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Let’s talk postpartum: the fourth trimester. Mamas need a ton of support to truly get the rest and recuperation needed to maintain their physical, emotional, and mental health. This guide will help you prepare yourself and know how to ask loved ones for help. Whether it’s your first or fifth baby on the way, learn how to avoid the pitfalls that can happen during the postpartum period by allowing yourself to truly recover as we explore important topics for new mamas. 

Included in this guide:

  • • Physical recovery (bleeding, tears, pelvic floor, rest, and more)
  • • Why you should consider a postpartum doula
  • • Hormonal changes and re-balancing
  • • What to eat (and what to avoid)
  • • Nourishing recipes
  • …and more!

Our Postpartum Recovery Guide is the go-to guide to prepare for your postpartum recovery period, or to send to a friend who is expecting!

*Please note that this guide is a PDF digital download and not a printed book.


Recovering from childbirth is not easy, but you can arrive to your fourth trimester prepared!

Most women are prepared by their friends and family, midwives, and doctors for what to expect in the first three trimesters and labor and delivery, but few women receive information about the fourth trimester – the time after having a baby where your body is recovering from 9 months of pregnancy, labor, and birth. Postpartum women need support nutritionally, with breastfeeding, recovering in the first few weeks, and balancing hormones post the surge of hormones during birth. Our aim is to provide that type of education – with evidence – so more women can recover well and better than before!

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Physical recovery in the first days and early weeks
  • Re-balancing your hormones
  • How to nourish your postpartum body
  • Recovery beyond 6 weeks
  • Nourishing recipes

Make sure to download this as early in your pregnancy as possible so you can prepare, but if you are already postpartum, you can still implement the information we present here. It is never too late to pursue postpartum health!

*Please note that this guide is a PDF digital download and not a printed book.


*Please note that this guide is a PDF digital download and not a printed book.


*Please note that this guide is a PDF digital download and not a printed book.




Q: Is this a printed book or a PDF digital download?

A: PDF digital download

Q: How will I receive it?

A: You will receive it via email as a downloadable file. You can also download from your order confirmation page after purchase.

2 reviews for Postpartum Recovery Guide [PDF Digital Download]

  1. Aundrea Parker (verified owner)

    What a great tool to have as you prepare for your postpartum healing. Wish I’d had this for all my pregnancies instead of just my last one!

  2. Olivia

    What a fabulous resource! It’s short enough to be accessible and not overwhelming. But this little booklet is chock full of great information. I wish I had read this before my baby was born instead of several months after. It’s worth your time to prepare in advance to have a healthy, happy postpartum!

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