Silky Smooth Leave-In Conditioner – For Tangles and Fly-Aways

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Our Leave-in Conditioner smoothes, nourishes, and detangles hair, while also toning the scalp. It’s perfect for pairing with our Rosemary Lavender Shampoo Bar! We have two formulas: Thick (best for dry hair) and Fine (best for oily hair).

Key Ingredients for Thick/Dry Formula:

Key Ingredients for Fine/Oily Formula:

Our Leave-In Conditioner is a must have for all natural conditioner and detangling needs!

ABSOLUTELY NO colors, flavors (natural or artificial), preservatives, added sugar, sodium benzoate, citric acid, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, top allergens (corn, soy, nuts, gluten, dairy, fish) or other junk!

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Our Leave-in Conditioner is an all-natural solution that softens the hair and tones the scalp to promote hair and scalp health, as well as hair growth! It works to help keep hair shiny and manageable without being greasy or heavy.

This conditioner nourishes and draws moisture to your hair to keep it frizz-free. It’s detangling effects have been hailed by many, especially those with curly/coarse hair! We made a Fine/Oily formula for those with fine or oily hair, and a Thick/Dry formula for those with thick or dry hair that needs extra moisture!

Detangle and nourish your hair and scalp with our Leave-In Conditioner daily, or use it as an intense moisture treatment!


  • Detangling
  • Nourishes hair
  • Moisturizes hair
  • Anti-frizz effects
  • Safe for all ages
  • Softens hair
  • Tones scalp

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Complete Ingredients:

Thick/Dry Formula:

  • Rosemary Leaf*
  • Lavender Buds*
  • Marshmallow Root*
  • Jojoba Oil*
  • Cane-derived Alcohol*
  • Palm-derived Glycerin*
  • Filtered Water

Fine/Oily Formula:

  • Nettle Leaf*
  • Chamomile Flowers*
  • Marshmallow Root*
  • Argan Oil*
  • Cane-derived Alcohol*
  • Palm-derived Glycerin*
  • Filtered Water

*Certified Organic Ingredients



Thick/Dry Formula:

Rosemary leaf

Lavender buds

Marshmallow root

Jojoba oil

Filtered Water


Fine/Oily Formula:

Nettle leaf

Chamomile flowers

Marshmallow root

Argan oil

Filtered Water



Lightly spray on wet hair and comb through. Use only on the ends if your scalp tends to be oily. Works as a detangler too.


Shelf Life: 1 year. Safe for all ages. Safe for use while pregnant and breastfeeding.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: Which formula should I use if I have a combination hair type or scalp?

A: We’d recommend starting with the Fine/Oily formula first to see if that helps.

Q: Can it leave hair greasy?

A: If you use too much, it can become greasy.

Q: Does it have to be shaken before use?

A: We do advise to shake before using because the ingredients can settle.

Q: Are the bottles glass or plastic?

A: They are plastic.

Q: Which version would be best to buy?

A: That depends on your hair type. For Thick and Dry hair, we suggest our Thick/Dry Formula. For Fine/Oily hair, we suggest our Fine/Oily Formula.

Q: Do you have a different conditioner option or is this it?

A: This is our only conditioner.

Q: Is this safe for color treated hair?

A: We do not recommend using our Leave-In Conditioners on color treated hair due to the alcohol content.

167 reviews for Silky Smooth Leave-In Conditioner – For Tangles and Fly-Aways

  1. Melissa Keeton (verified owner)

    Bought it for myself but my teenage daughter stole it. And wont give it back. That says it all! We love the simple ingredients, mild scent and works well!

  2. Jenn Hay (verified owner)

    LOVE how this conditioner works and doesn’t leave the feeling of any residue afterwards. It has a great scent too!

  3. Lyndsi Kenyon (verified owner)

    Has cut my shower time dramatically!! I love using it, but it could smell a little nicer. Would not recommend for a detangler on dry hair. It becomes sticky/tacky

  4. S Davis (verified owner)

    Beyond tickled with this product. My hair is extremely dry, so I was constantly putting oils back on it; this product is a “one and done” conditioner! It stops my hair from frizz, it feels silky, and it’s not brittle. I will never go back to a bottle of conditioner again!

