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The Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep

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Need a good night’s sleep?


It’s something we all need, and many of us aren’t getting enough of. When you’re not sleeping well (or your kids aren’t), it makes everything harder. Luckily, we’ve done the research to uncover the link between key nutrients, lifestyle choices, and sleep. It unpacks the facts on how to make healthy changes and balance these nutrients to improve your sleep – naturally – for real! Scroll down to learn more.


This digital guide is newly-expanded to 56 pages long with more than 140 clickable citations to explain the real science!


**Updated Sept 2022**


Here’s what you’ll learn:

Why we need sleep

  • The risks of sleep deprivation
  • Sleep and our immune system
  • Iron and sleep
  • Zinc and sleep
  • Vitamin D and sleep
  • Magnesium and sleep
  • Omega-3s and sleep
  • What about melatonin?
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Herbs to promote sleep
  • Products to promote sleep
  • …and more!


The link between key nutrients and sleep!


Read for a better – and healthier – night’s sleep!


Safe for all ages!

2 reviews for The Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep

  1. Karen Langendoen

    I’m looking forward to reading this

  2. colburn1616 (verified owner)

    Very informative. I learned a lot. I bought Good Night Lotion and Vitmain D cream. I notice a difference already. I even use them on my Daughter’s tht are a year old and 3 years old. They sleep better too. I definitely recommend for people to read this if they have any sleep issues.

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