Rashes, Itchy Skin, and Acne Must-Haves

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Rashes and blisters, painful acne, itchy and dry skin?

Skin conditions are more common than we realize. And sometimes they spare no one. But that doesn’t mean we need to settle for struggle and pain.

  • Soothing Skin Balm — Soothing Skin Balm is made with 100% natural and pure ingredients to effectively soothe eczema and other skin issues. From dry skin to psoriasis, this balm helps to provide relief from symptoms of a variety of conditions.
  • Anti-itch Soap — Oils of neem, coconut, olive, and castor combine with mango butter, plantain, and calendula to create the perfect soap to stop the scratching. This soap has wound-healing properties, helps to prevent and treat rashes, is anti-inflammatory, promotes skin repair, and helps to alleviate pain.
  • Clear Skin Essential Roller — No more drying out your skin with spot treatments that are full of acids and oxides! Heal breakouts, relieve pain from deep-down acne, and nourish your skin with our botanical essential oil roller.
  • Black Drawing Salve This salve stick helps to detox the skin and can even help reduce acne. Made with soothing bentonite clay and activated charcoal, our salve helps to draw out those annoying irritations to reveal smooth, healed skin.

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ABSOLUTELY NO compromised ingredients!  Non-GMO (many ingredients are certified organic), no fragrances, colors, parabens, phthlates, or *anything* unsafe.  Ever.

Keep scrolling (beneath the products) to see an FAQ!  Still have questions?  We have real, LIVE humans available on chat from 8 AM – 10 PM EDT everyday!

Find more reading and helpful downloadable guides here! 

Soothing Skin Balm - To Soothe Dry, Red Skin from Eczema

Anti-Itch Soap - For Dry Skin or Poison Ivy

Clear Skin Essential Oil Roller - For Acne and Redness

Black Drawing Salve - For Bug Bites, Splinters, and More




Q: Is Black Drawing Salve messy?

A: Yes, it is.  Please watch your clothes and furniture while using, or cover the affected area with a bandage.

Q: Why can’t Black Drawing Salve be less messy?  Can’t you make it a color other than black?

A: Unfortunately not.  The charcoal is naturally black, and it’s important for the drawing properties to be effective.

Q: Is this like the ‘black salve’ the FDA warns against?  Isn’t this dangerous?

A: No.  That warning is for bloodroot salve, which should be used only under the care of an herbalist.  This is based on charcoal and clay and is very safe.

Q: How often can I use Soothing Skin Balm?

A: You can use this as often as needed.

Q: Is the essential oil roller diluted already?

A: Yes! It is diluted in the carrier oil of rosehip seed and is ready for use!

Q: I thought gut health was the main contributor to skin issues? How will topical treatments really help?

A: Gut health is most definitely a factor with skin conditions. Identifying the root cause is always the most effective help for any condition. But there are times where topical relief is needed and treasured for quick relief!

Q: I have another question.  How can I get help?

A: Email [email protected], or talk to a real, LIVE person on our on-site chat.


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