The Ultimate Guide to Fevers


When sickness hits our homes, worry can easily happen – especially when fevers are present. In The Ultimate Guide to Fevers, we have broken down why fevers become present, why they’re beneficial, and how you can support your body (or your little’s) during one.


Many parents fear fevers. As soon as our child spikes a fever, we worry.


Many people even worry that temperatures above 101 F are too high, and they’ll try anything to ease the fever. Some parents alternate fever reducers to ensure the fever remains gone (adults, too!). Fretting over a fever has become so prevalent that fever phobia has even been studied in the scientific community.


This guide is designed to give you a well-sourced reference point to check when you feel that fever phobia is rising. We will look at some basic but important questions.


Should I try to lower a fever?

What risks does a fever have?

When does a fever become dangerous?

What can I do when I have a fever?


You will find:

– Over 40 pages with resources and studies

– Information on herbs and essential oils to support the body during a fever

– DIY recipes

– And more









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