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Pest Aside is an all-natural bug repellent stick that repels ticks, mosquitoes, flies, and other pests that might bother you when you’re trying to enjoy the great outdoors! Pest Aside is a five-ingredient blend that’s very effective against all these insects, and more!

We use coconut oil, neem oil, citronella essential oil, patchouli essential oil, and candelilla wax to create a salve that’s applied from a convenient, non-messy tube.  All four oils are known for their bug repellent properties — and neem, in particular, makes it work better than most essential oil-based options! Make sure you have it whenever you plan on being outside!

Key Ingredients:

Pest Aside keeps bugs at bay!

ABSOLUTELY NO colors, flavors (natural or artificial), preservatives, added sugar, sodium benzoate, citric acid, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, top allergens (corn, soy, nuts, gluten, dairy, fish) or other junk!

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NOTE: Some Pest Aside products were made with a darker neem oil this season. The product is darker in appearance, but quality and effectiveness is unchanged.


Pest-Aside contains a blend of coconut and neem oil, candelilla wax, and insect-repelling essential oils to create the ultimate salve for bug bite prevention. Unlike sprays, it won’t spill or leak and there’s no nasty fumes to inhale. A little bit goes a long way, which makes this salve stick cost-effective. It’s mess free and safe for the whole family 6 months+.

Next time you’re going to have fun outdoors, make sure you bring along your Pest-Aside for an itch-free adventure! If you’re looking for relief from bug bites, poison ivy, splinters, and more, check out our Black Drawing Salve!


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Safe for ages 6 months+
  • Insect repellent
  • Made with essential oils
  • Anti-fungal properties

Don’t love your product? Contact us within 30 days and we’ll refund your money. The best way to reach us is through email at [email protected].


Rub a small amount on exposed skin areas, especially around the ankles and neck. Reapply as needed.


Shelf Life: 1 year. Safe for ages 6 mo+. Safe while pregnant or breastfeeding.

These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: Is this safe for my baby, or mom while pregnant/breastfeeding?

A: Safe for babies from 6 months, and can be used safely during pregnancy and breastfeeding!

Q: Why is this in a stick instead of a spray?

A: The most effective ingredients were all oil-based, so it made the most sense to be in a stick.

Q: This melts! What can I do about it?

A: These oils will melt if in the direct sun or hot car.  We recommend placing it inside a bag or container where it won’t make a mess if it does melt.  Melting will not affect use; it will still work!

Q: How much do I need to use?

A: For backyards or low-bug areas, a little on your neck, wrists, and ankles should be enough.  If you will be in the deep woods or high-bug areas, apply to all exposed skin.

Q: Why is my product so dark? It's never been this dark before.

A: Natural products do vary by growing season or slight changes in plant variety. This does not change effectiveness.

112 reviews for Pest Aside – To Keep Biting Bugs Away

  1. lowlee6 (verified owner)

    Great product for the outdoors. I love that everyone can use it, young and older.

  2. lowlee6 (verified owner)

    I love this product. I also love the fact I can use it on everyone.

  3. elsiezacek (verified owner)

    This is very effective at repelling the peskies, we have gone hiking with mosquitos everywhere and been unscathed. Easy to apply, even for my kids. Good tick repellent too. Grateful for a non-toxic option!

  4. Melissa Vilchez (verified owner)

    This works so great!! Has a bit strong of a smell but it’s smells like cintronella so it’s not bad just strong but it does the job!

  5. Maria Rose Smith (verified owner)

    Every night of this past summer, I used this product to combat mosquitos and it worked magnificently! I spent so many extra hours in my garden and having quiet time to pray because this kept the pesky mosquitos away! Thankful for this natural alternative to Off and other products I won’t buy!

  6. Paula (verified owner)

    Love the natural and light smell of this! It is on the greasy side, so I rub on deeply. I use on my ankles and shoulders and those little pesky bugs leave me alone!

  7. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Not sure if it’s super effective at keeping bugs away but it works temporarily!

  8. Renee Krolewski (verified owner)

    Works good!! And much safer for my kids. I personally like the scent (like a citronella candle), and not nearly as STICKY as regular bug spray/all the chemicals.

  9. Kristy nevinski (verified owner)

    This is effective in keeping away bugs I like it bc of its clean ingredients. The one con is that when you put it on dirt can stick to you. We were camping and the ground was very dusty. So I noticed that I had dust stuck to my ankles where I applied it.

  10. Karen Burkley (verified owner)

    A little goes a long way. Works. Kept the pests away.

  11. Lauren K (verified owner)

    So much yes! Natural bug repellants either still feel so harmful or don’t work. This stuff does not make me feel like I’m poisoning my child while ACTUALLY keeping mosquitos away! I live in a very hot humid part of texas and the mosquitos get brutal. We will never be without this stuff again!

  12. Sabrina Brown (verified owner)

    I love that I can help protect my family without leaving them smelling awful and feeling sticky from other bug repellent sprays! I feel great being able to protect my baby’s skin while spending time outside!

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