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Not being able to relax and fall asleep is not fun, no matter how old you are. Whether it’s due to stress and worry, or your kids just can’t calm down before bed, sometimes we all need help getting to sleep. That’s why we made our Sleepy Time Herbal Extract.

Sleepy Time is not a sedative – it is not going to make you fall asleep. What it will do is cause you to have feelings of relaxation and calm which make it easier to fall asleep. It’s the perfect addition to your night time routine!

Key Herbs:

  • Catnip – mild sedative, promotes feelings of calm, relieves anxious feelings
  • Skullcap – soothes the nervous system, anti-inflammatory
  • Passionflower – promotes calm mood, relieves anxious feelings

ABSOLUTELY NO flavors, colors, added sugars, allergens (corn, soy, gluten, dairy, nuts, egg), or any junk!

**Third-party lab tested FREE of heavy metals**

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Insomnia is hard on your body. It stresses your adrenal glands, increases cortisol in your system, and prevents you from being able to have the restorative sleep your body needs to function optimally. Sometimes we need help getting to sleep because we have a hard time settling down before bed. We created Sleepy Time with that in mind, combining the best herbs to help you (or your kids) calm down and wind down before bed, making sleep easier to grasp!

This tincture also works great for mild anxiety and focus. Catnip is rich in B vitamins and helps to produce a calm mood and ease stress. Many children have had great results with ADHD, anxiety, and other symptoms by using this throughout the day.

Sleepy Time is formulated with catnip, skullcap, and passionflower. Catnip is calming and relaxing, an anti-inflammatory, and may relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress. Skullcap helps to soothe the nervous system, promotes an even mood and may relieve symptoms of anxiety, promotes healthy blood sugar and hormone balance, and is an anti-inflammatory. Passionflower also promotes a calm mood and may relieve symptoms of anxiety. This triple threat combo of herbs is sure to help you and your little ones have restful nights again.


  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Helps to ease stress and anxiety
  • Promotes a calm mood
  • Helps you fall asleep

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Complete Ingredients:

  • Catnip leaf*
  • Skullcap*
  • Passionflower*
  • Vegetable glycerin*
  • Filtered water

*Certified organic ingredients


Catnip –

Vegetable Glycerin – 


  • Ages 1 – 6: 5 – 10 drops
  • Ages 6 – 12: 10 – 20 drops
  • Ages 13+: 30 – 40 drops

Take by mouth about 30 minutes before bed or first thing in the morning for focus/anxiety.


Shelf Life: 2 years. Safe for ages 1+. Safe during pregnancy and while nursing. Talk to your doctor if you have special medical needs, especially if you are on mood-altering or anti-depression/anti-anxiety drugs before use.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: Is this safe for babies?

A: Sleepy Time is safe for children ages 1 year and up. It is not recommended for babies.

Q: How quickly does Sleepy Time work?

A: Sleepy Time will make you drowsy so it’s easier to fall asleep. It does not make you fall asleep. It does encourage your body to become relaxed and more able to fall asleep naturally.

If you are using this to encourage sleep in your children, please understand that this will not “knock them out.” It will simply encourage relaxation in their body to promote a restful sleep.

Q: Does Sleepy Time contain melatonin?

A: No, Sleepy Time DOES NOT contain melatonin. We suggest reading our guide The Secret to A Good Night’s Sleep for more information on why we do not recommend using synthetic melatonin for sleep.

If you are using this to encourage sleep in your children, please understand that this will not “knock them out.” It will simply encourage relaxation in their body to promote a restful sleep.

Q: I gave this to my child and now they are really hyper, what’s happening?

A: Approximately 10% of the population finds catnip to cause their systems to be excited rather than calmed. If you are worried that might be you or your children, give a few drops in the morning and see how they respond. If they are not overly excited, they are probably not reactive to catnip and it will be calming for them.

218 reviews for Sleepy Time – For Calming Down and Sleep

  1. Jamie Johnson (verified owner)

    Taste is not bad, as far as falling asleep quickly I have not noticed that it does that but in comparison to not taking it I do sleep better. I have a very hard time sleeping and have tried everything, I would but this again.

  2. Ashley McCalister (verified owner)

    Another one we love! I’ve replaced melatonin for my oldest son with this he doesn’t mind the taste and there’s no side effects that melatonin comes with. He’s always had trouble falling asleep, but with this he falls asleep quickly and actually stays asleep and he doesn’t feel groggy when he wakes up. I just squirt it right into his mouth, he also likes it in juice too.

