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There’s nothing quite like the major hormone surge you get right after having a baby. You’re flooded with oxytocin and you are so happy to have this baby, but it can be overwhelming! Postpartum Balance is formulated to help mamas break down no-longer-needed pregnancy hormones, balance your hormones, and to help lessen bleeding for an easier fourth trimester.

It is a must have for every new mom!

Key Herbs:

ABSOLUTELY NO colors, flavors (natural or artificial), preservatives, added sugar, sodium benzoate, citric acid, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, top allergens (corn, soy, nuts, gluten, dairy, fish) or other junk!

**Third-party lab tested. FREE of heavy metals**

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Postpartum is referred to as the fourth trimester for good reason! From extreme changes in hormones and afterpains to breastfeeding and adjusting to newborn life, mamas go through a lot during this time. Postpartum Balance was created to be the extra support that mothers need. This tincture promotes hormone balance, helps to lessen bleeding, and is high in vitamin and mineral content to support the postpartum journey.

One of the biggest reasons postpartum women struggle with hormone imbalance is because their livers don’t break down hormones properly. Our formula supports healthy liver function so that a woman’s body can break down the no-longer-needed pregnancy hormones, which helps to promote balanced and even moods. For relief from after pains, try Ease the Ache!

The ingredients we use to formulate Postpartum Balance work to help your body fight inflammation (turmeric and black pepper), restore vitamin and minerals that can be lost in detox (dandelion and alfalfa leaf), and help your liver to gently detox out excess hormones that cause mood swings and that sense of overwhelm (dandelion, black pepper, and catnip). These herbs work synergistically to help your body in the postpartum period without harsh side effects!


  • Helps lessen bleeding
  • Smooths out mood swings
  • Supports postpartum recovery
  • Supports and balances female hormones
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Promotes gut health
  • Supports liver health
  • Full of vitamins and minerals
  • 5 herbs
  • Liquid benefits (vitamins and minerals are easier to digest and provide more benefits than tablets, where binders and fillers must first be broken down)

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Complete Ingredients:

  • Turmeric*
  • Black pepper*
  • Dandelion root*
  • Catnip*
  • Alfalfa*

In a base of cane-derived alcohol* and filtered water.

*Certified organic ingredients


Turmeric Root

Black Pepper

Dandelion Root

Catnip Leaf




Take 10 drops 2 – 3x per day or as needed.


Shelf Life: 2 years. Safe for all ages. Safe while pregnant and nursing. Do not use if you have lupus or a clotting disorder without talking to a health care professional.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: How long can I take Postpartum Balance for? Do I need to wean off of it?

A: You can take it as long as you need. There are no time limits, and it is even beneficial if one isn’t necessarily “postpartum” as it is a gentle liver support. You do not need to wean off of it and can stop at any time.

Q: Is it ever too late to take Postpartum Balance? How soon after birth do I need to begin taking it?

A: Never too late! We recommend determining the cause of any reasons you feel this may be beneficial so that you are choosing the correct remedy. But we have had customers begin taking this even at 18 months postpartum with positive results.

Q: Does this help with postpartum mental health?

A: Postpartum Balance is a gentle liver supporting tincture to help the liver process excess hormones in the postpartum period. Some hormones (especially having too much in the system) may affect mental health. We have had many customers report positive impacts on mental health when taking Postpartum Balance.

Q: Does this prevent postpartum depression?

A: While we cannot claim that this product prevents postpartum depression, you can see in our reviews the multitude of women who have had great results using Postpartum Balance and how it helped them in the recovery period of their fourth trimester.

Q: Can I begin taking this prior to birth in my third trimester?

A: Yes, you can take this prior to birth to prepare your liver for the hormone flood post-birth so it can more easily detox and process them.

94 reviews for Postpartum Balance – For Hormone Balance After Baby

  1. Jacquelyn Crocker (verified owner)

    With my first child I had terrible PPA and Postpartum PTSD. I was terrified with my second that I’ve have those same issues. I found postpartum balance and started taking it a few weeks before my daughter was born and consistently for the first couple months after having her I noticed such a huge difference when using it. If I would forget a couple days I would definitely notice the difference. As a postpartum doula I highly recommend this to all my clients even if they have not suffered with a PPMD because this is such a great healing tool.

  2. Sarah (verified owner)

    This product was a game changer for me! My recent 5th pregnancy really took a toll on my body, both during pregnancy and ppd. Using this postpartum balance, this was the first time I didn’t have night sweats, crazy hormone swings, etc. It was such a blessing since I had other physical issues to deal with after a 4th c-section. Highly recommend! Will be purchasing for upcoming new mamas I know!

  3. Shannon Byers

    A postpartum lifesaver. Being newly postpartum having serious PPD with a baby in the NICU I needed something that would be safe while pumping and would help me crawl out of the dark hole I was in. This helped tremendously. I started taking it and even 14 months later I continue to take it to manage daily stresses. Highly recommend

  4. MaKayla (verified owner)

    I didn’t start taking this until after several months of having my second born and to be quite honest it helped with my postpartum depression quite a bit! I have had three miscarriages recently and I have started taking this tincture again to help my hormones balance out, it seems to really help improve my mood and I feel less stressed. Truly thankful for this product.

