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Pregnancy Tea was formulated to support pregnant mothers nutritionally and soothe upset stomachs due to morning sickness. A nourishing brew to support a healthy pregnancy!

Every mom wants to make sure she and baby are getting everything they need. Pregnancy Tea can help! This herbal formula contains all the nutrients you may be missing out on in one tea blend, and it is completely caffeine free!

Key Ingredients:

  • Raspberry Leaf – tones the uterus without contractions
  • Green Rooibos – antioxidant rich, caffeine free tea
  • Dandelion Leaf – supports liver health
  • Nettle Leaf – anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Catnip – calming, soothes gastrointestinal distress
  • Lemon Peel – soothes digestive system
  • Ginger Root – improves gut health, soothes upset stomachs

ABSOLUTELY NO colors, flavors (natural or artificial), preservatives, added sugar, sodium benzoate, citric acid, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, top allergens (corn, soy, nuts, gluten, dairy, fish) or other junk!

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While nutrition is extremely important during pregnancy, we understand that life happens. Sometimes you don’t eat as well as you should due to morning sickness, stress, or lifestyle. Pregnancy Tea helps to make up for the nutrients you may be missing out on. It can help soothe an upset stomach, too!

This blend is filled with important vitamins and minerals, like vitamin K. To make ours unique, we added green rooibos tea for a caffeine-free boost and more restful sleep. Drink it hot or cold with whatever sweetener you prefer.


  • Tones the uterus
  • Soothes upset stomachs
  • Caffeine free
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Supports liver health
  • Soothes digestive system

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Complete Ingredients:

  • Red Raspberry Leaf*
  • Green Rooibos*
  • Dandelion Leaf*
  • Nettle Leaf*
  • Catnip*
  • Lemon Peel*
  • Ginger Root*

*Certified Organic


Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon

60 servings per 3 oz bag



Red Raspberry Leaf

Green Rooibos Leaf

Dandelion Root

Nettle Leaf

Catnip Leaf

Lemon Peel

Ginger Root



Steep 1 tablespoon of the dry tea mix in 1 cup of boiling water for 20 – 30 minutes.  Strain, then sweeten if desired.  May be served hot or cold.


Shelf Life: 1 year. This tea is designed for pregnant and nursing women, but talk to your health care provider before use if you have concerns.

Do not use tea or consult a professional if you have lupus or any kind of clotting disorder, as herbs high in vitamin K may not be appropriate.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: How often can I drink this?

A: You can drink this as often as needed, but make sure you are also drinking enough water each day!

Q: Can this be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge?

A: Yes, for up to three days.

Q: Is this safe to use in all trimesters of pregnancy?

A: Yes!

Q: How many servings are there?

A: There are 60 servings in each bag. One serving is 1 tablespoon.

22 reviews for Pregnancy Tea – For a Healthy Pregnancy

  1. Lauren Riley (verified owner)

    This became one of my very favorite rituals in pregnancy. My last several weeks I drank this every single night while I did exercise ball exercises to help open my pelvis and connect with my sweet baby. I will absolutely be stocking up on this if we have another 🙂 delicious and a wonderful way to help unwind and stay hydrated while reaping all the benefits

  2. Rebekah D (verified owner)

    Not my favorite flavor but if I add honey I like it, and it always makes me feel good when I drink it! I drank it almost every day for the second and third trimester and birth went much better than my first birth.

  3. Chloe Kamies (verified owner)

    Alright y’all, I am NOT a tea person. However, I was pregnant earlier this year and was searching for a pregnancy tea that would nourish my growing babe but also prepare me for labor. I was drawn to this one because 1) the price is amazing and 2) it is a loose leaf tea, so no microplastics would leach into it from a tea bag. I bought it and figured I would just choke it down daily. That is not what happened at all — I ended up LOVING it and had two cups a day usually. I’m postpartum now but still drink it often and will continue to buy it because it’s that’s good! I add honey to mine and it is truly the most refreshing drink! And don’t be intimidated by loose leaf tea if you’ve never drank it before — all you need is a stainless steel mesh strainer!

  4. Alayna Woods (verified owner)

    Delicious! Tastes way better than the pregnancy tea blend I drank during my kids’ pregnancy 14-15 years ago. I am out of child-bearing years but remember how GREAT I felt during my pregnancies drinking a nutrient dense tea daily so thought I would try it. So glad I did!

  5. Steph (verified owner)

    This tea is so delicious and helped me knock out soda cravings! I drink this a few times per week for extra nutrients while breastfeeding.

  6. Kara

    This tea has been amazing. I add a little honey and it tastes delicious. I love the all natural herbs and have found that this has helped with nausea as well

  7. Elizabeth Johnson (verified owner)

    I’m loving this tea! I drank it during pregnancy and now postpartum. I really enjoy it and the bag lasts surprisingly longer than I thought!

  8. Kylie (verified owner)

    I don’t normally like red raspberry leaf tea, but this one isn’t bad! With a teaspoon of honey I can actually enjoy it.

  9. Kelly Baker (verified owner)

    I haven’t found a better tea yet, especially that I have felt safe drinking through pregnancy and now while breastfeeding. Such a good flavor. I like a tart tea so I add a little bit more lemon but it’s wonderful as is. Very thankful to have found this.

  10. Steph (verified owner)

    Wish I had started drinking this while I was still pregnant! Purchased for postpartum support. Tastes so good and I love knowing I’m getting in some extra nutrients to support milk supply and postpartum recovery.

  11. Elizabeth Overholtzer

    I really love this tea! I am breastfeeding my toddler and I enjoy an occasional cup for the benefits and also love the flavor. I love the subtle lemon & ginger and love that this tea is really reasonably priced.

  12. Chelsi M (verified owner)

    Love that this tea gives me the nutrients I may be missing during the day! The taste is great I don’t have to add anything to it. I’ve been feeling a little queasy lately but I think the tea (ginger) helps. I will be buying more to use throughout my pregnancy.

  13. Arielle (verified owner)

    I made my first cup tonight with some raw honey. It is wonderful tasting, and also very soothing. I was a little nervous getting it because my morning sickness has been on the rise, but this tea is comforting and I would highly recommend it!

  14. Lisa Padilla (verified owner)

    I normally have a hard time with teas but this one has a subtle flavor so I have been able to drink it every day. If you are looking for a pregnancy tea, I would definitely recommend this one!

  15. Katie (verified owner)

    Great taste. Made with honey and refrigerated for a cold tea! I also made it hot and enjoyed it that way. Used through pregnancy, pp and still now.

  16. Nadia (verified owner)

    Just purchases tea and I love it my toddler literally takes it away from me LOL she loves it to

  17. Serena (verified owner)

    I don’t have to add honey to this tea, it tastes great plain! I’ve tried different RRL teas for pregnancy and this is the best. Also a great price for a large amount!

  18. Staci Gomez (verified owner)

    This tea tastes great, I usually add a little raw honey and collagen too, but it tastes good even without it!

    I generally have a hard time with ginger making me do the opposite of what it does for most people (upsetting my stomach and making me nauseated) but this tea must have had just the right amount because the ginger wasn’t a problem for me!

    Now that I’m breastfeeding I still drink it occasionally to help with my breast milk supply too and to add more nutrients in to my diet.

  19. Elise (verified owner)

    So happy with it! Tastes delicious. I enjoy it with a tiny bit of stevia! Definitely a must have!

  20. rachael.k.gallagher (verified owner)

    Loving this blend! Subtle, earthy taste and full of nutrients, I find it soothing and relaxing. Sipping a cup right now! 🙂

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