The Green Family Visits the Midwife Digital Activity Book


Did you hear the news? Mama Green is having a baby! In this digital activity book, extend the learning adventure you got from The Green Family Visits the Midwife with coloring sheets, word searches, visual art, and more, as Mama and the family visit the midwife and prepare for a home birth. This activity book helps kids to make connections, supports their family’s more natural lifestyle, and helps kids see families like theirs in literature! This activity guide and the accompanying book are also great for helping older siblings prepare for younger siblings and understand what mom is going through while pregnant.

This digital book accompanies the physical book, The Green Family Visits the Midwife.

The Green Family Activity Book is a digital download and printable contains coloring sheets, word searches, mazes, crosswords, and other word games and visual art. At over 30 pages, this download has tons of fun activities that children will love. It’s the perfect way to engage further interest and discussion of the book!

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Children whose families make alternative/natural choices deserve to see themselves represented in children’s literature!  With this idea in mind, we created The Green Family.  The Greens are a family who live on a small homestead in the Midwest, where they grow some of their own food, homeschool, use natural remedies, and now — home birth!

In this newest adventure of The Green Family Visits the Midwife, Mama and the family make an exciting announcement — they’re expecting a new baby!  Mama takes the Green children with her to visit the midwife, where they get to see how Mama and baby are doing and ask questions as they prepare for a home birth.

To extend the adventure, we created this Digital Activity Book filled with home birth and midwife learning for your children.

In it, you’ll find:

  • Coloring pages
  • Color-by-number
  • Dot to dot
  • Word search
  • Mazes
  • Crossword puzzle
  • …and more!



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