey too!  We have put together this guide to share with you all about:

  • The dangers of mainstream hair care
  • Understanding your own hair – Learn your hair pattern, porosity, density, and width,
  • Learn if your hair needs more protein, moisture, or oils
  • Discover what health conditions and nutrients help support healthy hair
  • Find out how you can support your hair with ingredients right from your own kitchen – or ours! 12 recipes to try!
  • Over 80 pages of information to help you determine what your hair needs and how you can care for it with safe and natural ingredients!







1 review for The Ultimate Natural Hair Care Guide

  1. Laurie Laser

    The shampoo bar is amazing. I have curly hair and the bar makes my curls curlier without frizz. Don’t even need conditioner.

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