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Teeth Tamer naturally soothes pain, drooling, and irritability due to tooth pain. Instead of using harmful medications or synthetic gels with unsafe ingredients and potential side-effects, experience the relieving power of herbs. Whether you’ve got a toothache or a teething baby, Teeth Tamer is the best natural solution!  Made with whole organic cloves, absolutely no essential oils.

Key Herbs:

  • Whole Cloves — Anti-inflammatory, pain relieving
  • Catnip — Calming, rich in B vitamins

Teeth Tamer is also great for molars, losing teeth, and general toothaches — not just for babies!

  • Absolutely NO added sugars, colors, flavors, preservatives, allergens (corn, soy, dairy, gluten, nuts, eggs) alcohol, essential oils, or other junk!

**Third-party lab tested FREE of heavy metals**

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Teething babies can be miserable due to discomfort, and toothaches as an adult are not comfortable either. That’s why we created Teeth Tamer! Teeth Tamer is a whole clove tincture fit for babies through adults.

Many in the natural community have suggested using clove essential oil on teething baby gums, but that is actually dangerous for babies, even if diluted, due to the chemical constituents in clove essential oil. We decided to make a whole clove tincture because clove is known for its anti-inflammatory and numbing properties.

A whole clove tincture is not dangerous for babies and is still effective at relieving symptoms of teething discomfort. We also added in catnip as a calming agent to help soothe fussy teething babies. When clove and catnip combine in our tincture, your baby will have a soothing herbal remedy for those tough teething days.


  • Helps with tooth pain
  • Helps reduce swelling
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Provides sense of calmness
  • Liquid benefits (vitamins and minerals are easier to digest and provide more benefits than tablets, where binders and fillers must first be broken down)
  • Safe to give babies due to using the whole herb clove rather than the harmful essential oil
  • Alcohol-free

Don’t love your product? Contact us within 30 days and we’ll refund your money. The best way to reach us is through email at [email protected].


Complete Ingredients:

*Certified organic ingredients

Ingredient Studies:

Whole Cloves*


Vegetable glycerin*

Filtered water

*Certified organic ingredients


  • Ages 4 months – 2 years: 2 – 10 drops
  • Ages 2 – 6: 10 – 20 drops
  • Ages 6+: 30 – 40 drops

All of our 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz tinctures come with a dropper top. You can use this to apply Teeth Tamer to around the gum area or directly into baby’s mouth. This tincture can be given as needed for tooth pain.


Shelf Life: 2 years. Safe for ages 4 mo+ (alcohol-free and baby-safe). We do not use essential oils; only whole herbs. Safe for use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Third-party tested and free of heavy metals.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: How much and how often can I give my baby Teeth Tamer?

A: Teeth Tamer can be given as needed for discomfort or pain for all ages. Our recommended dosage is:

  • Ages 4 months – 2 years: 2 – 10 drops
  • Ages 2 – 6: 10 – 20 drops
  • Ages 6+: 30 – 40 drops

Q: Can adults use Teeth Tamer?

A: Adults can absolutely use Teeth Tamer! We have customers who have used it for toothaches, wisdom teeth removal, and cavities and root canals!

Q: Does Teeth Tamer contain clove essential oil?

A: Teeth Tamer does not contain any essential oil. We decided to make it safe for the whole family, including babies. Essential oils are not safe for babies, so we did not include them. You can read more here.


Q: Is clove really safe for babies?

A: Clove, in it’s whole herb form, is not harmful to babies. Our tincture made of whole clove is 1/10th the the eugenol found in the essential oil. Eugenol is a chemical compound in clove that is incredibly strong, and too strong for babies. Our whole clove based tincture is still effective without being harmful to babies. You can read more here.

617 reviews for Teeth Tamer – For Teething and Toothaches

  1. Nicole (verified owner)

    Best teething remedy I have found! Nothing else compares and no other companies make products like Earthly does!!!!

  2. Jaclyn Hartel (verified owner)

    Been using this for about a year. Definitely helps calm my fussy, teething baby. He loves the taste and spits out his binky when he sees me coming with the bottle! He’s starting to get more molars now and I’m almost out, going to get my second bottle today!