  5. Kaylee Look (verified owner)

    Another favorite for me. This product kept me sane after I gave birth. I know it helped too because if I forgot to take it I would get super emotional and start to feel depressed. My postpartum experience would have been much different without this product and not in a good way. I am so so thankful for this product and I believe it is a must have for anyone who’s about to give birth.

  6. Grace (verified owner)

    After my 6th child, I was emotional and low. Sadness was heavy upon me. I had never experienced this before. For no reason, I would cry for 2 hours. I started seeking help. I already loved the Good night lotion so decided to seek help through a company I already trusted. I bought the postpartum balance and the oyster-minute. I started taking it regularly and within a month not only did I feel like my normal self again. I felt even BETTER than normal! (Note: I had tried Waiting it out, changes in diet, and others to see if that would help first. I gave up 8 months pp and tried Earthley)

  7. Alexis Miller

    Magic! i started using this as soon as I had my babies. I would have been a mess without it!

  8. Candice Fox (verified owner)

    Recommend for all PP moms. Wish I had started it sooner PP. I definitely will with the next!

  9. Kelly (verified owner)

    This has been a must have for me postpartum. If I don’t take it regularly, I get such bad OCD, rage and anger. I definitely know when I’ve been forgetting it.

  10. Chelsee Owen (verified owner)

    I did really like this product because I seemed to bounce back from birth so quickly! I had quite a bit of energy, recovery was a breeze. However, I don’t think it helped my mood at all. I had ppd so bad. My emotions were all over. And I took this 2-3 times a day every day. But I do think it helped me right after birth for the first couple months.

  11. Sarah Wuerfel (verified owner)

    I liked this product. I think it helped me get my cycle back which allowed my hormones to regulate post birth. I would definitely recommend this.

  12. Jennifer Houser (verified owner)

    I bought this product in advance of my second child’s arrival. Having suffered PPD after my firstborn’s arrival, I was desperate to try something different. This is actually the product that brought me into the Earthly family!

    What a game changer! I actually ENJOYED my precious newborn! I didn’t become a recluse, and actually wanted to visit with friends who dropped by. My emotions stabilized and I felt more optimistic about each day. My husband can tell when I forget to take it! lol He says I get irritable and edgy. Definitely a must-have!

  13. Danielle Sprunger (verified owner)

    I truly believe this helped me have such a positive postpartum this time. I’m two weeks postpartum and take this 3 times a day and I’m tired but joyful and at peace which is the opposite of my experience with my first.

  14. Marella (verified owner)

    This has helped me so much postpartum. My hormones and emotions were all over the place and in a couple weeks I felt so balanced. Highly recommend

  15. Amanda K. (verified owner)

    I honestly didn’t have much hope in this or anything else I’ve tried. I struggle with ppd and ppa along with sleep deprivation and hormonal imbalance. After my pregnancy this time I had NO sex drive (tmi sorry!) along with horrible hormonal breakdowns around my cycles, irregular cycles and the list goes on. I decided to try this to level out my hormonal moods. 3 weeks in and the improvement is beyond what I ever imagined. I am not having breakdowns as much, I got my sex drive back after 8 months of not having any, I feel much better mentally. Definitely recommend this. And I love it’s safe while breastfeeding.

  16. Chelsey Mulholland (verified owner)

    First time mom here!! My babe is 6 months. I felt pretty balanced while pregnant and PP, however, I could notice feeling ‘off’ or having more difficulty dealing with emotions when I went a couple of days without taking this, say 3 months PP. warning- if you don’t want your period back , don’t take this, as it works THAT WELL to balance you back . My cycle came back 2 months after I had him and I am breastfeeding. Nonetheless I feel this really helped keep me mentally strong. Along with the other tinctures I took for support I also never felt exhausted!

  17. chellaurew (verified owner)

    I used this for months after my second baby was born. With my first I had terrible “baby blues”, anxiety, hormonal swings, and post partum depression. I really believe this tincture helped prevent those things this time around. I had zero baby blues, never felt sad or distraught. I love this product

  18. Mary (verified owner)

    This really helped balance my hormones after my 2nd pregnancy. My mood was even and stable instead of a roller coaster like with my first. Highly recommend!

  19. Stacy (verified owner)

    I started taking this immediately after the birth in my daughter,
    almost 5 months ago. I know each pregnancy and post partum time is different, but I felt amazing after my daughter’s birth. I had more energy, the night feedings didn’t bother me, so far less hair has fallen out, no baby blues at all. The post partum time aftery first child was not completely horrible but definitely not this pleasant. I think a lot of it had to do with this supplement. I believe it so much that I ordered it for my friend who just gave birth. I’m excited to hear if she has the same results. Definitely worth a try!

  20. Melissa Willett (verified owner)

    I have a history of having PPD before so, when prepping for my second little one, I discovered this tincture and made sure to have it on hand this time around.

    Ive had bouts and waves of PPD but this time, using this in conjunction with some hormone and brain support supplements, I can identify imbalance / mood swings and begin supporting my mental health a lot faster. I plan to ALWAYS have this on hand for at least 9 months after pregnancy.

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