Tension Relief Essential Oil Roller

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Whether it’s a tension headache or tension held in other muscles, our essential oil roller can help! Don’t just take a painkiller when a natural remedy can improve the situation. Our combination of oils can relieve tightness and pain from tension in no time.

Made with 100% natural ingredients. Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Nut-Free, Vegan. No Artificial Colors, Fragrances, or Preservatives.

Safe for ages six years+. Safe for use while pregnant and breastfeeding.

 Cruelty free and never tested on animals; Leaping Bunny certified.


Our blend of five essential oils warm muscles to release tension anywhere on the body. Whether it’s a tension headache or backache from sitting at a computer all day, it can help. Mainstream muscle relaxing products are messy creams full of synthetic ingredients. Our convenient rollerball is completely natural and safe. Keep one in your bag for relief whenever you need it!

Interested in trying out herbal supplements, but not sure what would be right for you? Check out Earthley’s Supplement Guide for more information!

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Handcrafted With:

  • Apricot Oil
  • Helichrysum Essential Oil
  • Copaiba Essential Oil
  • Ginger Essential Oil
  • Cardamom Essential Oil
  • Clove Essential Oil

That’s all, folks! Ingredients listed here are exactly what you’ll find in your product – nothing more, nothing less.


Roll on sore neck, or back muscles, or on temples.  Use for tension-related headaches or tense, sore muscles.


Shelf Life: 1 year. For ages 6+.  Safe while pregnant.  Caution while nursing (do not use around nursing babies; it is safe for mama and will not affect milk supply, but baby should not breathe cardamom EO under 6 months).

26 reviews for Tension Relief Essential Oil Roller

  1. ally173

    I get horrible neck, shoulder and upper back pain and cramping. This works better than rx muscle relaxers. I rub it on the areas and relief is instant and last long time. I love the smell. It smells so calming and relaxing.

  2. Alicia Lewis (verified owner)

    Had a little tension in my neck. Could not make it to my chiropractor until three days later. “Oh well…let me try this.” Oh wow! It smells great and works even greater. I keep it in my work bag.

  3. BJ (verified owner)

    Tension Relief Roller works great on tension headaches as well as tense muscles. Roll a little on, rub it in, and the tension and/or headache goes away. Another great Earthley product!!

  4. Amelia Coburn (verified owner)

    I get tension headaches pretty regularly so I use this quite often! It is very helpful and effective in relieving tension (and thus pain) in my head and neck… I’ve even put it on my back where I can feel I’m tight. The scent is really nice and relaxing too. This is one of my favorites and must-have’s from Earthley!

  5. Karrie Fieri (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product! I get headaches and when I roll it on my temples and behind my ears, my headache is so much better. It works within minutes, has a great scent and fits right in my purse. I highly recommend this amazing product!

  6. Jennifer Deane (verified owner)

    I don’t use this as often as I should because I forget about it. I have mild anxiety which causes me to walk around many days with tensed muscles. I love the Magic Muscle Ease for that, but around my neck, I love to put this, so I can also get the added aromatherapy benefits of inhaling it. And it’s absolutely the best-smelling essential oil blend I’ve ever used. I pretty much want to bathe in this stuff!

  7. Amanda (verified owner)

    I get caffeine headaches or weather related headaches often, and this helps me better than the pain potion, and really makes me feel better! Rarely do I have to apply it a second time, but I feel a lot better using this (especially while pregnant!) than using OTC stuff!!

  8. Maria Muniz

    My 13 year old son gets frequent headaches and this is his go to remedy. He just rubs it on his forehead and within a couple of minutes gets relief. I use it on the back of my neck for tension headaches and it helps get rid of the pain. Love this product!!

  9. Sarah

    I was surprised how well this worked for my tension headache! I work at a computer and get a stiff neck and shoulders often and this really helps. It helped sore muscles too! And has a pleasant, not too strong, smell.

  10. Kristine

    Headaches? Shoulder Pain? Then you need this! For migraines this and the Pain Potion knock them out.

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