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Our Spa Soap will make you fall in love with the moisturizing, soothing effect, and anti-aging properties that spas provide from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy a spa-like cleansing without leaving the house!

Includes luxurious, high-end oils like sea buckthorn and tamanu for a truly nourishing experience.

Key Ingredients:

  • Hemp Seed Oil – anti-aging, moisturizing
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil – rich in phenolic components with antioxidant activity
  • Babassu Oil – anti-inflammatory
  • Mango Butter – nourishes and moisturizes skin
  • Tamanu Oil – antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties
  • Apricot Oil – nourishes skin
  • Silk Powder – increases collagen production
  • Sodium Hydroxide – cleanses skin

Spa Soap will bring the spa experience to your home!

ABSOLUTELY NO colors, flavors (natural or artificial), preservatives, added sugar, sodium benzoate, citric acid, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, top allergens (corn, soy, nuts, gluten, dairy, fish) or other junk!

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NOTE: CLEARANCE soaps are discounted due to being over the 1 year expected shelf life.


Oils of hemp seed, sea buckthorn, babassu, tamanu, and apricot blend with mango butter and silk powder to create our luxurious Spa Soap. This soap will give you a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home with its moisturizing, soothing, and anti-aging properties. It also has therapeutic benefits, promotes healing, and skin repair. Spa Soap gently cleans the skin without stripping it of its natural oils for a real, pure clean.


  • Therapeutic benefits
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Promotes skin repair
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Soothing properties
  • Can increase collagen production
  • Rich in protein
  • Cleans skin without stripping it of important, natural oils
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low-waste

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Complete Ingredients: 

  • Hemp Seed Oil*
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil
  • Babassu Oil*
  • Mango Butter*
  • Tamanu Oil*
  • Apricot Oil*
  • Silk Powder
  • Sodium Hydroxide**

*Certified Organic Ingredients

**No lye is left in finished product




Hemp Seed Oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Babassu Oil

Mango Butter

Tamanu Oil

Apricot Oil

Silk Powder

Sodium Hydroxide


Wet skin. Lather bar in your hands or a washcloth then wash. Rinse. 


Safe for all ages.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: Do you offer a scented version?

A: Not at this time.

5 reviews for Spa Soap

  1. Tina Youse (verified owner)

    I don’t know why this bar has a low rating, I think it’s lovely. It’s a solid bar of soap that seems like it will last a while. I purchased two because it’s on clearance. I just used it for the first time and it has a rich lather, no scent (which I prefer), and I am so SILKY SOFT. I can get pretty oily and this soap leaves my skin perfectly balanced. I’ll be buying more before they are all gone!

  2. Marcella Weiss (verified owner)

    Expensive… Doesn’t smell good, and made me break out. Would not buy it again.

  3. CD (verified owner)

    I was also disappointed as I thought being a spa like cleansing soap, it would have a nice soothing scent as well. It does not.
    For the price I would also choose the lesser priced options.

  4. Jessica (verified owner)

    I am disappointed in this soap. It doesn’t have a smell, and just didn’t feel any “better” than the other soap bars I’ve purchased from Earthely. Since it was priced higher, I had high expectations, but was sadly left unsatisfied. I will continue to purchase the cheaper Oat and Honey soap instead.

  5. Sharon (verified owner)

    Pleasant smell and soft skin. This is my second purchase.

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