The Green Family Teacher’s Guide

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We love supporting homeschooling families, and we love helping you turn little moments into fun and exciting lessons that furthers your homeschool goals. Our Green Family book series are designed to give kids who live in families that practice more natural lifestyles representation, encourage them to continue living naturally as they grow older, and learn about and practice new things like herbalism, homeschooling, wildcrafting, home birth, gardening, and more!

If you want to use the Green Family book series as part of your homeschool lessons, or just to do fun activities as a family, we created this teacher’s guide to help you do that! The guide covers teaching activities, how to teach each lesson, how to prep for the lesson, and more for each book in the series so you only have to download it once!

Each lesson is laid out for you in the guide with a story synopsis, prep work, supply list, and fun facts to teach your children. Put the information you learn from reading The Green Family books into practice with the activity guides and Teacher’s Guide!


Does your family make alternative/natural choices…and have you been looking for children’s books that reflect how you live?  Introducing the Green Family!

Follow them as they experience adventures like dealing with sniffles with home remedies, harvesting herbs around their yard and making yummy foods with them, and more!  Each book is beautifully illustrated, and comes with discussion questions and recipes so you can extend the learning in a hands-on way!

Each book comes in a bundle with the activity guide, or you can purchase the entire series.

To teach these books as a lesson you will need the book and accompanying activity guide and this Teacher’s Guide.


Q: Does this Teacher's Guide cover every Green Family book as a lesson?

A: Yes, we designed it to be purchased once and to be used for each Green Family book and activity guide.


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