  3. Baylei Hernandez (verified owner)

    We SWEAR BY this in our house! My son takes weeeeeks to get teeth in from the first sign of teething, so we use this regularly when we know he’s working on cutting another tooth and it provides instant relief. I feel good about giving it to him because of the clean ingredients and quick results. Nothing has worked for us the way teeth tamer has. A product we will keep in our medicine cabinet for years and years!

  4. Holly Brown (verified owner)

    A favorite!!

  5. Mary Bailey (verified owner)

    I got the Teeth Tamer for my grand kids. It has been a lifesaver! They nap at our house and the routine included he teeth tamer! Once I forgot to put it back in the diaper bag and had to make an extra trip to return it so that baby could sleep that night!

  6. rachelleglick (verified owner)

    I have been so grateful to have this product in my natural medical cabinet. It works very well when the teeth are taking their sweet time popping through! Very much recommend!

  7. Hayley Bermudez (verified owner)

    My whole fam uses this for our babies including my niece that I watch frequently. I have yet to meet a baby that minds the taste and it seems to provide soothing relief. It feels so good to provide your baby with a natural remedy that doesn’t leave you praying that it won’t affect their liver and other organs just to soothe the pain.

  8. mollyreinhold95 (verified owner)

    My Baby loves this, and it calms him down right away. So thankful to have a natural option that I can feel good about giving him!

  9. Matty (verified owner)

    I wish I would have had this for my daughter when she was a teething baby! But I’m so glad I have it for my son! He takes it willingly and I can tell he has instant relief. He has now popped 4 teeth and every time I feel or see one getting ready to poke through I leave this on my counter to remember to give it to him. I barely even know he’s teething honestly because he is just so chill about it!

  10. Emilie Stoddart (verified owner)

    This stuff is magic! My sweet baby has four molars cutting all at the same time and this is the only way we’re surviving. She knows it helps too! She’s 12.5 months and will bring me the bottle when she needs it. We’ve been using it since she cut her first teeth at 4 months and she has always taken it like candy! We keep a big bottle at home and a small one in the diaper bag so we’re never with out it.

  11. Lexxie Campbell (verified owner)

    Saved us so much sleep when my daughter was teething. My husband even uses it when he has a toothache. We are big fans. The taste isn’t even bad. My daughter has no issues taking.

  12. Kelly

    This helped my daughter so much while she was teething, and didn’t fuss about taking it

  13. Tyler Flott

    This stuff works great for our baby’s teething. Will definitely be trying other products like this one. Would highly recommend to to any parent!

  14. Kisma King

    My now 1 year old cut 8 teeth back to back. Bought this for some relief. She likes the taste so much that she always wants more.

  15. Olivia Horn (verified owner)

    We do not leave the house without this product!! It works wonderful for teething pain. I love how safe it is. It has a great flavor that my little one loves. I tell all parents about this and love to give it as a gift!

  16. Carli Horst (verified owner)

    My baby started teething very early on and right away I asked one of my “non-toxic” groups on Facebook what I should use to help with the pain. The teeth tamer came highly recommended!
    I ordered it that day and tried it as soon as I got it. I tried it first to see what it tasted like and surprisingly it wasn’t too bad.
    I give my son a couple drops when his teeth act up and notice a difference in a very short amount of time! He doesn’t seem to mine the taste either, just makes a funny face because it’s different than milk.
    I also think the size and price are ideal!
    I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for non-toxic remedies for their babies!

  17. Alli

    YALL. Teeth tamer is a miracle worker. My baby boy would feel relief moments after using this tincture. I tasted it myself, and it wasn’t bad at all!! I actually misplaced this product and have to buy more ASAP because my baby is teething again. HIGHLY recommend.

  18. Amber (verified owner)

    This stuff is AMAZING!!! It has been such a life saver for my little girl. Also, she absolutely loves it. She calms right down when she sees the bottle come out and opens her mouth so I can put the drops in.

  19. Letitia Buttram

    This stuff seriously works! When my little one was teething, this would help soother her within minutes and the crying would stop and the smiling would start! We love teeth tamer!

  20. Bree Seguin (verified owner)

    My baby started teething at 4 months old. He was too young for most medication and I was in search of a more natural alternative. Someone recommended this to us and it has been a game changer! It definitely works and he loves how it tastes. This was the first of many earthley products that we’ve tried. We have loved every single one of their products! Highly recommend!

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