Real Nutrition, Real Food: A Healthy Nutrition Curriculum {Digital Download}

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Kids need to know where their food comes from – and why real, unprocessed food matters to their long-term health.  Real Nutrition, Real Food is a homeschool health curriculum on exactly that. It is a 94 page ebook and it covers:


  • GMOs
  • Real vs. processed foods
  • The sugar industry
  • Antibiotics in farm animals
  • Why choose organic
  • Pesticides and herbicides in farming
  • Benefits of healthy foods (several categories)
  • …and more!


The chapters begin with a short story that relates to the topic, making it relatable for kids.  It’s followed by short sections of the history or science behind the issue, as well as discussion questions, suggestions for further research, and videos to watch.  It’s an all-in-one health and nutrition curriculum from an all-natural perspective!  Scroll down to learn more!


Kids need to know what healthy eating really is — and it’s not cardboard cafeteria pizza and the My Plate government nonsense.

True healthy eating is about whole, real, unprocessed foods.  Real Food, Real Nutrition teaches kids in a fun, entertaining way about the history of our food industry and how nutrition information got all messed up — and what real healthy eating is.  It encourages them to choose real food, and explains the benefits of a variety of different foods.

Each chapter has a brief information sections, followed by a short story that makes it relatable.  There are questions that encourage students to think critically and do follow-up research, links to videos to extend the learning, vocabulary words, and activities!  Students learn in a fun and hands-on way all about how (and why!) to eat healthy.


In this, students will learn:

  • Section 1: The Truth about Eating Healthy
  • Chapter 1: How Did “Healthy Eating” Get So Messed Up?
  • Chapter 2: A Common Sense View of Healthy Eating
  • Chapter 3: What’s Wrong With Unhealthy Food?
  • Chapter 4: The Macronutrients
  • Chapter 5: Eat Your Vitamins
  • Chapter 6: Take Those Minerals
  • Chapter 7: Probiotics and Gut Health
  • Chapter 8: Additional Resources
  • Section 2: Get the Kids in the Kitchen
  • Chapter 9: Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning
  • Chapter 10: Skills for Young Chefs
  • Chapter 11: Kid-Friendly Recipes





Use to educate kids about the importance of real food!


Safe for all ages — intended for students ages 7 – 13.


1 review for Real Nutrition, Real Food: A Healthy Nutrition Curriculum {Digital Download}

  1. Jaelle Baldwin (verified owner)

    We loved this curriculum! My 8 year old was very interested and learned so much (and so did I!). I am thankful to Earthley for writing and providing something like this to go along with other homeschool curriculum that we use. And this isn’t just for homeschoolers, in my opinion. I think anyone would learn from this!

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