  3. Brea (verified owner)

    I take this product when I’ve laid in bed for awhile and can’t shut my brain off. It works quickly as the next thing I know I’m waking up the next morning! I’ve tried many sleep products over the years and will always keep this one on hand going forward!

  4. Courtney Lee (verified owner)

    My 18 month old has not slept well for most of her life and lately has been waking up many times at night again. I started to give this to her and it seems to significantly help her to stay asleep for longer stretches. I don’t want her to be dependent on it, but it is so helpful to have a possible solution for better sleep.

  5. Sheri (verified owner)

    I have used this for my insomnia and it’s helped me stay asleep! So thankful for this product!

  6. Gina (verified owner)

    I bought these sleepytime drops in hopes that it would help my daughter calm down before bedtime but I’ve noticed little change. But it must not taste bad because she won’t let me forget to give it to her.

  7. Cindy Hollandsworth (verified owner)

    I have used Sleepy Time for a long time now and I absolutely love it and it helps me so much at night to get a deeper, restful sleep!

  8. Bekah Town (verified owner)

    The whole family has used it and it works! I started using it a little for my 15 month old daughter and now my husband and I use it when we need to get to sleep and ensure we want a good nights sleep.

  9. Mercedes Huff (verified owner)

    I really like this for assistance in getting asleep and staying asleep. It works quick and effectively and a safer option for sleep aid!

  10. Amanda S. (verified owner)

    All the herbs in this work Beautifully together! It’s a must for myself as a mom of 2 toddlers to unwind and relax from a busy day! It’s a 10 out of 5 starts for me!

  11. Daphne Ove (verified owner)

    What is not to love about these products. I have purchased many of them and they all work so well. I needed something that would help me sleep and tried sleepy time. I am hypersensitive to everything and I need very little of anything so sleeping pills forget it. I needed something that would not make me feel tired the next day and could take as little as possible. Sleepy time was the perfect solution to help me sleep but not make me so tired I could not get moving the next day. I love this stuff!

  12. Susan Mastroianni (verified owner)

    Sleepy Time is an amazing product! I take it every night for sleep along with 3 mg of Melatonin. I no longer need to take a prescription medication and I feel fresh in the morning without brain fog. I would highly recommend this product!

  13. Chelsea (verified owner)

    Wow!it works! Always makes me get into that deep sleep mode..

  14. Angela Christie

    Love this! I get to sleep so quick and easy.

  15. Ashley Boreni (verified owner)

    I used to struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night. Now thanks to this is get a great night sleep.

  16. Lisa (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. I’ve had insomnia ever since my 3rd baby was born. Baby slept through the night, but I couldn’t sleep for anything. I started taking this and it worked wonders! I’m very cautious about what I take while breastfeeding, so I was very happy to find this product! I’ve recommended it to many people now, they’ve all said good things too.

  17. Robbie (verified owner)

    My kids don’t usually have problems falling asleep, except when there is something really exciting happening the next day or we are traveling. By go-to was Melatonin. I’m sooo happy to find a safe alternative! It works great and the whole family can take it.

  18. Heather B. (verified owner)

    I was a bit skeptical about this tincture, but when I saw that it was available as part of a $5 sale, I figured, “Why not?” I am so glad that I bought it! I’m almost 35, and within the past year or so, have begun experiencing bouts with insomnia the week before my period (also recently started taking Natural Balance to see if it helps with this issue.) I keep Sleepy Time on my bedside table–I don’t take it before bed every single night, but I do try during that week and during times of higher stress. I can tell that it helps me sleep more soundly. And if I do forget and wake up during the night, I can take a dropper full and be back asleep within half an hour, instead of laying awake for the rest of the night!

  19. Caimen VanAllen (verified owner)

    My 8 year old struggles falling asleep and my 5 year old struggles with STAYING asleep. Since starting this just a month ago, their sleep routine/schedules are SO much better. I actually just ordered a 4 oz bottle last week so we don’t run out!! I will never go without this stuff again!!!! I was struggling with falling asleep and took this a few nights in a row and it worked! I couldn’t keep my eyes open and went right to sleep!

  20. Mandi Core (verified owner)

    With a 18 month old who wakes multiple times a night, I was desperate to try anything. It’s hard to say if this really helped, but after taking for a week, he seemed to sleep longer stretches. Now it’s hit and miss if he sleeps well, so that’s why I can’t say if it’s this product or not. It is worth a try though in my opinion!!

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