  5. Laura – Wise Cracked Mama (verified owner)

    I have thick, medium-weight, tend-to-dryness straight hair, and use the “thick/dry” formula on frizzy days for smoothness or when combing through my hair after an updo to save the shred 😉 JUST NOTE: most bottles I’ve used needed a gentle shake before spraying to keep ingredients evenly mixed (especially if they sat for a while between uses) + it does increase build-up on my comb-thru comb, but that’s pretty standard for leave-ins of any type. Just have a come-thru comb/brush that’s easy to clean.

  6. Ayla Budrow (verified owner)

    I really want to give this 5 stars. I bought it to use on my daughters super thick hair. We’ve had such a hard time finding the right shampoo & conditioner for her hair. This product smells great and moisturizes well, my only gripe is that it leaves her hair feeling a little sticky even after it’s dried.

  7. Alexis Miller (verified owner)

    Too oily for me!

  8. Becky (verified owner)

    My daughter’s long curly hair can be a challenge and this works great to tame the frizz and tangles. I’m thrilled to give her a product without all the chemicals that really works!

  9. Ellie (verified owner)

    This was so helpful to use when brushing through my daughter’s hair. It has a nice smell and made her curls soft looking instead of the frizzy they used to get.

  10. Candice Fox (verified owner)

    Love love love. My hair is so soft and feels repaired PP. I like to let it soak overnight. I definitely recommend this!

  11. Bethany Jovan (verified owner)

    Want to love it buts certainly not a good supplement for standard conditioner. My hair didn’t feel that smooth after using. But I only tried once so I’ll give it another shot.

  12. Natasha (verified owner)

    Love the smell of the leave in conditioning spray it will last a long time a little bit goes a long ways makes my hair very soft and shiny.

  13. Adelaide (verified owner)

    I’m not a fan of the leave-in conditioner. After I sprayed the conditioner in my hair it was hard to manage: tangles galore, frizziness, nasty buildup was on my brush/comb/hair pick and the hair that was being brush/combed/picked out felt icky. I had the total opposite experience from what I read it should do to my hair. I purchased the shampoo bar also.

  14. Melissa W

    My sister originally purchased the conditioner spray abs wasn’t fond of it so she offered to let me try it. I am pleased to say, I love it! I spray my (fairly long) hair after I get out of the shower with a couple sprays and then comb. It makes my hair so smooth and easy to untangle. As with any natural product, I always give it more than just a handful of times before coming to a verdict – this time though, it was clear that I liked it right from the start. It works so well with my hair type for sure (straight, no curl, thick).

  15. Dianna (verified owner)

    Not for my 4C hair; has no slip so is not a good detangler and leaves my hair feeling more dry than before.

  16. Lisa Wink (verified owner)

    Happily surprised. I have thin but curly hair which pulls out easily. I usually have to use tons of conditioner plus an “extra” dose which I don’t rinse out just to comb through it so I don’t lose too much hair. I was able to stop my “extra” dose and use the spray instead. I am able to easily comb through the snarls without going bald. Easy to use, nice scent that is not over powering.
    Thank you Earthley.

  17. poohya_2 (verified owner)

    I finally love my hair! This leave in conditioner for thick hair can actually tame my frizzy curls! Forever I have have just wanted to wash my hair, spray a product on, brush through it and leave my house without having to wait for it to dry and now I can!
    So glad I tried it!

  18. harpgirl88 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this for my waist length hair. It’s the best detangler I’ve ever used and my hair isn’t frizzy between this and shampoo bars. Not heavy at all in my hair, no residue, no static. I loved it so much I bought some for my mom as a gift and she instantly loved it as well! No other conditioners needed in my hair when I have this!

  19. Heather Lilly (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my son who has dry curly hair; it’s such a great product! Holds his curls with moisture but isn’t stiff or oily. I decided to give it a try on my slightly wavy thin hair before drying it and WOW!!! It’s not oily but helps my hair shine and I think it looks healthier! Did I say it’s greasy! 😉 It’s great!!! Will keep it as a staple in our hair care lineup!

  20. Jackie (verified owner)

    Works great for my hair! Leaves my thick wavy hair manageable and soft. Easy to use and smells nice! I am happy with this purchase. 🙂 I feel better about using this product over store bought conditioners.

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